drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


64. chapter 64

Sam's POV

I was walking around New York with Daniel, because i never had a day with Daniel. Only Daniel and me. And Daniel and I aren't famous so yay. No one attacked us. Whenever i'm with Louis or Niall. Id get attacked.

We went to an indian restaurant and we ate like crazy.

"it's so spicy" Daniel yelled and drank water. "i know, but it's good" i laughed. He laughed and I just stared at him. Daniel is my baby brother, i love him and seeing him makes me so happy. "why are you staring at me?" Dan asked. "because you're a handsome young boy'' i smiled. "Your eyes are beautiful, its like Conor's" i smiled. "i miss him" Daniel whispered. "Same here Daniel" i said holding his hand.

"can i tell you something?" Daniel asked me. "sure baby brother" i smiled.

"when you went to Africa..I had some drugs and i did not stop because i was upset, i missed Conor" he started. And Daniel and Conor were really close. Conor loved Daniel..alot. "one day at school, someone filmed me smoking a blunt because that person wanted to sell it online for ruining Louis' career" he said. "then?" i asked. "i got into a fight and deleted the video and hurt that kid" Daniel said. "is that okay?" i asked.

"yeah but he deserved it" Daniel smiled. "he did deserve it" i said.

"i can't believe we found each other" Daniel whispered. "same here" i smiled. My phone started ringing and i checked; Louis.

"hey Louis" i smiled. "i'm in New York" Louis said. "you are? only you right?" i asked. "Yea only me, i want us to be together, siblings" Louis said. "were are you right now?" i asked. "at the airport, you have to get me" he said. I got up and told Daniel to get up. i hung up. "were are we going?" Daniel asked.

"to pick up Louis from the airport" i smiled. "Dammit" Daniel whispered. "dont say that! hes our older brother" i smiled. "yeah but theres going to be paparazzi" Daniel wined. "dan, we should be happy, at least Louis' dream came true" i smiled. "whatever" he sight. "come on" i said. We took a taxi and drove to the airport. We saw Louis sitting and yelled his name. "LOUISSS" i yelled. He got up and ran towards us. We hugged him and went in the taxi. We went back to our hotel and sat on the sofa. "what do you want to do?" louis asked.

"Talk about you and Jessica" Daniel said. "wow you know about that Daniel?" i asked. "im 15 turning 16 next week, i know everything" Daniel laughed.

"Look Jessica and I realised that it's a bad thing to play that game, so we stopped, and if the media find out about Jessica and I, people and the media will think that i'm cheating on Eleanor" Louis said. "YOU ARE cheating on her!" i yelled. "oops" he laughed. "wow Louis" i laughed. "Daniel now about you, what do you want for your birthday" i asked. "nothing, i already have you guys" Daniel smiled. "aww" i hugged Daniel and kissed his cheek. "stop itttt" he laughed. "why none of your friends are here, im just kissing my  brother's cheek" i smiled.

"Are you doing a birthday party?" Louis asked. "nope" he said. "why not"  i asked. ''because it's hard to plan a party'' Daniel said.

"aw poor daniel" i smiled and hugged him.

--A week later, 2 days before Daniel's birthday-

Louis, Daniel and i are back home. And Louis and i are planning Daniel's birthday.  "some strippers are coming" Louis said. "what why" i yelled. "Samantha! Daniel is 16, he likes girls. at 16 boys gets dirty and likes girls..alot" Louis laughed. "what if he looses his virginity on his birthday?" i asked.

"he already lost it dumbass" Louis laughed. Wow..did he? "why didnt he tell me" i asked. "you're a girl"louis smiled. "Well then"

"how many strippers are coming?" i asked. "6" Louis said.

This party looks good...

i invited like 200 people to the party, and  it's going to be at a club, i rented it, and i know that there is going to be some alcohol but you know what? there teenagers! they need fun!

Louis and I are in the club right now, we're decorating it!

"should a singer come and sing for Daniel?" i asked. "who does he like?" Louis asked. "well his favourite male singer is Kanye west, Kanye is basically Daniel's idol. and his favourite girl singer is um.. I don't know actually" i said. "lets just ask Kanye to come" Louis said. "he's touring" i said. "Really? well i don't care i want him to be here, he can rap only a few of his singles then leave whatever"Louis said.

" i'll ask Kendall jenner because her sister is kim kardashian and kim is engaged to Kanye, so maybe Kendall can ask" i said.

"do you have her number?" Louis asked. "yeah, we hang out" i smiled. "wow sis you're friends with alot of people" Louis laughed.

I took my phone and called Kendall..and asked her if Kanye can come. "let me ask Kanye, wait a sec" Kendall said.

"when do you want Kanye to come?" i asked, "in 2 days, and do you want to come?" i asked.

"sure can i come with some of my friends?" she asked. "of course and invite kylie too" i said. Kylie is Kendall's little sister, she's 16.

"Kanye said he's coming!" Kendall said. "Yaay! but don't tell the media, it's a surprise birthday party" i said.  "oh okay, i'll see you at the club" Kendall said. "yep bye Jenner" i said hanging up. "KANYE IS COMING!" I yelled. "HELL YEAAAA" I heard Louis scream. "we should make the windows black" i said. "why?" Louis asked. "well , the famous band One Direction is going to be here, which is you and your best friends, The jenners and kanye west" i said. "yeah we have to color the windows" Louis said.

I saw Niall come in the club. "helloooo kids" Niall yelled. "this place is beautiful!" Niall yelled. "some strippers are going to be here, you better not check them out" i winked. "i wont, you're the only hot girl i know" Niall winked. I kissed his cheek and smiled. "stop itt!" Louis yelled. "Sorry man" Niall laughed.

I called some pizza places to make 50 pizza's, a lot of fries, a lot of fooooood.

A huge cake. i want this party to be perfect for Daniel.

and i really hope no one ruins it. There's going to be cops too because of the paparazzi.


hey guys! the next chapter is going to be on Daniel's birthday, he's going to be 16!

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