drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


67. chapter 67

-a few months later-

Sams POV


I was walking to the liquor store because i needed some beer. Just for fun!

i didn't drink for a long time.. so what if i try?

I went in and people were staring. "hey hot stuff can i get you something?" a boy with green hair told me..

"vodka" i smiled. "alright, do u want to drink it together?" the boy said. "no" i said. i want to answer by one words.

"come on baby, us two only.." he smiled

"no" i smiled fakily..back. "i know you find me hot" he smirked. "no" i fake smiled again. "are you single?" he asked. and then i noticed that i had my promise ring on my left ring finger. I showed him my hand and he jumped. "damn you married?" he asked. "yes" i lied. "come on only a hook up" he smirked. "stop" i said. Now i'm getting annoyed. I pushed him away from my way and went to the vodka place.

One vodka caught my eye..white vodka..

"come on baby girl please" he said putting his hand on my hip from my back. "do not touch me" i yelled. he put his finger on my lips and leaned in. "Babe come on" he whispered.

Why does every girl gets annoyed!

"I said stop alright. if you continue i will stab you" i smiled.

I turned around and took the vodka in my hand. I went to the cashier. "how much is this?" i asked politely. "800 dollars" the cashier smiled. "damn is there anything that i can do to make it less?" i asked nicely. "no im sorry"

darn it.

"dammit" i said. "wait.."

i turned around and there was a the green hair guy.

"what the hell do you want!" i yelled. "i'll buy it for you" he said.

I do not want to get something from this guy.

"no..thank you" i said. "baby" he slapped my ass.

 I turned around and slapped him. I took the vodka bottle and hit the boy with it on the head.

oh god no..what did i just do..i was not suppose to do..shit..

I heard the cashier run into me and put hand cuffs on my hand. "no no no! it was an accident! you saw the boy! he was annoying me! i didn't mean to! i'm sorry" i yelled.

"what the hell is wrong with you'' the green hair guy said. "You're so stupid!" he yelled. "i-i" i screamed. i heard sirens and saw cops running into the liquor store. My white shirt that said "cool kids dont dance"  which i borrowed from Zayn.. was covered with glass. The cops pushed me in the police car. "come on!" i yelled. I started crying because i wanted a new life. i don't want to go to jail!

And if Niall finds out...he will be mad at me because i was at a liquor store..and i'm not allowed to drink..

We arrived at a jail cell and the cops pushed me in a cell. "no come on!" i yelled. They took my phone from my pocket and threw an orange jumpsuit on me. "wear this right now" they yelled.

"i'm allowed to make a phone call you know!"  i yelled. "we know, but you'll call later"  A women ordered.  "what if i don't want to change" i smiled "then you are going to stay in jail longer" the women smiled evily. "fuck" i whispered. "no cussing young lady" a women yelled.

I took off my vans first and then my black jeans then my shirt.. I put on the jumpsuit. I put my hair in a pony tail. "IM DONE" I yelled. "i dont care" a police officer yelled. "CAN I CALL SOMEONE NOW" i screamed. "fine" the man yelled..his name is garett..

He handed me my cell phone.

I called Daniel because he's the one that cares about me the most..

"hello?" i heard Daniel. "daniel oh my god thank god!" i yelled. "Sam i'm in class! i'm busy" he whispered. "i'm in jail please help!" i yelled. "What the hell! which prison?" he whispered, "the one at the end of 7th avenue street" i yelled. "i'll be right there" daniel yelled. I heard his teacher scream at daniel..

-10 minutes later-

"WERE IS SHE!" I heard daniel's voice. "sir she hit a boy with a 700$ bottle"  I heard. "DANIEL!"  i yelled. i saw Daniel run towards me. "samantha" he said. I saw his eyes go wattery. "don't cry dan" i said. "why not? my sister is in jail.." he said."i'm getting out soon baby bro" i smiled. "you're staying here for 3 months sam!" he yelled. "WHAT!" i yelled. I looked at Garett.."what is this!" i yelled. "you hit a boy with a 700$ bottle..got him into a concussion and damaged the liquor store..and you have been in jail before..so you're supposed to stay here" he said.

"what" i whispered and looked at Daniel..he was crying more.."daniel please don't cry" i said.

"i'll be alright" i said. He put his hand on my cheek. "Can i please hug him?" i cried to the police. He sighed and opened the cell.

I hugged Daniel so hard.."i love you so much" i cried into his shoulder. Daniel hugged me tight. "i don't want to let go" he whispered. I looked at him and saw his face red...he's crying alot..

 i heard a text sound..

"is that from you?" i asked dan.."yeah" he sniffed and took out his phone. "from Niall" he said.

He showed me his phone..

"i don't want to see Samantha..mad @ her"

"who did you tell that i'm in jail. "only Niall, Louis and Jessica" he said.

I sniffed.."times up say good bye" garett yelled.. "no please!" i yelled. A women officer came and pushed me in the cell. "i love you" i cried. "I'll try my best to get you out" he said.


hey guys im so sorry that i didnt update for a long time..i've been just really upset..

i lied to you guys last chapter saying that my boyfriend and me broke up..

He passed away because of the flu.. and my grandfather's brother passed away..and so did my cousin..so i just have been broken..My dad's friend went to jail so i just don't know what to do with life.. I have been back to cutting..back to smoking..so i just hate my life alot.. if i dont update then please dont get mad..im just really really upset. i love you all so much.

you all know that. but im sorry.

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