drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


60. chapter 60

Sams POV

"fuck you nigga sit down" I yelled. "wow" Jessica whispered then Louis came. "bitch sit beside her" I yelled. "why?" he asked.

"did you guys use a condom?" I asked. "what" Louis said. "i'm not fucking dumb, did you" I asked. "what do you mean!" Jessica yelled. "please just answer me" I yelled. "Yes.." Louis whispered. "good" I smiled and got up. "i'm sorry that I didn't tell you that Louis and me had um,,sex" Jessica whispered. "Yeah okay I don't care" I smiled. "really?" Lou asked. "Yeah I mean i'm dating Louis' best friend and you Jessica are dating my brother so I don't give fuck" I smiled. "wow sis thanks" Louis said. "yeah okay whatever but since when are you guys dating?" I asked. "since 5 months"

I choked. "you've been keeping it a secret from the media and us for 5 months!" I yelled. "Yeah.." Louis said.  "oh well, I wasn't in America so I don't care ahaha" I smiled. We talked and talked until I opened the tv. "lets watch America news" I smiled. "okay" Niall said, I switched it into American news and there was a fire,

"Aw poor them" I said. Then the news started talking about.. Vanessa..

"oh god" I whispered.

"the police have found finger prints of the murderer and its a man named Jacob Brown, Jacob poisoned Vanessa.   there was a gun shot on a sofa behind the victim Vanessa. Someone else tried killing Vanessa but failed so if you have any information please call the police"

"wait what" I said. "we didn't kill her!" Louis yelled. "yeah I see that but oh my god someone else did it" Jessica whispered. "still not safe to go back" Niall said. "Why not?" I asked. "Because that is our gun shot there's probably a camera that recorded us" Niall said.

"damn mate you're smart as fuck" Liam said. "I agree!" I smiled and hugged Niall.

"when do you think we can go back?" Zayn asked. "when they find this Jacob Brown kid" I said. "right" Jessica said.

"did you guys check on Vanessa's boyfriend and parents?" Harry asked. "Chris is still upset but her parents, well they left her alone when she was 11" I said. "then who took care of her after that?" Liam asked. "I don't know actually, let's invite Chris" I said. "yeah we should, I mean his girlfriend died and he's alone right now" Harry said. "you're to nice" I laughed. I took my phone and called Chris. "Hey wanna come over?" I asked. He said yes and hung up

"he's coming over, guys be nice, Jessica order pizza, and boys go out with Chris after an hour, make sure he has fun" I said. they all did what I said and the room was better. "Chris is gonna sit beside me?" I said. "Why" Niall said. "because he's going to probably cry so I want to be beside him" I said. "why can't Liam or Harry or Daniel or anyone sit beside him?" Niall asked.

damn his jealousy is so annoying but cuteee.

"mate come on!" Zayn asked. "bitch you're jealous" Liam laughed. "I am not!" Niall yelled. "yes you are" I winked and kissed his cheek. "please don't kiss infront of us" Zayn said.

Then I got a knock.
I opened and its chris. "hey chris" I smiled, he's still crying. "come sit anywere" I smiled. "you don't know how upset I've been guys" Chris said. "I'm sorry hunn" I said hugging him. "remember when you told me that Vanessa's parents left her when she was 11,, who took care of her?" I asked, "me, I'm dating her since I was 11, my dad let her stay with us" I said. Oh my god. "you've been dating her for 13 years?" Jessica asked. "Yeah I was going to propose when she was going to come back from America, but guess what she isn't coming back" Chris cried. I put him into my shoulder and I started to cry.

They've been dating for 13 years! Chris is 24 and so is Vanessa. wow.

I can see that the boys look sad. "look man we're trying to make this the best night for you" Louis said. "It will be the best night ever" Niall winked. "i'll try" Chris said. "its a boys day out" I smiled. "can I come?" Daniel asked. "nope" Louis and Niall said. haha.

"aw" Daniel said. "its okay, you have Jessica and me!" I smiled. "ew" he laughed. I hit his head and kissed his cheek.

"Let's go out now" Harry said. "yeah go, be safe" I safe.

I kissed Niall good bye and they left.

"Were are they even going?" Jessica asked. "I don't even know" I laughed.



"Were are we going?" I asked. " the club" Liam said. "really?" I asked. "Yeah man!"

"I don't think I can handle this" I said. "its fun! we're gonna drink" Zayn said. "fine" I smiled faklly.

-4 hours later-

I am still not having fun at this club, I keep on seeing couples in front of me and I just can't see them. The boys are wasted and I don't want to leave them here.

"guys lets go" I told them. "but Vanessa" Louis said, drunk.

"I still love her bro, I don't want to be here" I said. "she died?" Niall asked. I nodded and cried again. These boys are drunks and making mme cry. I pushed all the boys in the car and drove at Sam's house.




I heard a knock at the door. "they're back!" I yelled. I opened and saw the boys wasted. "what thee fuck" I whispered. "Sorry Samantha" Chris said.

"wait you didn't have fun and they did?" I asked. "im happy that they had fun" chris said. Chris hugged me good bye and left. I threw the boys on there bed and felt like punching them.


"let's talk to them tomorrow" Jessica said. "vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I heard. I checked the boys and Liam was whispering her name. "fuck you man" I yelled.

we went to sleep and I was thinking of how much im gnna kill these boys


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