drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


57. chapter 57

Sam's POV

"we have to tell management" Louis said, "why?" I yelled. "because they will get worried! and we have to tell Liam, Harry and Zayn" Niall added. "fine tell them everything" I said, they nodded and called for a meeting.

Louis took his phone and started talking to his management.

when he hung up he told us to go to the meeting now!

We all went in Louis car and he drove us to a building. It was beautiful damn.

"the meeting is on floor number 14" Louis said. We went up and sat in the office. Liam, Zayn and Harry were already there.

"guys" Niall whispered. "I don't even know why we're here" Liam said. "I didn't do anything this time I promise" Harry said. "we know" Jessica said. "wait hey Sam!" Liam yelled. We hugged and I sat between Liam and Zayn. "why aren't u sitting between Lou and Ni?" Harry asked. "because they're idiots" I yelled. Then a bunch of people came in the office.

"first of all I don't even know why we're having this meeting" Paul said. "because these idiots are idiots" I whispered.

"Louis told us that they needed an emergency meeting" a man named Dave said. "yeah um" Niall said. "wait who is that?" Dave pointed at Jessica. "that is my best friend" I yelled. "sorry" dave stood up. "sit down" I ordered. "just because your Niall's girlfriend and Louis' brother doesn't mean you can boss him around Samantha" A women named Bolly said. "shut up" Niall said. "sorry" she whispered. "you should be" Liam said. "okay! tell us why we're here!" Zayn yelled. "i'll start" Louis said getting up. "we have um" Louis started. "no let me speak" I got up.

"the boys need a time off so I said why not go to Africa?" I started. "and they need a brake, these boys have been around paparazzi 24/7 so they need brake man" I said. "why? they're already on break, all they're doing right now to record music" Dave said. "yeah what if they record in Africa?" I asked. "I guess that's going to be okay" Paul said. "no! its going to be hard! we can't make a recording studio in Africa!" Dave said. "what If they just to a acoustic album?" Jessica asked. "Damn that's smart as fuck" I said. "yeah what if we do an acoustic album? a lot of fans have been asking for it so why don't we do it?" Louis asked.

"do you guys think we have to come?" Dave asked. "YOU don't have to go to Africa, only the boys will" I said. "I guess so" Bolly said. "Yeah its good" Dave said. "really?!" Louis yelled. "yeah, but when do u want to leave?" Paul asked. "tonight' Niall and Louis said. I can see that Liam harry and Zayn are confused.

-45 minutes later-

We left the office and went to a restaurant. "okay what the fuck was that" Zayn yelled. "okay look" Louis whispered. "we have accendtly don't something with the police" Niall whispered. Niall, Louis and Jessica told them what happened. Liam, Harry and Zayn were mad. "do you not think i'm angry?" I yelled. "they killed my friend's girlfriend!" I whispered. "pack your shit, we're going to Africa tonight!" I yelled. We all moved and everyone went home and started packing up, "Im going to bring Daniel too" I said. and went to Louis's apartment. When I opened the door Daniel screamed and hugged me. "aw dan" I smiled. "we're going to Africa" I whispered into his ear. "we are!" he yelled. "Yes, now pack your shit" I then realised that I just came in America and have to go back to Africa. oh well. I love that country so i'll never get sick of it.

I went to Niall's house and put a camera at the door, in case anything happens, we'll have proof.

"i'm actually scared Niall" I whispered when he was packing. "don't be babe, we'll be safe and I love you and" he said. "and?" I asked. "were's your promise ring?" he asked. "oh its in my box, jacket" I took my jacket and showed him the promise ring. "im gonna tell you new promises" Niall said. "okay" I laughed.

"I promise you I will be there for you all the time, I promise I will love you all the time, I promise I will give u love when we are alone and I promise we will have fun there" Niall said, I smiled and kissed him. "I love you Samantha" Niall said. "I love you" I whispered into his ear.

"let's go" He said. We went in our car and picked up the boys and Jessica.
I checked the time and it was 8 pm. Im fucking tired. I need a brake from travelling. We went to the airport and paparazzis were already there.

They took pictures and at 12 am we went to our plane. "I missed you" Niall whispered. "me too" I smiled. I sat beside Niall,

Daniel and Liam together.

Harry and Zayn together.

Jessica with Louis.

there was people in the plane, but they were all adults so they didn't notice the boys.. thank god..


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