drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


62. chapter 62

Sams POV

Chris asked Vanessa for marriage and they're getting married this summer! i'm so happy for them. But the boys, Jess and I are leaving today. We hugged everyone good bye and left the country to America.

We landed in America and paparaazis were there.

 A lot of Papparazzis!

They took pictures and it was pretty nice, they were nice today..

Everyone went back home and I still live with Niall..

"i missed us here" I said. "same babe" i kissed. "i am bringing you on a date tonight" Niall ordered. "wow were?" i said. "Suprise" he kissed my cheek. "tell meee" i said. "nope" he laughed and kissed me again. "fine then how am i supposed to dress?"  i asked. "just go naked" he laughed. "come on!" i yelled. "fine wear something fancy" Niall said, "okayy"

"when are we going?" i asked. "at 7" Niall smiled. now it's 3 pm.

"Okay, i'll get ready" i said. "We have 3 hours babe.."Niall said.

"i know" i ran to the shower and you know..i took a shower!

i picked 4 dresses and tried all of them.

I don't even know what to wear..I think i should wear a navy blue dress. I curled my hair and put on makeup. I checked the time and it was 6:45. wow.

I took a small purse and wore my heels.

I went in the living room and there was a note.

"outside baby-N"

I smiled and went outside in which Niall was infront of me..

He was wearing a lovely outfit.

He looked at me up and down. "you are.." Niall said. "beautiful" he smiled. I kissed him and he grabbed me bridal style. He put me in his car. "Wear this" he said handing me a scarf. "for what?" i asked

"your eyes put it on your eyes" he said. i said what he told me to do and 20 minutes later he stopped driving. He opened my door and carried me again. He walked for like 5 minutes,, holding me!

He put me on feet and took off the scarf from my eyes..

Oh my god, this is beautiful.

i was on a boat with lights all around.

"babe" i said. "shh" he said and put on some music, we slow danced and kept on kissing.

"you're the best boyfriend ever" i smiled. He kissed me and took me into a table.

"food" he said. He put food into my plate, and it was my lasagna..! my faveee.

drink; white vodka

oh my god.

After we finished eating he bought strawberry cheese cake.

We took pictures and put it on instragram.

I smiled and kissed Niall.

When we were done everything. Niall put me on a chair. "Samantha?" he asked. "yeah baby" i smiled. "i love you, you know that right?" he asked. "Yes i do boy" i laughed. "you know even if we fight, we're still gonna be together" Niall smiled. "yes" i shaked a little.  he took a neckleas from his pocket and put it around my neck.

"is this the queen's necklease?" i yelled looking at the necklease. It's the queen's!

"yep" he smiled. "how did you get it?" i yelled. "that's not the question, do you like it?" he asked. "i love it! thank you" i kissed him. I hugged him and we hugged for like 10 minutes. None stop. just a hug. He grabbed my arm and bought me to his car again. I checked the time and it was 12 am. wow.

We went back home and i kept on hugging Niall.

Niall checked his phone, and there was a text.


"wow" i laughed. "your girl" i laughed. "you are my girl, actually you're my queen" he said.

"and you're my king" i smiled. "let's go see Conor" i said. "yeah let's go"

we went outside and walked to the grave yard.

We went to Conor's spot and my baby was there.

"Hey baby boy" i said. "Hey dude" Niall said. "we miss you" i cried. "i want you to come back son, you were the best thing ever, i need you" Niall cried. We put flowers on his grave. "look what your dad gave me, the queen's necklace!" i smiled. "Don't you like it?" i laughed.

We got up and went back home and changed into our pyjamas.


I woke up and saw a sleeping Niall beside me. I smiled and kissed him. "we have to go to the meeting babe, its 11 am" i smiled. I kissed him again and he woke up. "hey beautiful" Niall said. "hey" i smiled and hugged him. He put me on his lap and we made out.

"i love you" he said while kissing me. He took off my shirt and my bra. He took my pants and panties. He grabbed my breast and started sucking it. I took off his boxers and he put his penis in me. I jumped and kissed him.

I kissed him while he was massaging my breast. I kissed his neck and gave him  a hickey. I started riding him and made out. It was so fast, I scratched his back and jumped.

I gave him a blow job and he touched my clit. He put his two fingers in it and started massaging it. "oh my fuck" I whispered. "you like that?" he asked. "I do" I smiled. He massaged it and I felt like sleeping, it felt so good. After a while he stopped it and started licking it.

I know ive said this many times but.. this is actually the  best sex ever. it feels freaking good, and I love this pleasure.

We fucked for like an hour.

"i love you" i whispered. "what time is it?" i asked. "Its 12:30, we should get ready" He said. He got up and i got up. Ugh i can't walk.

"i can't walk dammit Niall your dick is to big" i laughed. He laughed and gave me black jeans with his shirt. "your shirt?" i asked. "fine here" he gave me my white lace shirt.  A crop top. i took my necklace kissed him. He helped me wear my pants and i wore my shirt easily. "you hungry?" Niall asked. "Nah, are you?" i asked. "nah just ate pussy" Niall said. "oh my god hahaha" i laughed. "can you still walk?" he asked. i got up and it still hurt. He grabbed me and put me in his car..again..

we drove to the meeting and the boys were there..

"So how was Africa boys?" Thomas said. I coughed so that they can know i EXIST.

"Sorry, and Sam" He laughed.

"it was amazing" they all said.

"um one question, Niall why did you carried Samantha and put her on her chair?" Thomas said. "because she's my girlfriend and i can" Niall laughed. we all laughed.

"were's the album?" Catherine said. "here" Niall said giving her the cd.

"this is nice" Liam said. "yeah no fights" Harry smiled. "Niall and Samantha, remember on your date yesterday?" Catherine said. "yeah?" i asked. "There was a paparazzi taking a video of you guys"

"what!" Niall yelled.

"but there's no bad part, it was beautiful and Niall Horan you are very romantic" Thomas said. "he is right?" Liam laughed. "how did the date go?" Louis asked. "good"  i smiled. "that necklace though" Zayn said. "the queens" i sassed. "beautiful" Harry said. "okay um Samantha here" Thomas said on his seat handing me a envelope. "what is that?" i asked. "just look at it come here"

Shit i have to stand up again..fuck.

I looked at Niall. "um i'll take it for her" Niall said getting up. "no i want her to take it" Thomas said. "i have to pee" louis said leaving.

"please take it" Thomas said. "come here and give it to me" i said. "no you have to get up. and take it from me" Thomas said.

"Why?" i asked. "because its the rule, i give it to you by this seat"

dammit. "fuck" i whispered. i jumped on the ground and crawled to Thomas. "what is wrong with you?" Catherine said. I looked at Niall and they were all laughing.Liam, Harry, Zayn and my boyfriend.

"i got hurt on my legs so i cant walk" i said. "oh my god i get it! you had sex this morning'' Thomas laughed. "oh god Niall!" Thomas laughed and high fived him.

 Catherine laughed and fell on the ground. "can you not" i laughed. Niall took me and put me in his lap. "you guys are so horny'' Thomas laughed.  I blushed into Niall's chest. "did you put some medicine on it?" Catherine asked. "fuck yall" i wined.

Louis came and everything went serious. "why are you guys laughing?" Louis asked. "um.." Liam said. "i fell down and hit niall's head" i said. "oh not that funny but okay" Louis laughed.

"okay you guys can leave except for the couple"

I guess that's Niall and me.

 They left and Niall was still with me.

"you guys are the second most hottest couple according to the media, and first is david and victoria beckam" Catherine said.

"okay?" i asked. "so i want you guys to be first"  Thomas said. "how?!" i yelled.

"by going to a sport game"

"which game?" Niall asked. "what's your favorite sport?" Thomas asked. "um..basket ball and hockey" i said. "my foster parents were canadian so i have hockey spirit in me" i smiled. "ive never went to a hockey game before, i wanna try it out" Niall said. "good! hockey game after all!" Catherine said. "when's the next game?" NIall asked.

"next week at Boston, its boston against Habs" i smiled. "wow alot of smartness" Thomas said. "on that game, i will make sure that there is a lot of paparazzis and you guys be cuddly and all, kiss or whatever you do, but no sex" Thomas ordered.

"especially the sex part..no sex okay" Catherine said."we get it!" i yelled.

"and Niall at the middle of the game, go to the food place and buy food. and a teddy bear. and we'll give you a gift to give Sam, and sam when niall gives it to you, act suprised and cute" Cath said.

"What gift?" Niall and I said. "a teddy bear"

I awed and we left.

Niall took me again..

 "wow" Niall said. "well atleast we didnt kill each other in this meeting" i said. "i know oh god!" niall laughed.

"can you actually not walk?" Niall asked me. "yes i can't and its all your fault dumbass!" i yelled. "sorry baby" he kissed my nose. I smiled and saw a flash infront of me. "its paparazzi" Niall whispered. "who cares kiss me, let them take pictures of us kiss and then people will know how much we love each other" I said.

Niall smirked and i bit my lip, we kissed and heard whisling from outside the car. My door opened and someone pulled me out. "NIALL" i yelled. a paparazzo pulled me! what the fuck!

Niall jumped out of the car and put me in his car. He punched the paparazzi's neck. "NIALL" i yelled and stopped him. "fuck you!" Niall yelled. "GOING TO SUE YOU" Niall yelled and took the paparazzo's id.

We went in the car and we drove home. "sorry" Niall yelled. "don't be babe" i said.

"i love you..so much and i will take care of you all the time" Niall said.

I can walk now. yay.

We went home and we sat on a sofa. "kiss me" i smiled. He kissed me and we went online.

"lets check twitter" Niall said.  i opened my account and i got verified. wow! "damn im verified!"  i yelled. "look what's trending!" i yelled.


"how cute" i laughed. i saw a bunch of pictures of Niall and me and another trend.


Niall and i cuddled and kissed.


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