drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


65. chapter 65



Sam's POV

Louis is going to tell Daniel that we're going to a restaurant for his birthday party, but he's coming here, in the club. Everyone is here and its so sweet.Kanye west is here, he's with his friends.

Everyone is here. And i'm pretty excited.

 I got a text from Louis:

                       Almost there, in about 5 minutes



I got excited and told the people, we all got quiet and when Daniel got in everyone screamed "happy birthday" which cause Daniel to jump.

"happy birthday baby brother!" i yelled and hugged him. "holt shit thank you!" Daniel yelled. Some strippers came beside him and kissed his cheek and said happy birthday. "strippers?" he asked. "yeah man!" Louis yelled. "damn" Daniel laughed. He hugged his friends and left me and Louis alone. "oh kids" Louis laughed. "louis he's only a few years younger then you" i smiled. "i know but still" Louis smirked and hugged me.

I went to kanye west and he was having fun, i guess..

"hey thank you so much for being here" i smiled. "pleasure" he smiled. "are you having a good time?" i asked. "yeah, it's pretty fun, reminds me of my young age" Kanye smiled, he's so sweet.

We talked and  Kanye had to sing. i went on stage and took a mike, "so we all know its Daniel's birthday.." i started. "so i tried bringing his idols..Kanye west" everyone started screaming when i said Kanye west. "So here you go Daniel! your idol is here!" i yelled.

And at that moment, Kanye jumped on stage and started singing.

I went to see Kendall jenner and hugged her. "thank you so much" i smiled. "oh its no prob" she smiled and hugged me back.  when Kanye was done singing,i went back on stage.

"So i have a slide show of Daniel's pictures..and seeing it made me really emotional..because as you all know i just found my brother and seeing him made me really happy" i said, wiping my tear away.

The slide show started by Daniel being in my mom's arms.

I looked at Daniel and he was crying. At the end of the slide show. The strippers went on stage and started dancing..

Then i had a flashback..


because i was dancing at a high position. I was going to get paid a million dollars.

I am dancing in front of people from my school.

I was at a huge party and people are taking videos of me.

"samantha does the principal know about this!" some guys yelled and laughed at me. I continued stripping..

at the end of the dance i went to see my boss, and my boss fired me and told me that i'm not getting paid..

*end of flashback*

I looked at the girls dancing on Daniel..and i wanted them to stop.

"they have to stop" i whispered to Louis. "come on this is fun" he laughed. "No stop being a party pooper!" Louis laughed. "look at Daniel's face he's having fun!" Louis laughed and sat beside Daniel. The stripper went on Louis and sat on him.

Everyone were having fun except for me.

"Guys i think we should cut the cake" i yelled.

Louis and me went on stage and bought the cake, the cake was beautiful. We all sang happy birthday and then kanye came and he sang happy birthday.

Then Kanye left and gave me a birthday present for Daniel. "i have to go see my daughter" Kanye said. "thank you so much!" i yelled and took out my wallet to pay him.

I made a check for 6400$. "here" i said. "nooo! i cant take that! no" he said. "please" i said. "no no! i had fun here and my sisters in law are here having fun too so no!" he said. "please take it" i  begged. "nope" he laughed and ran. "byeeee" he smiled and ran away.

--at 5 am--

Everyone left, except for me and Daniel. Louis left because the paparazzi were going crazy. So everyone famous left.

Daniel  went to his best friend's house and i was in the club alone..

cleaning the mess..

At 5:25 am i felt tired so i sat on a chair. I then heard some noises. "hello?" i asked. "anyone here?" i yelled. No answer.

I got up and cleaned up again then i heard steps..

"WHO THE HELL IS HERE" i yelled. "im going to call the police!" i yelled and took my phone.


sorry for the long update..

i was just really upset to even write anything bc my boyfriend and i broke up. We've been together for 3 years but we broke up.

im so sorry..

and i might end this story in like 2 chapters or something.

Thank you

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