drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


56. chapter 56


I arrived at the airport and everyone looked so nice and beautiful. I took a taxi and went to Jessica's apartment first. I knocked at the door and she opened it. "What the!" she yelled and hugged me. "oh my god!" she screamed and kissed my cheek. "well" I laughed, then she slapped me. "fuck you for leaving me! I felt like a loner cuz my best friend wasn't with me" she yelled and hugged me again. "you have changed a lot" she said. "I have?" I laughed. "Yeah you got hot, you're tan, you're body is fab, your hair, and you're face holy shit, its like a model"" She yelled. "thank babe" I laughed. She pulled me into her car and pushed me in. "What the fuck? were are we going!" I yelled. "we are going to Niall's, do you know how much he has missed you? one direction is quiet! check Niall and Louis' twitter!" she yelled. "I don't have a phone anymore so I don't know" I smiled.

She handed me her iphone and I checked Niall and Louis tweets and they didn't tweet for 3 months!

"holy shit" I whispered. Jessica was driving and I felt unsafe. "DRIVE SLOWLY"i yelled. "calm down girl im not you, im not going to get into an accident" she said. "im sorry, ive been so scared since the accident and more since Conor died and I just feel unsafe" I said. "don't worry babe, you'll be safe here" she smiled. I smiled and then we arrived at Niall's house..

"can we surprise him?" I asked. "I was planning on doing that!" she laughed. We laughed and then we planned our little surprise.

"I'll knock at the door and then he'll open it and then you go inside the house from the back door and go to his room" Jessica said.

She went to the door and knocked, Niall opened it and oh my god I missed him, he looks so tired. I went in the backyard and then went into the backdoor. I tip-toed to Niall's room and layed on his bed. I heard the door close and hear Niall's foot steps coming to the room.

He opened the door of his room and opened his mouth. I think he's in shock. "Sam?" he yelled. He came towards me and hugged me. He kissed me roughly and I think we all know what happened after, we didn't say a word, all we did was sex.

After finishing our little fun, we layed down on bed and talked. We were naked and covered ourself with a blanket.

"I have to tell you something" Niall whispered. "What?" I asked. "please don't get mad" he said first. "I wont promise" I smiled. "Louis,and I accendtly killed a" he said. "you killed someone?!" I whispered. "not only me! Louis did too! and Jessica!" he yelled. "what the fuck! how can you kill someone?" I yelled. "shh! and it was an accident! we were drunk and Jessica found a gun and we um killed the person" Niall whispered.

"fucking shit, how did the police not found out yet?" I asked.

"it happened in a bathroom and we still have the gun and we don't know what to do with it cuz fingerprints are on it" He said. "oh my god! what's the person's name" I asked. "Vanessa" Niall said. "she came here for a vacation" Niall said. ''what the fuck" I said.

Is he talking about Chris's girlfriend? cuz Chris told me that his girlfriend Vanessa here. "do you have a picture" I said. "yeah, I took a picture of her dead tho" he said. "show me"i ordered he took his phone and showed me the picture Vanessa.

"oh my god" I whispered. That's Chris's girl.

I got mad and got up, "fuck" I yelled. I then noticed  that I was still naked. "fuck!" I yelled again.

"you still look hot naked" he winked. "niall that's not funny" I yelled. "You just killed my friend's girlfriend" I yelled. "what?" he asked. "my friend Chris in the place I was at, his girlfriend is Vanessa!" I yelled. "oh" he whispered. "ugh im so mad at you guys right now!" I yelled. "I feel like" I yelled. "feel like what?" Niall asked. "I FEEL LIKE CALLING CHRIS AND TELL HIM IM SORRY" I yelled. "and punching you guys" I added. "Fine punch me" Niall smirked. "im not gonna punch you" I yelled. "punch me babe, let it out" Niall said. "fuck off" I yelled. I took Niall's shirt and wore it. I took Niall's phone and called Jessica. "Fuck you and come over now" I yelled into the phone, she was going to say something but I hung up. I then called Louis. "Louis?" I asked. "Jessica?oh my god you're back" Louis yelled. "fuck off come here right away" I yelled. "Lou and Jess are coming,wear something" I ordered. He got up and went to his closet.

"is sweatpants and shirtless okay?" He asked. "whatever" I smirked. "you like my abs right?" Niall smirked. "maybe" I smiled. wait sam! don't smile, your best friends killed someone!

I went to the living room were my clothes were and wore my shorts and my over sized tshirt that said 'Africa'

I love Africa, its beautiful and people are sweet. I put my hair into a pony tail and saw Niall. "did you see me change?" I asked. "yep" he laughed. "don't get mad tho! ive seen you naked like a million times" Niall smirked. "not a million" I smiled. "Fine then a billion" he laughed. "I missed your laugh" I said. "I missed your voice, your body, your face, and talking about face, you have changed babe!" Niall laughed. "change as a good change or a bad change?" I asked. "Sexy change" he laughed. "wow" I smiled. "I mean you're tan now, you're body is like Victoria secret and you're face is sexy as fuck, especially your cheeks" Niall smiled.

"thanks Nialler." then the bell rang.I opened it and saw Jessica and Louis.

"Samantha!" Louis yelled and hugged me. "yeah yeah you missed me" I yelled. I pushed all 2 of them on the sofa and stood infront of them ."why is she angry?" Louis whispered at Niall. "I told her about Vanessa" Niall whispered. "you know I can hear you" I yelled and threw a pillow on Louis.

"sorry sorry!" Louis laughed. "LOUIS STOP LAUGHING!" I yelled. "you 3 killed an innocent girl!" I yelled. "sam, we feel bad too you know" Jessica said. "were the fuck is the gun" I yelled. "under the couch" Niall wined. I looked under it and saw the gun. Oh my god. It was so heavy. "Who killed her?" I asked. "us" they all said. "NO ONLY PERSON KILLED HER SO WHO DID IT"  I yelled. "we all did! we were fighting for the gun so we all accendtly killed her"

I smacked my head into the wall and Jessica started laughing.

"the police are going to know" I said. "how is that?" Niall said in his irish accent. damn.

"when did you kill her?" I asked. "like 2 week ago" Jessica said. "what day of the week?" I asked. "Thursday"

"The police are coming over tomorrow morning at 11 am" I said. "What the fuck? how do you know?" Louis asked. "trust me Lou, before I met you guys the ppolice came over a couple of times" I laughed. "wow" Niall said. "its true" Jessica smiled.

"then what do we do?" Jessica asked. "we have to leave this place" I said. "why?" Louis asked. "or else they will keep on asking you damn questions and ask your fans questions and fuck you guys up so that you can say the truth, now pack your shit up now!" I yelled. "were are we gonna live?" they asked. "Africa!" I laughed. "your shirt? seriously?" Jessica said. "yes Jessica seriously, that's were I lived" I smiled. "really?" Jessica asked. "Yes Jessica" I wined. "wow" Niall said. "so pack your shit and we are going to live in my apartment, and you aren't allowed to get out of the apartment" I said. "whyyy!" Louis wined. "because! PEOPLE CAN TAKE PICTURES OF YOU!" I yelled. "stop asking me questions and lets go" I yelled. They all got up and ran to pack up.

I feel like a boss right now. ahahah.


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