Running Into Your Arms

Crystal has been running from her life for a lots of horrifying reasons. When she meets a certain band, and ends up on tv, what will happen? Will her family find her? Will he find her and take Crystal? Will Crystal fall in love? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1😋

Crystal's P.O.V.
     I was running. It's what I've been doing lately. Running from him, running from my family, running from my life. It's been four months since i talked to anyone i used to know. I started off in a small town called Williamsport, Connecticuit; and I ended up in  Miami, Florida. Since I'm nineteen and don't own a drivers lisense, I'm going to get it now. I am living in an apartment and I think I'm be staying here a while. 
      "NEXT!!!!" I hear the lady at the front desk call in her nasily voice. I walk up to the front desk and hand in my paperwork. 
      "Go out front to the red Honda  Civic with Mr. Simmons." The lady, I think her name was Mrs.Perkins, told me. I walked out to the car with Mr. Simmons.
       I passed the test with flying colors. I walked to the place where you get your picture taken. After that was done, I walked to the car dealership across the street. The first thing I spot is a red Jeep Wrangler. Deciding that I am just gonna buy it, I go into the dealership and start to fill out paperwork. I handed in my paperwork, payed the money, and drove my car off the lot. When I got closer to the stadium (It's right down the street from my apartment) there was a load of traffic. I sat there for fifteen minutes then a group of screaming girls run past my car. 
      "What the....?" I say to myself. I get out of the car to get a better look. Right in front of me are five boys running straight toward me. They freeze cor a moment, but then run right up to me. The cars were starting to move so I got in my car.
      "Can we please get in your car?!" A boy with brown curly hair said to me in a Brittish accent. My head was screaming no, but my heart told me yes.
     "Um sure, but one of you are going to have to sit on a lap." I said and shrugged. They thanked me quickly  and got in the car. The girls were getting dangerously close, and there was no one behind me. I saw this in a movie, so so I hit reverse and drove backward. All the boys looked terrified. I flipped the car around and turned onto a side street, which led to several more. After ten minutes of driving I stopped the car in front of my favorite book store. I got out of the car and the boys followed. 
       "Woah! Where did you learn how to drive like that?!?" A boy with tan skin and his black hair in a quiff. I blushed, and looked up at him. 
      "From movies. This is my first day driving, I just got my lisense twenty-five minutes ago." All thier mouths drop open. I just stood there awkwardly before heading inside. I went to my hiding place and sat down. The boys followed me and sat down.
      "I didn't catch your names...." I said to them. They looked shocked and then relaxed. 
     "Well I'm Harry." The curly haired boy said.
     "I'm Zayn." The tan skinned boy said.
     "I am Niall." A blonde haired boy said to me.
      "I'm Liam love." A boy with a crew cut said.
      "And I am Louis, Louis Tomlinson," A boy with shorter brown hair said to me in a James Bond-type accent, "And we are One Direction." I slightly remembered hearing about them. 
       "Oh! You guys sing the song Little Things! I love that song." I told them.
       "Thank you and your name is...?" Liam said to me. 
        "Oh yeah! My name is Crystal Johnston." I said. They all nodded. After like, five seconds, it got really awkward. 
      "I bet those girls are gone, so you probably can get to the arena now." I said quietly. I got up and walked out of the store. 
      "Wait!!" Niall said and grabbed my arm, "Can i have your phone number? Maybe we can hang out later." I knew this would happen. It always happens. Someone wants to know me better; but i can't let my guard down. 
       "I'm sorry i don't have a phone. It was nice talking to you boys, but i have to get going and so do you. Bye." I said politely and walked away. Hopefully I won't have to see them again, I can't get involved with boys.... or people for that matter

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