drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


58. chapter 58


I am honestly really scared, I have not done anything but im scared. We landed in Africa and we took a taxi to my old apartment. "Damn its so hot here" Liam said. "get used to it" I smirked.

"sass" Liam whispered. I playli hit his arm and we arrived at my apartment. "wow" Louis said. "this is were you lived?" Harry asked. "yeah." I smiled. "smells like fucking weed in this shit" Jessica said. "sorry, I smoked some for fun before leaving" I laughed. "dang man" Zayn said. "Without me?!" He yelled. "Sorry" I smirked. "im not addicted to drugs anymore, I was but not anymore!" I said. "same here bitch" she said clapping my hand. "guys?" the boys asked. "yeah?" I said. "what time is it?" they asked. "right now in Africa it is 5 am and in America it is 12 pm.

They all nodded and unpacked there stuff.

"there is 3 rooms in this apartment and the living room, so who wants the rooms?" I asked. "Louis and Daniel can sleep together" I said. "that sounds nasty but I get you" Daniel laughed. "Im sleeping with Samantha!" Niall yelled. "of course u are" I smirked. "Wait I thought we were sleeping together" Jessica said. "um" I said. "don't worry ahah I was kidding"  she looked upset. "sorry boo" I smiled. "its okay hunn" she smiled.

"oh by the way the biggest room has 4 beds so" I said. "okay we'd take that" Liam, Harry and Zayn said. "i'll take the last room available" Jessica smiled. "okay!" I smiled. They all went to there room and I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and it was Chris!

"what are you doing back here!" Chris yelled and hugged me. "I um wanted to bring my friends here for a vacation''  I smiled. "oh" he said. "what's wrong?" I asked, I knew he cried before coming here. "My girlfriend" he started. Niall looked at me and came near us. "what happened to Vanessa!?" I yelled and knew what happened. "she died!" he cried into my shoulder. "oh my god Chris" I said tapping his back and glared at Niall. "Um, i'm sorry that she died" Niall said. "oh my god you're Niall Horan" Chris said. "yeah I am man, I'm sorry about the news" Niall said.

Niall hugged Chris and I can see that Niall felt bad. "i'm sorry about your son tho" Chris said. "oh" Niall said. I think he just remembered. "Yeah I miss him" Niall smiled.

A few minutes later, Chris left.

I went to the kitchen and started cooking, Jessica joined me. "im really scared" Jessica whispered. "same boo" I shaked a little. "what are you cooking?" Jessica asked. "mac and cheese" I said. We cooked and when it was done I asked Daniel to fix the table so that we can eat.

The boys sat and Jess and I did too. We were eating and it was quiet.

"Louis your a fucking idiot" Harry said. "hey no swearing on the table!" I yelled. "Sorry" harry murmured. "im sorry okay" Louis said. "so you guys killed that Vanessa chick?" Daniel asked. "Yeah.." Niall whispered. "wait are the police at our house?" Niall asked. "let me check" i took my computer and opened it. "What are you doin" Louis asked. "i put on cameras at home before leaving" I smiled. I went on the app which we can see what is happening home, and the police were there. "theyre home!" I yelled. everyone surrounded me and looked at the screen.


"they're checking our shoes! what the hell" Niall yelled. "oh my god look there's my shoes!" I yelled. "wait" Jessica said. "Yeah?" I asked.

"Were's the gun"


Hey guys! how are u guys doing? how's school doing? is it painful?yeah I know:(

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