drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


66. chapter 66

Sam's POV

Oh my god my phone died.

no battery.

I saw a person come towards me. "i have a cake knife beside me" i yelled and ran to the stage to take the knife. "babe its mee!"

Holy shit its Niall.

"i hate you so much" i yelled and hit his arm.

"you scared the crap out of me" i yelled. "i know and you're cute when you're scared" he laughed and hugged me. "wow you're almost done cleaning" Niall said..and yes the club is clean! i just got to take off the chairs and tables.

"you shouldve called me, i would have helped you" he said. "nah i didnt want to disturb you" i said. "You never disturb me..atleast i'll be with you" Niall smiled and kissed me softly.

"You're to sweet" i smiled. "just for you" he smiled.

"i love you" he said. " i love you" i kissed him.

"did you enjoy the party?" i asked. "yeah i did,it was really fun" he said. "alot of kids got drunk" he laughed. "i know oh my god!" i smiled. Which reminded me of my past..getting drunk and high and smoking and everything.

"are you okay?" Niall asked me. I think he noticed me upset..

"yeah yeah" i lied. "no you're not, what's wrong?" he asked. "nothing" i lied again. "babe i will keep on asking this question until you answer me. What's wrong" he said. "nothing i'm telling you!" i lied again. "Tell ME" his voice got higher. "It just reminded me of my past..the bad past"  i said. "i never had a nice life Niall.. I never had a sweet 16 or a birthday party. I'm not in college..i have the worst life" i started, "and im more upset because you saw me going a rough time, which affected you because you tried stopping me but i didnt listen" i continued.

"i'm emberassed of myself" i said crying. "i'm sad for you! i ruined you!" i yelled. "I freaking ruined your career!" i yelled. "the world knows about me going to jail, me being an addict..people think you're crazy cuz of me!" i yelled. "fuck what they think! i don't care about them! i don't care about my career! i care about you the most in this world, it's crazy and you have never ruined me" Niall yelled. "you were and always be perfect. people make mistakes..alot of mistakes" Niall said.

"Niall no! stop that! stop making me feel better! i'm supposed to feel like shit! i'm supposed to be in jail, i'm supposed to be dead!" i yelled. "stop it!" Niall yelled. "Don't ever tell me that you have to die" he yelled.

"my son died, i can't let you die..i don't want you to die" Niall yelled. "i deserve it'' i yelled. "Just imagine Louis or Daniel..your parents died, and then if you die what will life be for Dan and Lou? they will be broken" niall yelled. "And me! my family would be dead!" Niall yelled. "i don't want that!" Niall whispered, wiping a tear away from my cheek.

"please don't say that to me princess" Niall whispered hugging me. "niall i have ruined you. the media are right with every thing they're saying..your fans are also backing up for me. they're saying that i'm not a stripper..but i was" i said. "you're not" he said. "you're my girlfriend slash my life and i don't want you to feel any kind of bad thing" niall said. "babe look it was your brother's birthday..i think you deserve to feel loved, you're the one that planned the party, you cleaned the party, please be happy" Niall said.

"i just-" i then got cut off by Niall's lips on my lips. "i love you so much" Niall said in between the kiss. "please don't say that" he said after. "Let's go home it's like almost 6 am" he smiled.

He grabbed my hand and took me to his car. He drove home and he grabbed me bridal style. "go to sleep" he told me. I closed my eyes and put me on his bed.

"I'm not letting you wear a dress to sleep, i bet its unfortable" he smirked. He unzipped my dress from the back, which caused me to be in a bra and thong.

He took my thong and bra later..

He put my long tshirt on me and then my shorts. He took a tissue and wiped my make up off. "i love you" he whispered. "i love you too" i smiled. I was to tired to open my eyes, my eyes were closed all time.

later i was done, he took off his shirt. And at that time i opened my eyes. i wanted to see my boyfriend change. "i see you looking at me" Niall laughed. "Yep its sexy" i smiled and yawned. He took off his pants and then boxers. Which made me smile. "why are you smiling?" he smirked. I laughed and he put on his sweat pants. He slept beside me and he kept on kissing me forehead.

"I love you princess and good night" he whispered. "good night baby" i smirked.

I put my head on his chest and his arms were wrapped around my body.



Hi you guys..

i was feeling depressed so i just wrote a story.

Thank you for reading

and i love you guys so much.





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