The Living (Sequel to The Undead) - A Harry Styles Fanfic

Continuation of The Undead read the first one to find out more! DON'T READ MORE UNLESS YOU WANT A PLOT SPOILER FOR THE UNDEAD!!

After Autumn awakes images of her dream life with Harry haunts her dreams. Will she be able to get him to remember her or will fate bring them together! Read more to find out!


3. Chapter 1 - Reality

Walking back into UCLA was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me. No scratch that waking up was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Looking around I’m reminded of my real life, of my reality. By now most people had heard about me, heard about my insanity and my coma. As I walk to my first class of the day I notice everyone staring and whispering as I walk by. I don’t see anyone I’m friends with as I walk which doesn’t help anything. Most of my friends are still gone for the summer including Sam who flew to the Bahamas about a week ago. She has supported me in all of this and apparently visited me everyday I was in the coma and everyday afterwards. She is also the only one to believe me in any of this and to not think I’m crazy.




“So ya that was what I remember.” I finish my story and stared at her. She is just staring at me emotionless, pondering what I was saying.

“So let me get this straight. You and Harry Styles survived the Zombie apocalypse against all odds and managed to fall in love in the process. You think that some or all of this is real and that deep in his heart he loves you too. Correct?” Sam asks.

“Umm basically.” I answer praying she won’t call me crazy.

“Yep I believe it.” She smiled causing me to exhale in relief. “You know how I feel about fairy tales and happy endings and this sounds like the beginning of a love story. You know I believe in soul mates and if somewhere in your heart you think its Harry Styles then by God we will find him and make him fall in love with you, that is if he isn’t already. I mean Liam is obviously mine based on your dream.” She winked at me.

“Doesn’t he like have a girlfriend or something?” I giggled.

“So? He just hasn’t met me yet.” She laughed grabbing her phone and she started to scroll through tumblr as I ate my boring hospital pudding.

“Umm Attie.” Sam hesitated.

“What?” I asked with a mouthful of pudding.

“Harry was spotted kissing some girl last night.” My heart dropped to my feet as she showed me the picture.

“No.” I felt tears welling up. Maybe I am crazy.

“I’m sorry boo.” She said rubbing my leg. “We will get him to love you. We have to.”


*End of Flashback*


Ever since she visited me pictures of Harry and that girl have been circling around the Internet. Them holding hands, them kissing and acting couply. It literally broke my heart and shattered it to pieces. I know this because I literally have become a stalker, some creepy over obsessed fangirl who has no life but to stalk him. I used to find those people odd and creepy but now I can’t help but relate. When someone you think is so perfect for you is right within your grasp its hard to let go. I shoulder my bag and continue walking down the hallway. I’m trying to keep my face neutral but it is basically impossible with everyone staring.

“Well look psycho’s back.” I hear an annoying bitch voice sound behind me. Lia. Ever since my stupid dream I knew that I would hate her more then I already did and for no reason except she kissed Harry in a dream.

“Yep.” I snapped and walked past her.

“Oh look at me I’m Autumn I’m going to sleep all summer and then have a panic attack when I wake up over a dream I had. Oh why doesn’t Harry Styles love me?” She cackled.

I walked straight over to her and slapped her across the face, the sound echoing the hallway causing the room to go silent. A teacher walked over to me and ordered me to the Headmaster’s office. I shrugged out of his grip and walked away. I hate that Lia’s and my parents are friends. They told them everything and in turn they told Lia. They don’t know we aren’t friends despite me telling them about a thousand times. They think I’m crazy because Lia is a ‘nice girl’. Like are they crazy? Finally I stood in front of the Headmaster’s door. I let myself in and he invited me to sit down.

“Miss. Winters you know why you’re here?” He asked setting his crossed hands on the desk.

“Yes sir.” I replied crossing my arms.

“I think it is a good idea to let you have some more time off since you still seem…unwell.”

“Whatever.” I sighed angrily. I’m not crazy. Like seriously. I’m not.

“I will give you a semester dear and then we can have a reevaluation and decide if you would like to take a year off to recover.”

“A SEMESTER!” I screamed. How on earth was I supposed to make that up and still graduate with hall my friends.

“I’m sorry.” He sighed as I got up and stomped of the room. I am so done with all of this.

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