Running Into Your Arms

Crystal has been running from her life for a lots of horrifying reasons. When she meets a certain band, and ends up on tv, what will happen? Will her family find her? Will he find her and take Crystal? Will Crystal fall in love? Read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

 Crystals p.o.v.
     I got in my car and drove to my house. I got my keys out and opened the door.  I threw myself onto the couch and turned the TV on. There was nothing on so I put on E! TV. 
     "An E! Exclusive, One Direction caught with mystery girl? Today the boys were catch with this girl," there was a picture of me on TV, " going into her car and at a local bookstore. After a while she came out of the bookstore looking sad, only to be stopped by Niall Horan. Is she Niall's 'princess'?" I turned off the TV. I couldn't handle it, they know where I am now. I have to leave. I walk into my room and get my three suitcases out. I started putting clothes in my first suitcase when there was a knock on the door. I got up and slowly made my way to the door. On the way I grabbed a knife. I opened the door slowly and popped my head out. I gasped and closed the door, how did they find me?
      I put the knife back and opened the door all the way, shoving all the boys inside. 
     "How did you guys find me!?!?!?!?!" I pracfically screamed in their faces. They looked guilty, Niall the most. 
     "I'm sorry, this was my idea. I wanted to apologize for the show. I'm guessing you watched it?" Niall looked really guilty. All I did was nod my head. I went back into my room and started packing. I was almost done packing my clothes when i heard a knock on the door. Liam stepped into sight and look from me to the suitcase.
      "Where are you going Crystal?" He asked. I looked him in the eye and started balling my eyes out. I couldn't handle it. Liam sat down next to me and rubbed my back. After I quieted down, I began to talk.
     "A couple years ago I met this boy named Caleb. We dated for two years and everything was fine. After his mom died he became an alcoholic. At some points he would come over to my house and take me to his place and just beat me. After two months i told my parents and they told the police. He was arrested for a year then rehab for ten months. After he went to jail my parents wouldn't let me talk to or date any boy. I went to a party and got really drunk. I went to some boys house and spent the night. A couple weeks later I was late. So I told my parents and they got me a test. It was a scare but then I was on lockdown. They even got a man to follow me at school to see if I wasn't talking to boys. After Caleb got out of jail and was sent to rehab I was a nervous wreck. Then he came to my house and almost killed me. Two days later I left. I didn't tell anybody where I was going, I didn't even say goodbye. So when i saw myself on TV I was scared. I am scared. I have to leave so he doesn't find me again. I'm sorry." I told someone. This was really big for me. I buried my head into Liam's chest and hugged him for dear life. 
      "Me and the lads will make sure nothing happens to you okay? You will be able to stay here. Don't worry, we will keep you safe." Liam said while rubbing my back slowly. It was reassuring knowing him and the boys would watch over me. I got up and started to upack my clothes.
  Liam's P.O.V.
       I think I'm starting to like Crystal. When she told me her story, all I wanted to do was hold her and never let anyone hurt her. I kept rubbing her back until she got up and started to unpack. I walked back into the living room where the boys were watching TV.
    "What took ya so long mate? And where's Crystal?" Louis asked me. 
     "Me and Crystal were talking in her room. She'll be out in a minute." I told them. Niall looked a little mad, so I pulled him outside to talk.
     "What's wrong mate?" I asked him. 
     "I know you like Crystal. Admit it." He looked hurt, betrayed even. I felt really bad.
     "Yes Niall, I do like Crystal. And I'm guessing that you do too?" I said matter of factly.
     "Yes I do , and I plan on having her." He said menacingly.
      "May the best man win." I said and walked back into the living room. I will win her.     

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