drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


52. chapter 52


1 week since conor passed.


This guy came beside me, "hey can I buy you a drink?"

"im already drinking but k" I smiled. I wanted another drink.

"another drink for this beautiful lady" the boy told the bar attendant. "she already had 5 glass" he said. "fine then give her water" the man gave me a water bottle and made me cry even more.

I looked at the magazine infront of me and there was Niall, me and Conor with the headline 'baby dead"

"what's wrong?" the boy beside me asked. "my son died" I cried. "aw love come here!" he yelled and hugged me, I cried into his shoulder and I felt him touch my ass. He kissed me and i pushed him. "i don't want to kiss anyone" i yelled. "please baby" he grabbed me and kissed me again. "leave me alone!" i yelled and ran away. He grabbed me and bought me to the bathroom. "STOP" i yelled. He started undressing me and i slapped him. "you just slapped me!" he yelled. "punishment" he smirked. ''fuck off" i cried. A different man came and punched the shit out of this pervert, wait this is Chad.

"DONT TOUCH HER" Chad yelled. "chad" i smiled and hugged him.

"Look can i talk to you" chad said, we went outside of the bar. "i am sorry" Chad said. "what for?" "for having sex with you, i feel so bad. plus i gave u drugs" he said with a sad face.

"don't be, i enjoyed it and i enjoyed the drugs" i laughed and wiped away my tears. "im also sorry on Conor" He said. "everybody is" i cried. "lets go dance" i smiled, we went on the dance floor and danced. I drank a lot of drinks and danced with Chad.



Samantha was so drunk, she was a mess. Her hair was sticky. She was grinding on me and i was trying so close on not kissing her.

She has a boyfriend and she had a son. I don't wanna do anything more stupid. "sam" i whispered. "Yes baby" she smiled. "i'm driving you home" I took her hand and wanted to kiss her so bad. Ive had a crush on her for SUCH a long time and i wanted her to be my girlfriend since forever. I was planning on asking her out on our graduation day but she wasn't at school.

In the car i asked her something. "hey sam do you like me?" i asked.

"of course i do silly, since forever, school days" she giggled. "ive always wanted to fuck you and finally did baby" she laughed. "oh my god" she cried. "what" i said. "I'M HORNY AGAIN!" She cried. "oh no what are you going to do" i said with sarcasm. "i don't know probably finger myself" she laughed. "wow" i laughed. We arrived at her house and i knocked at the door and a hot girl opened the door. "hello you" this girl smirked, she was wearing a dress. "who are you" Samantha yelled. Then Niall came in the background. "oh hi Sam" Niall said looking at Samantha.

"Oh and hey Chad" NIall added. "who is that" Sam yelled. "a girl that i fucked, why" Niall smiled.

"YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME". Samantha cried. "didn't you cheat on me with this dick" Niall said pointing at me. "and she's not my girlfriend she's my friend's girlfriend" Niall said pointing at his friend in the background.

"i" Samantha cried. "I didn't mean too!" Samantha yelled.  I turned around and saw paparazzis. "sam theres paps behind be careful" i whispered. "good" she whispered. "YOU KNOW WHAT NIALL" she yelled on purpose so that the papps can hear her.

"WE'RE FUCKING OVER. GOOD BYE. DONT TALK TO ME AGAIN. FOREVER FUCK YOU" She yelled and cried and ran to my car. "Look what you did" i said at Niall. His face was red. "sam" Niall yelled.

"SAMANTHA!" Niall yelled. i went in the car and drove to MY house.

She was crying. "Why me!" she yelled. I smiled and realised that she is now single.

wait. no. don't smile! im the reason they broke up! fuck!

"Sam im sorry" i said. "stop saying sorry" she said. "sorry" she looked at me and laughed.

We stopped at my place and she thanked me.

We stared at each other and smiled. She came close to me and we kissed. It lasted about 2 minutes and i am in love with her.

We went inside my house and i put her on my bed. "undress me" she smirked. "i" i said. "please" she smiled. I took off her top and she was not wearing a bra. Then i took off her leather leggings and she was only wearing thongs. I took off her thongs and i looked at her. "touch me" she smirked. "im horny" she laughed. "babe i" i said and she got up from my bed and grabbed me. She hugged me and then kissed me. I touched her breast and kissed her. "i massaged on her body and she liked it actually. She was smiling and giving me love.

After one hour i put her into my clothes. "cuddle with me" she smiled. We cuddled and fell asleep.


oh fuck. Niall and Sam broke up.

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