drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


69. chapter 69

Sams pov

A few weeks has passed and still no sign of Niall..

everyone visited me..Louis did too. Niall did not tho. The boys have told me that Niall is just not in the mood. And i totally understand him. He has the right to be mad. I just miss him a lot.  I still love him.

Patrick has a girlfriend too and she's mad at him because before going to jail, Patrick liked a girl's picture which got the girlfriend jealous.

Some girls are just so over dramatic. and funny

Daniel has been studying really well..and he's going to college in 4 months..which is making me really proud. The boys are going  on tour in a few months. So i am not excited. Patrick and i are apparently in our cell just throwing a ball at each other.

"i want to take a shower" i wined. "Same here Sami" he laughed. "We only take showers twice a week, its disgusting" i wined. "i know i know..its okay..we have 2 months to go love" he smiled. "Ugh this is so annoying!" i yelled. I got up from my seat and looked outside of bars. "GET ME OUT OF THIS SHITTY PLACE" i yelled. "fuck no. sit down" a police officer yelled. "NO"



"do you want me to shoot you?" the police officer said. Patrick got up and came beside me. "Samantha..shh" he said. and bought me to a chair. "i'm getting sick of this place!" i yelled. "we all are whore!" a police officer yelled. Ugh they're so rude.

"don't say that you cunt" i heard a familliar voice. Niall.

I saw Niall walk. "hey" i smiled. He looked at me and glared at me. "get her out" he ordered. "no she has to say 2 months here" the police officer said. "i'll pay you" he said. "not working" the police officer said. "i want to talk to her alone..privately" Niall said. "its 20$ a visit" the police said. Niall took out 20$ and the police officer put me in a room with Niall. They left us in there, alone with Niall.

"hey" i smiled again. "hi" he whispered. I looked at my hand beneath me. "look at me" he said. my eyes were getting wattery. I missed Niall so much.  "why are you crying" he said. "i'm not crying" i said wiping my tears away. "Yes you are. now tell me why" he ordered. "i missed you..alot and i'm finally seeing you" i said. "well i'm here" he said. "i know" i smiled. He took my hand and kissed it. "i miss you princess" he said. "i miss you too..alot" i said. "i'm sorry Niall" i cried. "i know you are" he said. We stared at each other. and i realised that he was crying too.


"i love you..you know that?" he said. I shook my head for a yes. "i love you" i smiled. He hugged me and we kissed. "what are the fans saying?" i asked. "they feel bad" he said. "they said that they did not want you to go jail and they rather be in jail" He said smiling. "they're the best" i smiled. "i know" he laughed. "you look beautiful in orange" he laughed. "i hate this! you know it!" i laughed. "i missed your laugh" he smiled. i blushed at his compliment.

"i can't wait for you to get back home" Niall said. "i do too" i smiled. "what are we going to do when i get back" i asked. "i'll buy you clothes because this orange onsie ain't the boss" Niall laughed. "damn since when are you a fashion police?" i smiled. "since you left" he smiled. "Well then" i blushed.

"the fans miss you too" Niall said. "do they?" i asked. "Yeah they do" he smiled, he took out his phone and took a selfie with me. He posted it on Instagram and captioned it by 'My girl' The picture was cute, i mean our eyes with wattery by crying. "can i have my phone?" i asked the police officer. He rolled his eyes and gave it to me.

I went on twitter.

"i miss you all but i can not tweet much right now, because the position right now sucks alot"

I tweeted it and got mentions, fans were being so nice and some were disrespectful. I tweeted a picture of Conor, Niall and me. I looked at Conor's picture and smiled. "why are you smiling beautiful?" Niall asked. "just looking at Con" i smiled. "that little guy the cutie" he smiled. "Yep our cutie" I laughed.

"Mr Horan, Samantha's time is up, you have to leave the station" A police officer. Niall got up and hugged me, we looked at each other and said good bye.

"i love you" i whispered. "i love you too" he kissed my forehead.

Niall left and the police pushed me in my jail room again. I looked at Patrick and he smiled. "Why are you smiling?" i asked. "Well first of all, i know your boyfriend came, and second my girlfriend just came for a visit like 5 minutes ago" He said. "oh my god! really! yay!" i screamed and hugged him. "we're twins" i laughed.

"We really are" i laughed.
"i want to meet your girlfriend" i said. "well..maybe next time" he smiled. "what does she look like?" i asked. "i have a picture" he said and took out a picture from his pocket.

He handed it to me. "oh my" i said, this girl is a flawless. "is she a model?" i asked. "she's a forever 21 model" he laughed. "damn she's gorgeous" i said. This girl has light brown hair, tan skin, green eyes. long legs, perfect body, ugh this girl is to perfect. "i think i have a girl crush on her" i said laughing. ''she is beautiful right" he smiled. i looked at him and he was smiling. "You must really like her" i whispered. "i do" he said. "what's her name?" i asked. "Caitlin" he whispered. "Caitlin Russo" he said again. "that's a beautiful name" i said. "it is" he said.

"i want to change it into Caitlin Clark" Patrick said. Oh my god! Patrick's family name is Clark, so he wants to marry her. "then why don't you marry her?" i asked. "i just don't know when to ask, and she's also working right now on going to victoria secret, so i really don't know" he whispered. "dammit patrick" i said. "propose on a good time, when you two are alone together, and just make it really romantic" i said. "i will" he smiled.


hey guys,

slow update i know im so sorry..still.

your comments make my days so much. i love you guys so much. i really just cant stop thinking bout you all.

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