drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


5. chapter 5

Louis pov

"well im not! okay! tell Obama that ill be singing later! please!" I was so upset, I couldn't just go see Obama when my baby sister is in JAIL! I don't want to loose her! I want to find my little brother with her!

"Why?" Paul asked.

"I found my little sister, and she's in jail, I cant go see Barack Obama!" I said, I then noticed that I was crying.

"your not lying?" he asked. is he fucking serious?

"im not!" I yelled into the phone.

"ill talk to the president" he said.

The boys and me were outside of the police station on the stairs and I sat down on the stairs, I couldn't believe that I JUST found my sister and she's in jail.

"Louis, im sorry" Harry patted my back. "just leave please, im not in a mood for anything" I said. "Lou, we all love you, and we know how much you missed your little sister, and we want to stay with you" Liam said. Then a police man came.

"Louis Tomlinson?" He said. I got up from the stairs. "yes?" I said. "are you giving us cash or a cheque?" he said. "what if I give u  a check?" I said. "well its going to take her like 2 weeks to come out of jail" He said. "and cash?" I asked.

"5 days" he smiled. I smiled and the boys all took out there cash.

"boys boys, i'll pay! its my sister!" I  said. "mate, we love her and we want to help"  They all took out 200$ and I did too, so it was perfect to give the police man.

I signed contracts and went home.

we got a call from Paul again. "what paul?" I said. "Mr the president said it was okay for you guys to sing not this week, he said next month is okay" Paul said. I felt myself smile!

"oh and Jerome from the mannagent want to talk to you" he said. Oh shit. I hated this man,

"hi Tommo" he said. Oh fuck no. I aint his friend and he is not allowed to call me Tommo. "yes sir?" I said. "you boys HAVE to go to an interview tomorrow" he said. "the fuck? why?" I said. "mr Tomlinson, language!" he said. "sorry" I whispered.

Liam took the phone.

"look man we cant do an interview tomorrow, we are really busy this week" he said. Liam then put the phone on speaker. "Well YOU HAVE to okay. or else your career will go bad, they will talk about your life!" Jerome yelled. "fine"  I said, Niall and Zayn stared at me, "its okay" I said.

We agreed for the interview and I fell asleep.

---2 PM--

I was eating lunch and the boys were out at friend's house. And I was alone with Harry.

"well mate, im going to my friends house wanna come?" he asked "no im okay" I smiled. He left and I went to the police station to see my sister.

I went in the police station. "hi can I please see or talk to Samantha Tomlinson" I asked. "sure, but please be adivced that she is a dangerous person" The women told me. She showed me the way to see Sam and  I followed her.

"shes in this room" she opened the door and I went in and saw a girl with messy messy blonde hair, eyes were red and black. And clothes were orange with blood. And it was my little ssister Samatha.

"sam?" I said going near her.

"easy there mr celebrity, she can kill people" a security guard said laughing. I ignored him. I went near Sami and put her head up, Her chin was black. covered with dust. "Samantha" I said.  "Louis?" she said crying. "Louis, I don't like this place, its ruining me, I cant deal with it Louis, I really want to die now" she said. "wow man, how did you do it? when im near her she gets mad" The security said.

"shh" I told him. "Louis please help me" she said crying and getting up. "SIT DOWN!" the security said. She sat down again. "you will be out of jail in 5 days don't worry" I said hugging her. I then got a call from Niall. "dude, were are you? we are going in a interview" he said. "im coming" I said.

"I have to go Sam, I love you okay?" I said. "can she watch a tv show please?" I asked. "yeah, but its going to cost 50 dolars" ughhh money money money! "fine put on channel 5 at 6:00pm" I said. He agreed and I gave them the money.

I went to the interview and the interviewers name was 'goliat'

"Hello one direction!" Goliat said.

"hello" we all said.

"so boys, we have seen you guys go to the police station and we saw Louis crying over there, can we know what happened?" he said. Fuck.

"umm, Louis is going to answer that" Zayn said.

"well um, I have a little sister and I just found her" I said smiling. "aw! but what does it have to do with the police station?" he said. "Id rather not talk about it" I said.

"oh okay, so who has a girlfriend" Liam, me and Zayn put our hand up. "harry and Niall are you looking for anyone?" he asked. "I like a girl, and I know her a lot and she told me that she liked me, but I don't know if we are going to date" Niall said. He didn't tell me who it is."im not" Harry said.

And then blablabla talking talking happened.

-end of interview-

"aye Niall, whose the lucky girl?" I asked. "oh um, someone, I wont tell anyone right now, ill have to ask her if I can tell her name, and then ill tell you" he said. "um okay"

Sams POV

I was watching tv in my jail room. fuck. and Niall mentioned me. I told him that I liked him, and he told me too, well we told each other yesterday, Love just happens.

It was now 1 AM so the lights were off, everyone were asleep. I got up slowly from my bed and went outside of the room. I saw a cafeteria, I went in the caff and opened the fridge, and saw alcohol. My love.

I opened it and started drinking, I drank half, I took a bat from the ground that I found and hit a cop. I took his cell phone. Im not drunk. I dialled Nialls number, I remember his number by hard.

"Niall" I said. "sam is that you?" he whispered. "yeah" I laughed.  "what are you doing? your not allowed to be on the phone!" he whispered again. "nigga why are you whispering?" I said. "Everyone is asleep!" he said. "well, I saw you on TV and were you talking about me?" I asked. "Yeah aha" I can imagine him blushing. "Niall, we both had sex and you didn't ask me out yet!" I said. Yes we did have sex.

"SAM! We were both drunk, No one was also In the room, so" he said. "I know I know," I then heard noises


hi guys, sorry I cant continue, I have to go to sleep cuz school tmr:'(

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