drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


53. chapter 53


I woke up beside Chad. i went to the kitchen to look for food and opened the fridge.


sam, no! no drugs!

I saw ecstasy. I took a pill and it made me happy. ALOT.

I heard Chad come in the kitchen and i was giggly and danced around. "why are you dancing?" he smirked. "i don't know!" i laughed and hugged him. "hey take this" i told him giving him a pill. "is this ecstasy?" he asked. "Yeees!" i laughed. he took it and was smiling. We kissed and i went back to Niall's. to take my stuff. I knocked at the door and Niall opened. "hey" i smiled. still happy.

This drug is really making me happy. "hey" he said. i kept laughing. "Stop laughing! are you on drugs!" he said shaking me. "maybeeee!" i winked. "OH MY GOD SAM!" NIall yelled. He lpushed me inside of the house and showed me a magazine. "what" i yelled. "it says we broke up" Niall yelled. "aren't we?" i laughed. "i" he stopped. He was upset.

 "you never helped me with Conor, you were always busy going out. Even when before Conor"

i noticed he was crying. "Chad was the only one that helped me with Conor" i added.

"sam i love you please" Niall cried. "im sorry" . I wanted to go back outside but it hurt me to see Niall hurt.

 I went to Nialls room and took my stuff and started to cry. I am not crying because im single. im crying because i cheated on Niall, i am on drugs again, i am the worse person ever.

I went back in the living room and saw Niall crying. "please" Niall said getting up. "good bye Niall" i cried. "IM SORRY" Niall yelled. "STOP!" i cried and left. I want to go and live somewere far. I am back on drugs. i don't want to ruin Daniel, Louis and Niall.

I went to starbucks and wrote a letter:



Dear Boys and JESSICA,

I am leaving, i am leaving for you. I am back on drugs and i don't want to ruin your life. I'll fix myself and try coming back. The bad things are calling me and i love them. It has helped me thru every thing. I love it so much, and it hurts because i love it. I love you guys so much and please promise me you wont come and look for me. PLEASE don't look for me. Its not worth it. Im not changing my mind. plus im leaving the country so you wont be able to find me. Niall, i hope you find someone you love. Please forget about me and look for the right girl, and not a girl like me. I am the worst. Louis and Daniel forget about me too. You never had a sister and Louis take care of Daniel please. Make him a doctor, make him happy. Jessica; i love you so much and im happy that your happy. find a man that will make you happy. Liam, Harry and Zayn; thank you for helping me thru everything. You were there for me all the time. You were all like my brothers.

good bye. i love you. x



I wrote the letter and went back to Niall's house. I knocked and he opened. "Samantha" he whispered. "Niall" i cried.  I gave him the letter. "don't open it until your with Jessica, Louis, Daniel, Liam, Harry and Zayn" i said. "why what is this" he said. "please" i said. I kissed his cheek and went back for a walk. "What is this!" he yelled. "you'll see!" i yelled and cried. I walked to Chad's house and told Chad that im not coming back, but he didn't listen to me because he was high.

I went to the airport and bought tickets to Africa. A good place in Africa.

I went into the plane and sat there. Crying again.

I am leaving my family.

its the only thing to make them happy. And not get stress.


ohmygod look Samantha is moving to Africa. I don't know if i should be happy or sad.

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love u guys

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