drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


8. chapter 8

Sams POV- day 3 at jail

"JESSICA WAKE UP!" I yelled. We had to clean the bathroom. these shitty cops makes us work.

"Fuck off Sam" she said showing me the middle finger. "babe come on!" I laughed. "fine" she got up and she looked adorable. aw. "you look fresh" she told me. "I do?" I asked. "yeah" she smiled. "did you sleep well?" she asked. "yeah I did" I smiled. "good" we both went to the cafeteria and ate breakfast, we only had a piece of bread, orange and water.  "Sam, do we only eat this?" Jessica asked me. "yeah, it sucks" I said.

"when do we clean the bathroom?" Jessica asked me. "after this breakfast" I said. "Jessica, why aren't you upset that your in jail?" I asked. "well, I go to jail like twice a year, but this time is different, im going to Rehab" She said. "What?!" I yelled. "NO!" I yelled again. "its going to help me Sam, and im going to be there for 4 months only okay" she said, "no! im going to be alone!" I yelled. "you found your brother" she smiled.

"I know, but you know me more" I said. "its only 4 months" she said. "you'll be back right?" I said. "I promise" she said smiling. "when are you going to rehab?" I asked. "in two days" she said. "that's to fast!" I said. "its not my fault" she said.

"JESSICA AND SAMATHA GO TO THE BATHROOM AND CLEAN" someone yelled. We both rolled our eyes and went there. "ew it stinks in here!" I laughed. "I know! someone took a huge shit!" Jessica laughed. "this is the worst" I said. We  cleaned and cleaned. "Samantha Tomlinson, someone is at the phone" a women yelled. I went to the phone.

"hello?" I said. "Sam its me Niall"

"Hey niall!" I said, I smiled. "hey, I just called because I miss you" Niall said. "I miss you more Niall" I said. "I paid extra to the cops so that you can come out of jail tonight" he said. "YOU DID? Niall thank you so much! oh my god!" . "its okay, and Sam?" he said, "yes niall?" "did u tell Louis that we both had sex?" he said. "no, did you?" I asked. "no, but did I use a condom?" he said."no niall" I said.  "oh god" he said.  I hung up and went back to the bathroom. "Jessica?" She wasn't there. "JESSICA!" I yelled. still no answer. "SAMANTHA! IM IN THE KITCHEN" Jessica yelled.

I went to the kitchen and she was there. "were not supposed to be here!"  I whispered. "I want food" she said, "we cant!" She took pizza and ran to our jail room. "here" she gave me a slice of pizza. "what if the security find out!" I said. "you've changed Sam! you always do stupid shit with me but now your scared of everything!" Jessica yelled. "I want to change, I don't want to be that slut that is addicted to bad stuff" I said. she rolled her eyes.

"Samantha you are leaving now" A security guard came in the room. "your leaving?" Jessica said. "yeah I am" I said. "so this is good bye" Jessica said. "yeah" I hugged her and we started crying, my best friend is going to rehab. "I love you" I said."Tomlinson, you have to go" the security man said.

"bye" I went out and saw Niall.

I hugged Niall. "Sam? you look so fresh" Niall said. "thank you" I said. I hugged Niall and we went outside of jail. Paparazzis were there. "they are so close to you Niall" I said. "I know, just ignore them" We went in and Niall was driving, I sat in the front beside Niall, "I reserved a restaurant for us 2" he said. "aw which one?" I said. "nandos" he laughed. "I love that place!" I said. We went there and we sat on our seat, "I love you Sam" he said, holding my hand. "I love you" i said. "but we cant be together" he said. "why not?" i asked. "your brother is my best friend, so i don't want to ruin anything" he said. "Your not" i said. "still babe, we cant" he said. "im going to the bathroom" i said getting up. I went in the bathroom and i  was alone, Niall opened the bathroom door. "Niall, this is a ladys bathroom" i said. "i know" he said. He came close to me and kissed me.

This kiss was so hard, i tried to let him off me, but he was strong. But i enjoyed it. "Niall i gotta tell you something"  i said. "what is it?" he said. I have to say it now. He smiled. "im pregnant" i said. He looked at me, and looked down at my stomach. "what" he whispered. "your the father niall" i said.  "i cant believe this, im not ready for this" he said. "Louis is going to get mad at us!" Niall said.


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