drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


63. chapter 63

-the morning before the game/ hockey thing-

Meaning of jersey: Hockey shirt. (look it up on google images, search up: habs hockey shirt)

Sam's POV

"Niall  YOU have to buy a hockey jersey!" i yelled at Niall. "its dumb!" he said back. "hockey is not dumb" i said crossing my arms. "you're so cute when you're mad" Niall laughed and touched my nose with his index finger.

"pleasee! only a habs shirt!" i wined. "Fine fine! just because you'll be happy!" he smiled. I hugged him and he bought a shirt.

"Do you have a jersey?" Niall asked me. "of course i do! what kind of question is that?" he asked me.

"Louis is born in England, then your parents moved to Canada then you were born, then your parents went back to England, in which Daniel was born too. how are you canadian?" Niall asked me. "im born in canada and my fake parents were canadian too dumbass" i yelled.

Im canadian. But live in America.

"We're the only ones here you know. the only ones in Canada. Like no one with us. Only u and me in Canada" Niall whispered.

"i know that" i winked. "but.." i said. i know niall wants to give me love. But i'm on my period so sad.

"oh no.." he said. "i'm on my period" i whispered. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. "its okay, we can watch a movie and still cuddle right?" he asked me. "yes" i smiled and kissed him.

-6 pm-

"SAMANTHAAAAAAA" Niall yelled. "what!" i yelled.. "the game is in one hour and you're still not ready!" Horan yelled again. "damn wait i'm almost done!" i yelled. I put on my jersey and black leggings. He hell my hand and a limo bought us to the arena. Papparazzis were there. but whatever. used to it.

i hugged niall and we sat at our seats.


half of the game later, Niall left and did what he was told. Bring food. He came back with pizza and we shared it. He was feeding it to me, and it was pretty funny. He fed me and we kissed and he massaged my hand.

he kissed my hand and took out a mini teddy bear. "wow this is the bear?" i laughed. "yep, this is what they gave me, but i want to give you something" Niall said. "you shouldnt!" i yelled. "Here you go baby" Niall smiled and handed me a little gift. "what's this?" i asked. "open it" i opened it and it was a chanel purse. "oh my god this is beautiful baby" i whispered and kissed him. "do you really?" he asked. "yes oh my god, its freaking beautiful baby" i whispered and smiled. He kissed my forehead, and i showed him my promise ring that he gave me. "you're still wearing it" he smiled. "of course i am" i smiled. He smiled, and i realised..yeah this date was all planned from the management, but it's nice. It's going really nice.

-After the game-

"i'm so tired Niall" i yawned into his shoulder. "come here" he said and took me in his arms. "go to sleep beautiful" he smiled. "niall its okay, i can walk" i said, in his arms. "no baby sleep" he whispered. He carried me bridal style, and i fell asleep in his arms..

-A week later-

   One Direction member Niall Horan and girlfriend Samantha Tomlinson are #1 of the hottest couple. They are so hot. That they are actually #1 in every magazine. They are both strong.

It said on a news paper. It said it on every news paper actually.

I can't believe we are #1! I'm pretty happy!

The boys and i have been invited to alot of partys lately, and i found something new about Jessica..

She's friend with benifits with my brother! What the hell is even wrong with her? She just told me and i feel stupid. I can't believe Louis and Jessica.


Hey guys! im so sorry that I updated late,,its because I have been getting exams every day, and right now I just needed a brake from exams so I started watching basket ball, and I still am right now. I was writing my story while watching basketball.

LIke, comment fan and fave!

Do you guys watch baskeball? if you do, whats your favorite team?

mine is lakers!

Even if you don't watch basketball, please pray for my favorite team! :)

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