1D's Most Valuable Mortal

I heard another noise and turned around. There was a curly brown haired boy in front of me. "You know you shouldn't be out here all by yourself alone." he said as I stumbled back. The light post was over us now. His eyes were red.. and.. he had.. Fangs?! I stepped back and stumbled upon someone and turned around. It was another one of them. Then I turned around all around me. Another, then another, and another... And I was all alone.


7. Too Many Secrets....

Only where our faces were inches apart. "Plenty..."


Harry's P.O.V.


"Plenty..." I said. Brooke was so beautiful. Her hair was spread out like a fan. So long and luscious. Her brown eyes sparkled. I know for sure I love her. I mean, I know I just met her but... When I was singing on stage where I first saw her on that park bench. She was just absolutely stunning. They way she rolled her eyes after that, now that made me laugh. After that I told Louis about the girl I just saw after the song. I had to share about it and get his opinion. Then I made Liam try and sniff her out at the park bench, he's very good at sniffing out people. And that's where we found her, in the alley. And of course, I forgot to tell the other boys and they went bonkers. Liam got the wrong idea like I wanted to eat her, but I didn't want to. It was like love at first sight. And the smell of her blood... so sweet. Just like her. I smiled thinking about it. I do have to admit it.. It's really hard to control myself around her.

But I don't want to make her a target for the others... They already took away Zayn's daughter and son. Yes, he had a baby with friend who was a mortal and she died, well that was about 16 years ago, and the others took him to. It might sound like a lot but we are all about 110 years old. Anyway, and then he got one of the others pregnant. That's why he has a daughter. The girl who got pregnant was named Andrea. She was a mortal also. Then Zayn turned her because she wanted to, they had a baby, and their daughter is 14 years old now, and the others took her and the baby because they were a target. They always want to take the things most valuable to us. They turned them into one of them. There leader though.. He's a dick.

I won't let that happen to Brooke though. I want to turn her so we can live together forever. Run away, start a family. I smiled at that thought to.

Brooke looked at my eyes and looked confused. "Harry, your eyes." I gave her a confused look. "There... there turning blue?"

Shit. "Uh-" I said getting up and out of bed. "Yeah, that... That's uh.. I'll be right back." I said as I walked out and closed the door. "Louis!" I screamed and ran down the hall to his room.



Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up to Zayn and Liam hovering over me. I jumped and squirmed out of bed falling to the floor. They had just woke me up from the most amazing dream ever. "Stop dreaming about Brooke Niall." Liam said.

What the hell? "How'd you kno-"

"Dude.. You were practically saying her name every five seconds. We kind of can read your thoughts." Zayn said. "And, I never thought you liked her that way. I mean yeah she's hot but damn lad."

"SEX! REALLY!" exclaimed Liam. "Dude... You described a nice body though. I mean everything! Ha! Nice lad." I blushed. It did feel nice though...

Zayn hit Liam in the ribs. "Don't forget about what happened to me. I don't want the others to take Brooke away from you guys. Not after they took Andrea away from me." He said with tears in his eyes. Liam rubbed his back. Then we heard running down the hallway with a 'Louis' after it.

"Okay then, but... do you think she's actually safe with us?" I asked them.

"I don't know Nialler." Zayn said looking at me. "I hope she is though."

"So," Liam said. "You REALLY fancy her huh?" he laughed.

"Shut up! You complimented her body! I would say you fancied her to!" I say.

Liam stopped laughing and blushed. "No.."

"Liar!" I yelled.

"Zayn likes her to!" Liam screamed.

I looked at him. He blushed and looked down. I looked back and forth at them. "But you guys tried EATING her!" I yelled. They looked down and away from me. "Liam, you have Hailey! Zayn, you have Andrea!" I reminded them.

"I can't do anything about Andrea! She's one of them!" Zayn said.

I rolled my eyes. "If something between you two was real, then there's always a way for you guys to be together, I know you love her."

Zayn relaxed and looked at me. His eyes turned blue.. I pulled him into a hug. Then Liam said something I really didn't want to hear.



Harry's P.O.V.


"Louis!" I yelled running down the hallway.

I ran into his bed room and Louis was laying in bed. "Yes Har- Oh no Haz!"

"I know! Louis there gonna come after her now!" I said with a tear falling down my cheek.

Louis grabbed my face and wiped away the tear with his thumb. He put my head to where our eyes met. "Harry, they won't. Just get her out of your head! She's gonna be fine. You can't do this!"

"But I think she has the same feelings!" I said. Louis pulled me into a hug. "I don't want them to take her away from me! Louis I love her!"

Louis pulled me away from him and slapped me and I fell to the floor. "Don't say that! Harry you can't fall in love!"

"Well it's to late Lou! I lo-"

"Don't!" Louis said. He looked at my eyes. "They aren't all the way blue yet. So you still have time to fall out of it."

I looked at him with pleading eyes. "Louis, you don't know how much she means to me!"

Louis looked at me. He sighed with a worried face. He shot his head up quick to the wall. "Oh no."

Louis face turned to a panic look. He looked at me with watery eyes. He said hoarsely, "Harry-"

Liam, Zayn, and Niall burst in. Liam screamed at us- no.. No HOW! I wanted to throw up.

Louis looked at me and said, "Get her out of here Harry! NOW!" I started crying.

I got up and ran into my room and picked her up. She looked at me scared. "Harry what's going on?!" she yelled at me.

"Don't worry about it. Keep your head down." I said and ran threw the woods behind the house. I couldn't get Liam's words out of mind, I just wanted her to be safe... it sent shivers down my spine every time I would hear his words in my head...'The Others! There coming!'




(A/N-- Oh no! Who are "The Others"? and Niall and Harry are the ones who really like her out of all of them. That's a problem! Who looks better with who? Comment what you think on The Others, Niall or Harry, and if you want more! Thanks and Love you! xoxo)

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