drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


70. chapter 70

Sam's POV

I was talking to Patrick when we were eating lunch, and i heard his name being called. "good luck" i said. He got up and sighed. "come with me'' he whispered. I smiled and followed me.

We went to the main office and i saw the beautiful girl. his girlfriend. Caitlin Russo.

"Caitlin?" Patrick asked. "hey handsome" she smiled and kissed him.

"Oh my god you're Samantha" Caitlin said looking at me. "yeah, and you are the famous Caitlin" i said. "i'm a big fan of your brother and boyfriend" She said. "thank you" i smiled. "Patrick talks about you all the time, before sleeping, in the morning, all the time" i said. "he can be annoying" she laughed, i laughed and we looked at Pat. "i'm not annoying!" he said like a baby. "baby" i said. "i'm not a baby" he  pouted. "See you are a baby" Caitlin said.

"let's go and sit to the chat room" Patrick said. We all went to the room, in which only us 3 was in.

"I have a suprise for you 2" Caitlin said. "what?" Patrick asked. She put her hand in her big purse and took out food. "holy crap is that chicken?" i asked. "yeah, you guys didnt eat anything good for almost 3 months so here" she smiled, she gave me chicken and gave spaggetie to Patrick. After we finished eating, we ate dessert; pie.

"you are the best" i said. "Patrick you are lucky to have her, i mean first she's hot second she bought you food"  i said. "thank you but you are the pretty one" she smiled. "oh love when i get out of jail, the first thing im gonna do is invite you to my house" i said. "Really?" she asked.

"of course, you can meet the boys" i smiled. "You are the best person ever" she smiled. "oh well thanks" i smiled .
After one hour, Caitlin had to leave. it was the police that told her to leave actually.

"she's the best" i said. "she is i know" he smirked. We went back to our cell.

We sat there just thinking. "we have a week to leave" i said. "7 days and then we leave from this hell hole" he said.

"alot of people are getting married this year" i laughed. "what do you mean?" he asked. "when i was in africa my friend Chris proposed to his girl, and Zayn Malik and Perrie are getting married to, so are you" i said. "i did not ask her yet" he said. "well i know that she's going to say yes" i smiled. "i hope" he smiled.




I was waiting the the police gate,waiting for Niall to pick me up. I said good bye to Patrick and we promised each other to meet up again next week.

I sat on a bench and cried.

"what am i doing with life'' i cried to myself. I put my hands on my face and cried hard and harder. "i'm the worst girlfriend ever" i cried. "why did i even come back to America!" i yelled to myself.

i shouldve died.

I hate my self. I'm the worst girl ever. I cheated on my man alot, i have went to jail a lot of times, i  have done drugs.

I heard a car honk and i looked up. Niall is here. i wiped my tears away, "hello beautiful" he said. I smiled and we went back to the car. I sat and thought again.

What if i just die?  i deserve it.

or what if i leave and never come back?

i dont want to leave the country, i will miss everyone.

if i die then i'll still be able to see everyone.

"why are you quiet?" Niall asked. "i don't know" i lied.

We went home and the first thing i did was go in my room. "i missed this" i whispered. "i missed you" he whispered kissing my forehead. "i want to sleep please, i have not slept for three months and i'm really tired" i said. "okay..go to sleep babe" he whispered, i went to bed and closed my eyes.

"i'll be watching tv alright?" niall said. "mhmm" i smiled. he left the room and i started to cry again.

what is going on with me? why do i keep on crying? oh wait i know why im crying, im a mess. Everyone call's me perfect and calls me there idol when i'm doing crap to people.

I took my phone and when on twitter,

"back home, but still upset, i regret that"

i tweeted and checked tweets from other people.

I closed my eyes again and slept.

And thought about leaving the world. Now this one is serious i really do want to die.


hey guys.

should Samantha die? comment your answer!

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