drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


74. chapter 74

Sam's POV

"You have cancer" the doctor said dissaponted. "what" i said shockingly.

I looked down at my knees and i felt my self burn. "you're going red" a doctor said. "bring her water right now" someone yelled. I felt my hands go hot and then felt my stumach kick. I put my hand on my stumach. "i dont want to leave her" i whispered crying.

I took the water bottle.

"No one does sweetheart, it's okay, we'll try our best to save you" she said.

"since when do i have cancer?" i asked.

 "a month, but you have never noticed it because you're pregnant"


 "thank you" i said getting up. "We'll call you tonight for an appointment" a doctor said. "mhmm" i cried. I walked outside and went in a taxi, i took my phone and texted Niall.

"hey babe, just came out of the hospital, i'm fine"  i lied, if i told Niall what happened he would be broken.

I don't know who to tell first,

i'm going to tell Louis actually.

Then Jessica and Daniel,

then Harry, Zayn and Liam

and last Niall.

I went home and looked at myself in the mirror.

I look ruined.

I took my phone and texted Louis to come on skype.

He said sure.

I opened skype and Louis was online.

I called him and he looked happy.

"sam? what's wrong? why are you crying?" Louis asked. "Louis are you alone?" i asked. "Yes i am, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Louis i have to tell you something" i cried. "tell me" he ordered. "I" i said. He looked at me. "I'm dying" i said. "what do you mean?" he asked. "i have cancer Louis" i cried. He looked at me then he got up. He took a chair and threw it at the wall. "fuck" he yelled. "Don't tell anyone please" i cried more. "SINCE WHEN" he yelled. "a month" i said.

He took his glass and threw it on the ground. "Louis stop" i said. "My sister has cancer" he cried putting his hands in his hair. "i have a concert right now in about 10 minutes" he said. "don't mess up" i smiled. He got up again from his bed and took his computer and threw it on the floor. Which caused to disconnect.


Louis' POV

"LOUIS WHAT THE HELL" the boys yelled in my hotel room. ''what the heck is wrong with you?" Liam yelled. "what's wrong?" Niall asked. I then saw Paul come in. "concert in 10 minutes, everyone get ready, and Louis, stop doing shit" he yelled.

I got up and wore my clothes for the concert.

I went in the tour bus and sat on the seat. I put my hands in my face and cried. I don't cry much, but right now i'm hurt.

I saw Harry come in the bus and he sat beside me. "what's wrong?" he asked. "nothing" i lied. "tell me" Harry said. "i'm okay Harry" i yelled and got up, i sat somewhere else.
I hate life.


Sam's POV

i called Jessica to come over. actually i'll invite Daniel and Jessica.


-20 minutes later-

"what's wrong?" they asked. "guys i have to tell you something, don't tell anyone though" i said, worried. "what's wrong?" Daniel said.

"i have cancer" i cried. "what the hell" Jessica yelled. I looked at Daniel and he was looking at my stomach.

"what about her?" Daniel asked pointing at my stomach. "she's fine" i smiled. "but you're not" daniel said. i shook my head. he got up and went to the door. "Where are you going?" i asked. "out" he said, he turned around and his eyes were red and watery.

"daniel" i said. He opened the door and went out.  I looked at Jessica and she was on the floor crying. I went outside and saw Daniel on the driveway crying.

"daniel please stop" i said.

"take a  breath" i told him and sat beside him, he looked at me in the eyes and hugged me. "please stay here" he cried loudly. I hard paparazzis and they were taking pictures. I ignored them.

"i'm staying baby bro" i smiled. "you're my idol" he cried. I smiled and kissed his forehead. "I love you" i said. I bought him home and we talked to jessica. It was a quiet day.

I ordered some thai.

Only rice and eggs tho.

I got a notification on my phone and found out that there was a live stream of the one direction concert.

I took my laptop and opened it.

The show looked broken. The boys were doing fine but there was Louis singing and crying. "does he know?" Daniel asked. "yeah" i smiled fakily.

The fans were crying, half were crying because they were happy, then the others because Louis was crying.





-the day one direction comes back-


i had to go to the airport to pick up Niall, i looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my face go pale, i was losing hair.

Ive went to 11 appointments, and my next one is in 2 days.

I tried making myself pretty, but now i look horrible.

I went by a limo to the airport.

I waited for Niall and saw the boys come in, i looked at Louis and he looked horrible.

The boys looked at me and gasped.

"are you okay?" They said. Louis hugged me and cried into my shoulder. "what is happening" Niall said.

Niall touched my head and a chunk of hair came out. "No don't touch my hair" i cried. Louis looked at me and looked at my hair. "I love you so much" he cried.

"can someone tell me whats happening?" Niall yelled.

"SAME HERE" Liam yelled. "i'll tell you guys at home" i said. The boys came with me in the limo and we went home.

When we got home, the boys sat in the living room.

"can you tell me now?" Zayn said.

"guys" i started. I took a tissue and whiped away my tear. "is it the baby?" Niall asked. "no she's fine, but i'm not" i cried. "what?" Harry asked. "I have cancer" i cried. It was suddenly silent.

I looked at Zayn and he was quiet.

Liam: He was red

Harry: shaking

Niall:  Shaking and silently crying.

"since when?" Niall asked. "2 months" i said.

Niall cried more. I looked at my palms and it was getting white. I am dying.


hey guys.

this chapter is braking me to be honest, i actually cried while writing. i dont cry while writing storys, but this time i did.




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