1D's Most Valuable Mortal

I heard another noise and turned around. There was a curly brown haired boy in front of me. "You know you shouldn't be out here all by yourself alone." he said as I stumbled back. The light post was over us now. His eyes were red.. and.. he had.. Fangs?! I stepped back and stumbled upon someone and turned around. It was another one of them. Then I turned around all around me. Another, then another, and another... And I was all alone.


11. Come Back

Note: Hey! If you guys haven't read my first movella The Styles Project, you should. I'm actually almost done with it and will come out with a sequel. Check it out! Fan me if you haven't already! Love you all!


Brooke's P.O.V.


It's starting to get really dark. Darker than before we left. You can't even see the stars or the moon out, and we aren't even in the woods, we are in town. Harry had been running for about a half an hour and not even had a break. I mean we would have a 5 second break like he was trying to listen to something and then run again. Chicago is pretty big, so god only knows where we are. It's too fucking dark to see. How in the hell can he see? Oh yeah, he's a fucking VAMPIRE!

Ugh, my head. Harry stopped and looked at me. "You okay babe?" he asked.

Babe, huh. Okay then... "Yeah," I groaned. " I'm fine." Lights came over us and I started to look around and realized where we were. There was a  Starbucks coffee shop down the street by the library. "Hey, we should probably get something from Starbucks."

Harry looked down at me and put me down. He sighed and you could see his breath from the coldness. "Okay, whatever." he said wrapping his arm around me and walking across the street, looking both ways even though there is no traffic out. But it's still a good thing to do.

Harry opened the door for me and looked around. I squinted my eyes from trying to adjust to the light. We walked in and I saw a clock in the corner that read, 11:45p.m. Well, shit. I turned to look at Harry. "I'm gonna go use the little girls room real quick."

He nodded and asked, "What kind of coffee do you want?"

I told him and ran into the girls bathroom to look in the mirror. I was actually kind of pale. And I'm usually really tan, not very pale. It must be from not being in the sun the past days, I thought. My phone buzzed so I took it out of my pocket and looked at it. 24 messages and 57 missed calls? What the hell? Oh shit, Gabby. I looked at the messages and they were all from Gabby. Except for one... It was from Austin. It read: Hey Brooke, haven't seen you at the library the past couple days. Wanted to talk to you about something important? Miss you xoxo

Awe. I looked at the calls and they were all from Gabby, and then there was a couple from Austin. I dialed my sisters number and she immediately picked up. "WHERE IN THE HELLS SAKE ARE YOU!" she screamed in the phone.

I yanked it from my ear and spoke into the phone. "I'm at Starbucks with someone. I'll be home in a half hour or something."

She was quite for a second until she finally spoke in a soft voice. "Don't ever scare me like that again. Check in on me in a little okay?"

Oh my god, she didn't freak out. Good. She should finally know that I am an adult now and I can take care of myself. "Okay" I said, "Bye."

"Bye." and with that we hung up.

I walked out to meet Harry at a table with my coffee on the table and his in his hand. "Thanks." I said as I sat down across from him.

"What time do you have to be back home." he asked while taking a sip of his coffee. I don't know why but his eyes almost seemed that blue that he had last time, except it had spread more.

"Uhm, I don't know why?" I said, getting lost in his perfect eyes.

He looked around. "You know, if you want to stay with me again that would be awesome." he said exaggerating the last word.

I gave him a questionable look as I took a drink from my coffee and all I got back from him was a cheesy smile. "I already told my sister I would come home tonight."

He looked disappointed for a second. "Okay." It was quite for a while as we drank our coffees. Sooner than later, mine was all gone. I got up and threw mine away. There was gum at the cashiers stand so I went over and bought some. Harry was sitting patiently for me to sit down. Then I got a text from my sister. Sis: I'm having your friend pick you up.

I text her back,: Its fine, I'll walk. 

"Want some?" I asked him holding out a piece of spearmint gum as I popped one in my mouth.

"Sure." he said taking one. "Thanks."

I nodded and looked at the time. 12:10 a.m. "We should go." I said waiting for him to get up.

Harry got up and walked us over to the door as he held it open for me. We walked out and I saw someone walking towards us, but ignored it. I turned to Harry and said, "Thanks for everything Harry. I can find my way home from here. I'll call you tomorrow." I smiled.

Harry grabbed my wrist when I was about to turn around. I turned to look at him as he looked behind me with a serious face and said at the same time, "I think it would be a lot safer if I walked you home." His eyes met mine and they were starting to turn dark again.


"Brooke?" asked a voice behind me.

I turned around and saw Austin with a huge smile on his face as he ran towards me. "Austin?" I asked surprised as he embraced me as I did the same back to him.

We let go and he looked at me. "Where were you?!" he laughed, "I've been looking for you everywhere! Your sister called me and said something about Starbucks so I came over. She wanted someone to take you home."

So that's the friend... Harry barged in before I could answer. "It's fine, I was just about to take her home." he said.

Austin looked at me and back at him and pointed. Oh god don't say anything stupid Austin... "Aren't you... Are you Harry Styles?" he asked.

Harry gave him a rude look. "Yeah?"

"Harry!" I exclaimed.

"What?" he asked wide eyed.

I pulled him off to the side away from Austin. "What the hell was that for?"

"What was what for?" he asked with his face scrunched.

I rolled my eyes. "Harry. He's just a friend. Nothing more if you think that." I assured him.

Harry seemed surprised that I said that. "Okay, cool I guess. It's just... I don't trust him."

"Are you serious." I said flatly.

"Yeah! I mean look at the guy. He's only wearing dark clothes. What was he doing."

I stared at Harry in disbelief. "Harry, you don't know him like I do okay? Now if you don't mind," I said a little louder, "I have to walk home with Austin."

I turned around and Austin smiled at me as we walked down the street together.

I wonder why Harry was acting so weird back there. He's just trying to look out for you, I told myself.

Once we rounded the corner out of sight with Harry, he wrapped his arm around my waist. "What was that all about?" he asked by my ear. With Austin being a year younger but taller than me just made him more attractive. Like I said before, I like my best friend.

I sighed, "I don't even know." It was quite for a little bit until I remembered the text. "So what'd you wanna talk about?" I asked him.

"Well," he began. "I was going to see if maybe... You wanted to go out to dinner on Friday?"

Shoot, well I guess today is Sunday... "Sure. Why not?" I smiled. He returned one in favor as we walked up to the apartment I lived in. "Well, thanks for walking me home."

"No problem." he smiled. He inched closer to me as I looked up at him. There was no more space between use and our faces and lips were inches away. His breath was on me now. *bang* *swing*

Me and Austin both pulled apart and jumped back. "There you are Brooke, I thought I heard you guys out here." said Gabby in the doorway.

"Uh, yeah, well see ya Austin." I said walking into the apartment.

"Bye." he said waving his hand as I closed the door.


Sorry if this was a crappy chapter you guys, It's been a long week! Love you all!

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