drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


54. chapter 54

Niall's pov

i invited everyone over at my house, and we opened the letter. There was 500$ in it and a letter. We red the letter and we were all in tears. Samantha cant leave us! The 500$ was for Daniel's college. Jessica was devastated and i was broken, i smelt the paper and it smelt like Samantha and smoke. There was dry tears on the paper. Sam's tears.

I cried and Liam patted my back. I looked at Louis and his head was on the table, Daniel was crying and just everyone was crying! I wanted to go look for her but she was probably already gone. I tried calling her but it said that she changed her number.
I am broken.

--3 months have passed--

Today is one direction's first interview after Samantha leaving.

We will be singing and doing an interview. I wore black and the boys too. "stay strong" Paul said patting my back, we started getting in the show by singing "midnight memories" I tried not crying but there was tears still coming.

When we were done singing, the interviewer; jimmy fallon.

gave me tissues.

"what's up boys" he yelled. "hellooo!" Harry and Zayn yelled.

"why is one direction so quiet right now" Jimmy asked. "we have lost someone" Louis said. "i heard, im sorry about the baby" Jimmy said. "Niall was the father right?" Jimmy asked. "Louis and the mother are sibling right" Jimmy said. "yeah and yeah" I said. "is it true you two broke up" He asked. "no" i said. "she came back the next morning" i fake smiled. "the media haven't seen Sam for a long time tho" jimmy said.

"she is in vacation" i smiled. "hope shes doing alright" Jimmy said.

We talked and talked and sang again and an hour after we went back home.

Its so boring without Samantha.


i live with alone in Africa in my beautiful apartment and i watched the boys online. They look so good. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that my hair is turning brown and gray. Im usually blond but my hair is getting worse. My face was tanned and i look like shit. A drug person.

I want to talk to niall. I miss him so much.

I want to know if he had been seeing anyone lately. I opened Skype and saw that Niall was online.

I called him and he opened it. "hi" i smiled. "oh my god" Niall said. "who are you" Niall yelled. "Samantha!" i cried. my own boyfriend don't know me! "how are oh my god" Niall yelled. "LOUIS" Niall yelled and i saw Louis run. "Samantha?" he yelled. "hey" i cried. "How are you two?" i asked. "not good" Niall said. "were are you?" Louis asked. "im in a place" i said. "niall did you find anyone?" i asked. "no and i don't want to" Niall said. "you have too! please!" i yelled. "Louis? how's Daniel" i asked. "he's in a school trip to Rome" Louis said. "is he happy?" i asked. "no, we're not happy" Louis said. "none of us are" Niall added. "you look horrible" Louis said. "thanks" i cried. "its not a good thing, look at you, those drugs are killing you. you're gonna die sam!" Louis yelled. and then i heard Jessica. "WHAT THE HELL I HEARD SAM" I saw Jessica run towards the webcam and showed me the middle finger. "hi to you too Jess" i laughed and cried.

"fuck you! YOU ARE KILLING ME. I AM SO SICK RIGHT NOW" she yelled. "why is she in your house Niall" i asked. "she's crying every night" Niall said. "cuz of you motherfucker!" Jessica yelled.

"im sorry" i cried. "you look like shit fuck" Jessica cried. "i miss you Samantha" Jessica cried. "you're beautiful" i smiled. "fuck off" she yelled. "are you single?" i asked. "yes and i'll stay single until you come back" she said. i punched myself and it was quiet. "what time is it America?" i asked. "its 9 pm, you?" they asked. "its the morning" i said. I heard a knock at the door "ill be back" i said. i opened the door and saw my neighbor giving me food. "thank you mrs grand" i smiled. "You didn't have too" i said. "oh honey, its okay!" she smiled giving me a hug.

She left and i went back to my laptop. "who was that" Niall asked. "My neighbor she gave me food" i laughed. "We always give each other food" i smiled. "you're still nice" Louis said. "Yeah" i said. "some drug addicts aren't nice' Louis said.

Drug addict hurt me. "that hurt" i said. "imagine mom and dad. theyre looking at you from Heaven knowing that you are doing this shit" Louis said. Then a knock at the door again.

 "now whose that" Niall said. I opened the door and it was my drug dealer. "its goinna be 120" he said handing me a bag of weed and cocaine. "thank you" i smiled and gave him the money. "who are u talking to sam?" i heard Louis. "Whose that?" my drug dealer said. "Family" i smiled. "i want to see!" he yelled and looked at my laptop. "who are you" Niall yelled. "i'm Chris, i give Samantha stuff" He said. "you're one direction!" he yelled. "yes chris, that's one direction! bye now!" he laughed and left.

"A drug dealer right" Jessica said. "noooo" i lied. "fuck" Niall whispered. "I regret calling you guys" i said. "fucking shit" Niall yelled getting up. "ITS ALL MY FAULT" Niall yelled. "I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED YOU" Niall yelled. "niall!" i screamed. "go look for a girlfriend" i yelled. "fuck no" he said. "or else she's gonna leave me too" Niall said. I cried. "good bye" i said. "fuck life" i said hanging up and signing out of Skype.


i don't know if Samantha should go back to America? should she? should she die? idk :$

comment ur ideas!

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