drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


78. chapter 78

Niall's POV

a day has passed since Samantha's passing.

The hospital won't let me see her because they are trying something on her, they're not telling me what it is though.

I sat on my bed with Zayn beside me.

Zayn was holding Bella.

"come on man don't cry, Sam is in heaven now..she's still here, she's still her with you and your daughter" zayn whispered rubbing my shoulder.

"you don't know how it is Zayn.. i lost my fiancee, the mother of my daughter, i lost the person i was supposed to share my life with..she hated her life so much so now she's gone" I cried into my hands.

"the media is coming to me..paparazzis keep on asking me questions..you don't know the feeling to lose two people you love" i said.

"i lost Connor, now i lost Samantha" i cried. I got a call at home and Zayn picked it up.


"hello?" Zayn asked.

"Niall is upset right now, who is this?"

"Can i take a message?"

"wow really?"

Then Zayn handed me the phone.

"Hello?" i sobbed. "mr Horan, please come to the hospital immediately" I heard a women on the phone said. "for Samantha?" i asked. "yes for samantha"

I hung up and ran to my closet, i took sweatpants, wore it, with a hoodie.

"zayn you go home" i said. "You sure man?" Zayn asked. "i'm sure" He handed me slowly isabella and then he left. I dressed isabella into pink onesie, a white flower headband and sandals. I put her gently  on her seat and i went in the driving seat. I drove to the hospital.

When i arrived there was paparazzi..camping!

I need a bodyguard..this is dangerous for Bella.

I went off the car and took out bella from her seat. I put her on a stroller then i walked fast to the hospital. Paparazzi did not see me. wow.

I went on the floor in which Samantha was in.

"mr horan?" a doctor said. I turned around and saw a doctor. "Yes?"

"we have amazing news for you" the doc said.

i think i know what it is.. please tell me that Samantha is back to life.

"You're fiancée is alive"

I sighed and cried, i took isabella and hugged her. "she is awake, but she does not remember much on what happened in her past, she only remembers the people that she loves..so she does not remember that she went to jail, she does not remember her going through suicide moments" The doctor whispered.
"she is in room B34" He smiled.

I put Bella back in the stroller and walked to the room.
And saw the most beautiful women sitting on bed. She looked horrible, but still beautiful.

I walked to her and hugged her. "Samantha"  i whispered. She hugged me and i felt my shoulder wet, then i realised that she was crying. "what's wrong?" i asked. "i was dead" she cried. "i'm back to life Niall..i don't know how i'm alive..but i am!" She yelled.

Samantha took Bella in her arms and cried on Bella's tiny stomach.


"how do you know you died?" I asked. confused.

"I saw my parents..i saw Conor.." she whispered. "I then saw you live at home with Bella, she was in your arms for long..you were on the phone with your parents" she smiled.

its true..

I smiled and hugged her. "don't tell anyone i'm back..alive"

She said. "why not?" i asked. "i want to suprise everyone" she smiled.

"That's a good one" i smiled.

"but wait..do you still have cancer?" i asked.

Just because Samantha's back..dosnt mean she's not sick.

I called a doctor to ask,.

"oh ya! Samantha you kicked cancer's ass! you won the battle"

I looked at Samantha and kissed her.

"you three can leave in two hours" The doctor smiled.

Handing me papers on cancer, and a congrats letter from the hospital.


-2 hours later-

We went in my car and drove home.

"let's bring the boys here" i smiled "good idea" She said.


We got home, made food together for the boys and Jessica to come over.

We were pretty excited.

We made chicken and pasta.

For dessert:



I took my phone and texted the boys to come over, so that they can get suprised by Samantha.

"need you to come over at 7 please. i need you. please. -Niall"

I got texts back saying alright.



-7 PM-

Samantha was hiding behind a couch and the boys, and Jessica were sitting on the couch. "i'm so sorry" Liam cried.

 Damn i feel bad now.

A few minutes later Samantha yelled "suprise!"

Everyone looked shock. Daniel jumped and hugged her first.

"WHAT HOW ARE YOU HERE?" Louis yelled kissing Samantha's cheek.

"i'm not a cancer patient anymore!" She yelled, They all looked happy.

Thank god.

We all hugged each other, and then ate supper.

Now i have to plan a birthday party for sami.

Which is in two weeks. She'll be 20. She calls herself 20 but she's not. She is 19, turning 20 in two weeks.

hey guys. this is one of the last chapters..

the next 2 chapters will be probably the last ones.

I'm sorry. But i have to end this. im getting sick of this book haha. im not making a sequel also. sorry guys

you can read my other book that i wrote..maybe..its interesting..about Justin Bieber haha.

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