drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


71. chapter 71

 Sam's POV

-a week later-

 i woke up with a huge headache.  I have been sick for a couple of days, Niall is in Canada for interviews and i'm here with Daniel and Jessica. But the boys are coming back tonight. I sat on my bed and blowed my nose. I got up and went to cook some food for myself, and for Niall, he'll be home in about 2 hours.

I looked at my wrist, which was covered with cuts. Yes, i have cut myself recently, it has been full. It wont stop bleeding. I have put a cloth on it but its still bleeding.

I made pasta for Niall and put it on the table.

I took a paper and wrote down a letter.

When i finished it, i taped it into the front door so that Niall can see it.


from: Samantha





I decided to kill myself.

I went to the medicine room and took alot of different pills

 I took 30 of them and put it in my mouth. I went in the living room and layed on the ground, i felt my body go weak, i couldn't breathe. I guess this is the end.



"you're going to propose her tonight?" Louis yelled. "yep" i smiled. I am going to ask Samantha for marriage.

"wow i'm excited! we're going to be actual brothers Niall" Louis laughed. I smiled and looked at the ring in my hand.

She's going to love it.
I dropped Louis off home and i'm currently going home.

The taxi driver dropped me infront of my house and i walked on the driveway heading to my front door.

I saw a paper on the door.

A envelope.

I opened it and there was huge letter.

Dear everyone,

I am sorry that i'm gone. I am sorry about everything. I have been a really bad person and i deserve to die. I hate everything, i hate life, i hate myself especially. I am the worst person on earth. I have done a lot of mistake which i can't stop thinking of.

I am sorry that i'm gone but at least i'll stop doing mistakes.

atleast i'll watch you guys and protect you all. I will try and visit everyone. Please come at my grave every day. I'm probably going to be scared.

Suicide here i come.

-Samantha Tomlinson.

I closed my eyes and screamed. "WHAT THE HELL" i yelled. i put the letter in my pocket and tried opening the door. Locked.

I looked for my keys, and it was lost.

I tried opening my door and it wouldnt open. I got mad and broke the door by kicking it.

I ran in and saw Samantha on the ground.

"SAMANTHA" i yelled.

I called 911 and texted Louis.

I did mouth to mouth, it didn't work. I tried every thing but nothing worked!

I looked at Samantha's arm and it was covered with blood.

why is it bleeding?

 i took my shirt and wiped the blood off. I saw cuts.

"oh my god" i whispered. I kissed her wrist and started crying. I heard a knock and it was Jessica. "SAMANTHA" she yelled. She started screaming, and then the ambulance came. They put a mask on her mouth, they bought her to the ambulance.

We went to the hospital and Louis, Daniel, Harry, Liam, Zayn was there.

"why would she kill herself?" Zayn yelled.

"just pray that she's alive" Liam said.
We all got worried.

A doctor came near us. "who here knows Samantha the most?" the doctor asked. "all of us" Jessica said. "who is dating her?" the doctor asked. "me" i whispered. "the police want's to talk to you" i nodded. He showed me the way to an office and there was like 10 police officers.

"hi my name is Jake and i will be asking you questions on Samantha" the police said; Jake.

I nodded. "has she ever had any suicidal thoughts before?" The police asked. "Yeah but then i talked to her for a long time about it and then she was happy" i said.

They asked me tons of questions but then i just broke down. I left the office and went to see Louis. I think i was crying the most. I could not stop crying.

"I can't live without her" i yelled.

A doctor came near us again. "we're checking miss tomlinson right now, and we'll tell you if she is dead or not" A doctor said. I nodded. The doctor left.

--3 days later--

No one was with Samantha except for me. I was sitting beside her and i don't even know if she's alive or not. No one is answering me.

"samantha" i whispered. I took her hand. I kissed it and looked at her, she's still beautiful, her tan skin was glowing, her hair was shining, she still smelt like flowers, even though she did not take a shower for 3 days.

"i love you" i whispered.

i kissed her gently and it made me realise that she is my life. I was going to marry her but i didn't have the chance too.


Hey guys, sorry  for the long update.
So samantha is dead/alive.

i have still not decided if i should keep her alive.

should i? i really dont know! i mean i love and hate sam but i just don't know what to do!

so should she die or stay alive? comment!



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