1D's Most Valuable Mortal

I heard another noise and turned around. There was a curly brown haired boy in front of me. "You know you shouldn't be out here all by yourself alone." he said as I stumbled back. The light post was over us now. His eyes were red.. and.. he had.. Fangs?! I stepped back and stumbled upon someone and turned around. It was another one of them. Then I turned around all around me. Another, then another, and another... And I was all alone.


13. The Cure

"How'd I do that?" I asked freaking out and looking at my hands while stepping back.

Louis helped Harry get up off the floor, still studying me up and down. Niall then stepped in beside them while Harry dusted himself off also. They all were looking at me like I was crazy. "I don't know." Louis said calmly and low. "I really don't know." He took a step toward me and reached for my hand. Doing so he examined it, my wrist and everything. Louis looked at me in the eyes. "Were you bit by anything."

I was speechless. I wasn't bit by anything. Or anyone. I felt perfectly fine, but things have been weird. Hearing things... Smelling things... It's not possible. I cant be one of them! "But what if you are?" asked Niall.

"Really?" I asked knowing he read my mind.

"Niall, you can't just ease drop on peoples thoughts like that." Harry said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

I shot him a look and snapped, "Like you have room to talk."

"Hey," Louis barked. "Enough. All of you."

Everybody went quiet until Harry said something. "What if it was the-"

"No Harry, it can't be. She couldn't be immune to it. She's only had so little of it. It's impossible."

Harry sighed as Louis put his hand on the side of my head and said, "Okay then. Well Brooke, I don't know what's going on, so I'll have to find out myself. Now this may hurt a bit."

"What are you talk- AH!"

My eyes clenched shut and suddenly flashes of memories were passing by with all sorts of different colors and noises, whether it was laughing, crying, or screaming. Everything was flying by in the blink of an eye from the past month. The concert when Harry and I locked eyes. The back alley way with Harry and the boys. Seeing Austin at the Library. The boys saving me from R5. The snake statue. Harry and I running away and being into the cave together before we-

I gasped for air as I fell to the floor, my head throbbing. Louis stumbled back in what looked like shock. My ears were ringing and I couldn't hear anything. "Louis." I said but couldn't hear myself. "Harry. Niall. What just happened." and still the ringing continued. Louis turned around and said something to Harry and Niall, and by the facial expressions that they made, I can tell it wasn't good. Niall started to tear up and a tear slid down his face. Harrys eyes grew dark and he tensed up. Oh no. What'd I do? Is he mad it me? Louis turned back around towards me and walked over to bend down beside me. He said something to me. "What?" I said back. He said the same thing again, but there was still ringing. I looked back at Harry who was looking at me now and he walked and bent over. Niall was on the couch crying into his hands while trying to calm down and look at the ceiling.

"Brooke." I could faintly hear now. "Can you hear me." said a voice. I looked back in front of me back at Louis. "Can you hear me." he said again, it coming in more clearly now. Then, just as quick as it came, I could hear again in an instant, which kinda hurt my ears. I could hear them breathing now. "Can you hear me." Louis said once more. 

"Yeah, yeah I can." I said nodding.

Harry pulled me in a hug and squeezed me tightly. "You're going to be okay Brooke don't worry. Everything will be fine now." He said while petting my hair back.

Louis looked at me and got up. "We need to leave now before it gets worse."

Niall sniffled. "What? Where are we going?" Niall rubbed his eyes and stood up.

Louis walked over towards the door and grabbed the handle. He turned his head to look back at everybody. "We have to bring her back home. She's more vulnerable than she ever was now." 


~  .  ~


"So, the statue is what did it, huh?" I asked Louis as we walked into his living room and over to the golden snake.

"Yup. And you my friend," Louis said pointing a finger at me, " Are going to have to have the antidote so you wont be like this anymore."

Something about what he said hurt me. I like feeling this way. The power. The strength. Everything. What's coming over me? "Okay." I agreed.


~  .  ~


We were down in the basement where there was all sorts of different tools. I was laying on a metal table that surgeons used. Louis had just strapped the last strap around my wrist. There were straps around my ankles, wrists, forehead, and waist. "Why exactly is all of this necessary?" I asked Louis.

He was messing with something above me as he looked down at me. "To make sure you don't move while its happening." He climbed down and stopped messing with whatever it was and looked at me. "And to make sure you don't try to escape."

I gulped. Why is this happening. "So, why can't I live with having what you guys have."

Harry looked at me. "Because with that you become more vulnerable than what you were last time. The smell of your blood, your thoughts... everything becomes stronger to The Others." He came closer to me and laid a hand on my cheek. "And I don't want you to get hurt."

"Okay Harry, I'm about to start it up." Louis said walking over towards me. "Might want to get back."

"I'm going upstairs. I don't wanna watch this." Niall said.

Louis and Harry both nodded at him as he walked back upstairs. Louis looked down at me. "Open." I opened my mouth and he put a rag between my teeth. "You'll need this." he said as I bit down. Oh no.

Louis walked off but Harry was still there with tears in his eyes. "Be strong." he whispered as he bent down and kissed part of my forehead. A tear fell down his face and he walked off.

Louis came into view again with a needle. I started to squirm. "Louis, why do have needle?" I muffled though the rag.

"Relax, it's just there to take, let's say, the first lap of your blood stream." I gave him a confused look. "To see how much venom you have."

"Venom?!" I exclaimed/muffled.

"No! Our venom. Well, not, well. I don't know how to explain it. We have it so when we lose a lot of blood we become better. Healthier."

"Oh, I- ow!" He poked it right in my neck and left it there.

"Don't flex, or move. That makes it worse." he told me. I listened and stayed put, clenching my eyes shut.

He pulled it out and looked at it. "Oh." he said and walked over to the thing he was messing with earlier and poured something in it. Is that a good 'oh' or a bad 'oh'? He moved the thing to where it was directly in front of my face. There was two big needles over both wrists. Not like the average needle that you draw your blood with, no, these were like straws with half an opening.

"Louis." I mumbled.

Louis put it down over me and went towards something I couldn't see. "This will hurt. It will hurt a lot actually. Its not the needle that hurts... Its the antidote. You will feel like you are dying and want to cry out and move. But whatever you do. Don't. Fight. Back."

I started to tremble as he pressed something and made the machine go over me. The needles pierced through my skin into the veins. It hurt like hell. And then came the antidote. The worst part as I screamed out in sheer pain and agony, practically screaming bloody murder. And that's all I remember before I blacked out.


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