drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


72. chapter 72

Niall's POV

"she's very much alive and we have some great news for you" the doctor said. "oh my god! thank god! and what is it?" i asked smiling. two good news in one day. wow.

"you're having a daughter"

What? i'm getting a daughter!

a baby!

I am now officially happy. "congrats" the doctor said and handed me a paper to sign. "she's awake" the doc smiled, i went to the room in which  she was in. "hey sunshine" i smiled. "hi" she whispered. "be happy" i said. "why? i want to die" she said. "do you even know why i'm happy" i said. "no" she said. The doctor looked at me saying that she does not know she's pregnant. "we're having another baby Samantha" i yelled. "WHAT!" she yelled. "For how long did i have a baby? what the hell!" she yelled. "i did not know!" she yelled. "6 months, you did not notice it" the doctor said. "That's why i puked a lot and missed my periods!" she yelled. "but i did not know i was pregnant!"

"if you did die, our daughter would have been dead too" i whispered. "a girl?" she said. "oh my god!" she yelled. The doctor left us two alone. "after leaving this hospital we're going to a date" i said. i want to propose her asap.

I took my phone and called everyone to come.

-20 minutes later-

everyone were in the hospital with Sam and me. "i'm so happy you're okay!" Liam said. She smiled. "We have news to tell you" i said. "oh no is it bad?" Daniel asked. "no its good news, well for me" i smiled. "what is it?" everyone asked. "we're having a baby" Sam and me said. "WHAT" they all yelled. "again!" Louis yelled.

"do you guys ever use protection?" Harry asked. "we do but i think this one broke" i laughed. "well then! i'm happy!" Zayn said. "i'm a god mother again!" Jessica yelled.

We all took some apple juice and put it in a cup. "for the baby girl!" We cheered. "girl?" Daniel yelled. "Yeah" i said. "i'll be over protective" he said.

I smiled. "when will she be able to date?" Liam asked. "13" Samantha said. "hell no, at 50 or something" i yelled. "what the heck" Louis said. "not 50 come on" zayn said. "fine then 25" i said. "you're so annoying" Samantha laughed.

A doctor came in. "you guys can leave in 5 hours" and then he left. "We're going on a date tonight" i said. "where?" everyone asked.  "at a restaurant" i said, we all smiled. "good luck" Harry said. "we'll leave you two alone and  love you" Louis said. Everyone left.


-6 hours later-

we were at home and I told samantha to come and meet me in the car at 8 pm. right now its is 7 pm.

I really hope she says yes.

When she got out of the house..she looked beautiful. Her tan perfect legs, her neck, her hands, her.

She was wearing a beautiful light blue short dress, she curled her hair, her makeup, everything about her.

She got in the car and i was staring at how beautiful she was. "niall?" she said waving her hand infront of my eyes. "sorry you distracted me" i smiled. She blushed.

We drove to a restaurant and  i rented that place. Just for us 2. No paparazzi.

We ate food then i smiled. "why are you smiling?" she asked, "i have something to ask you" i whispered. "What is it?" she asked.

This is it.

I went on my knees beside her. "samantha i love you so much and i have something to ask you; will you marry me?" I opened the ring box. She smiled,cried and then screamed 'yes'.

I hugged her tight and i kissed her.

"i love you so much fiance"

She whispered. "i love you more fiance"
After we got out we went home.

We fucked roughly.


After a while we jumped on bed. "that was fun" i laughed. "it was" she smiled.

"i'm engaged and i'm pregnant" Samantha said. "yes and its our girl" i smiled.

I put my ear on her stumach, "i'm excited, i missed having a kid" i said."so did i" she whispered.


-the next morning-

Samantha and I were invited to a premiere. A movie premiere. Actually every one in one direction were, we are supposed to bring our loved ones.

So my loved one is Samantha!

"we have an hour for the premiere!" i yelled. I was wearing a casual dark black jeans and a white tshirt with a blazer.

Samantha was wearing a black dress. Showing her ring. I can now see that she is pregnant.

We went in the limo and they drove us to the premiere. We both went on the red carpet. Paparazzis were taking pictures and i was just happy. I looked at Samantha, smiling at the camera. "I love you" i said. She looked at me and kissed my cheek.

"KISS HER CHEEK NIALL!" I smiled and kissed her, I then kissed her on the lips.

"show us that ring Samantha!"

I took samantha's hand and kissed it. "are you two engaged?" someone yelled. We both smiled.

We went to watch the movie and we saw the boys beside us. "She said yes" i whispered. "you're engaged?" Zayn asked."high five" Zayn laughed.

We watched the movie, and for me it was boring but the girls loved it. It was a romance movie.

I looked at Samantha and she was crying. I took her hand and rubbed it.

-a week later-

There was news every day about Samantha.

a bunch of rumors were every where.

Rumor #1: Samantha engaged to me. which is true.

rumor #2: Samantha pregnant. which is true.

rumor #3: Samantha married to 3 boys. lie lie lie.

rumor #4: Samantha hates one direction. lie

Some rumors are just so dumb but some are correct.

I'm going on tour tonight until 2 months, Samantha will be 8 months pregnant.

Sam's POV

Zayn, Harry and Liam said good bye to me, they went in there private plane to go to tour. I hugged Louis and said good bye. "i love you lou" i whispered, i kissed his cheek and he left.

Then Louis went in the plane.

Now it's Niall's turn to say good bye. "come with me on tour" he said. "niall i told you already i can't, i'm pregnant" i said.

"i love you" he said kissing my forehead. "bye Mrs Horan" Niall said to me. "bye Mr Horan" i said. I hugged him and then he left. I was crying.

I felt my stumach scream. my baby is crying too. funny.

I went to a taxi and drove home.
This big home, i will now be alone.

____a month later____

I don't know what to do at home. i'm bored. All ido is watch TV go on the internet. That's it. i've been talking to Niall and Louis every day.

Daniel is on a school trip visiting colleges.

So he can't come over.

What if i go out to Mcdonalds.

I went by walk to mcdonalds and some people recognized me, they asked for pictures and i was pretty happy. I love talking to people.


Hey guys.

if you don't understand the story just ask me, i'll answer, you have questions; ask me.

this chapter sucked. But it's going to get better. Promise!



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