1D's Most Valuable Mortal

I heard another noise and turned around. There was a curly brown haired boy in front of me. "You know you shouldn't be out here all by yourself alone." he said as I stumbled back. The light post was over us now. His eyes were red.. and.. he had.. Fangs?! I stepped back and stumbled upon someone and turned around. It was another one of them. Then I turned around all around me. Another, then another, and another... And I was all alone.


1. The Concert

"I am not going!" I yelled to my sister.

"Yes you are! This is one of their only free concerts and WE live right down the street!" she yelled back at me. And by down the street, she means like 10 blocks away. Probably more. She grabbed my arm and started pulling me down the hallway in our apartment.

"Owe! Gabby let me go!" I screamed. She let go.

"There! Better? Just please.. go with me?" I sighed.

"Whatever. Fine." I said. She squealed and jumped up and down. " But we are taking your car."

"Okay! Fine with me!" she said happily. Gabby grabbed her keys and we went out the door to her car. We got in and she turned the engine on. We live together in Chicago. So there's probably gonna be a lot of people there. Ugh. I don't even like them. Gabby loves them. She's even wearing a One Direction shirt. I'm 18 and she is 20. Gosh. She's so obsessed with them. I don't know why I don't like them.. I just get a weird vibe from them. I mean, most of them are pale and their teeth are perfectly white. Every time they have a concert here, it's always during the night time.

We got there in a short time. The traffic wasn't half bad. I looked at the time and it was 10:45pm. Damn! "Oh my FUCKING GOD!" Gabby screamed. I jumped out of my thoughts. "They already started!" She parked really quick and hopped out.

"Gabby! Wait!" I screamed.

"Come on!" she yelled back me. Ugh. I ran after her. I couldn't see her through the crowd. Damn it. I sighed and found a park bench that was by the concert. It was really loud there. I sat there and played on my phone for a while. That's when I felt like somebody was watching me. I looked up and locked eyes with one of the boys on stage. "Would he say is he in L-O-V-E? Well if it was me then I would." He sang and pointed a finger at me. That's it I'm done with this. I rolled my eyes and got up. I walked over to the car and didn't realize that we had taken Gabby's car and... she had the keys. I waited for 10 minutes and it was still going on. Ugh. I looked at the time. 12am. FUCK IT! I'm walking. I decided to walk home and there was a ton of traffic. Some people were swerving on the road. That scared me. It was about 5 minutes of walking and I was still about 30 minutes away from my house. Then I just remembered a short cut. I turned down an alley way and started walking down the alley. It was really creepy out here at night. It looked like an old place in a scary movie. The dim blue light. The leaking water pipe the drips on the pavement and makes a big puddle. Even some of those big garbage bins. It was really quite and I was about 10 min away from my house now. Then I heard foot steps in a puddle running. I turned around and no one was there....


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