drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


49. chapter 49


Niall and Conor are together at the little party and im on my way to Chad's house.  I'm only going there to watch movies with him!

I knocked and he was shirtless. i hugged him.

"I missed you" I whispered into his chest. He hugged me back. " he said, I sat on a chair, "Were's your son?" he asked. "he's with Niall" I said. We went inside and he gave me a cig, wait its weed. "oh my god I missed this!" I yelled.  He was already smoking it.


"I have something for you" he said. "What is it" I asked. He took my hand and bought me into his bed room. "close your eyes" he said. I closed my eyes.

"now open your eyes" I opened my eyes and he had a condom in his hand. "Chad"  I said. "I cant" I whispered. "please I know you want me" he said.

"No" I got up. He pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. "CHAD!" I yelled pushing him. "fuck"

"NOW FUCK ME" Chad yelled. "NO" I screamed, I do want to fuck Chad so baaad but I cant because I have a boyfriend! He ripped my clothes and put a rope on my arms, and tied it against the bed pole. Then to my legs. "CHAD THIS IS RAPE" I yelled.

He took his phone and called someone.

"hey I have a naked girl infront of me" He said. "want to come over?" he said into the phone. "k" he hung up.

"its Tyler" He said. "Tyler?" I asked."don't you remember?" he asked. "no" I yelled. he showed me a picture of this tyler. "oh yaaa!" I yelled. "But please chad no"" I said. "i'll pay you" chad said. "no I don't want money i'll just leave" I said. "no baby, you can't" he whispered in his sexy voice. "please Chad" I cried. "i'll give you drugs"

I didn't hear that word for a long time. I missed it.

"what kind?" I asked. "Cocaine" he said. I love cocaine it makes me fucking happy. "were is it?" I asked. He opened his drawer and showed me the cocaine.

I need this. I can smell the cocaine already. I adore cocaine.

"fi-ne" I stuttered. He smiled. Then the door rang. He opened the door and let Tyler in. "hey Sam" he smiled. "hi" I said shyly.

"what's the plan?" Tyler asked.

"you can fuck with her for a half hour and then i'll fuck with her" Chad said. He nodded.

I am now officialy scared.

This tyler kid didn't even talk to me, he fingered me, he hurt me, ABUSED me, and done a lot of shit to me.

This is not pleasure at all.
-half an hour later-

"my turn" Chad smirked.

Tyler left.

He kissed me and kissed me neck, he started sucking it. "don't make a love bite" I said. "okay" he smiled. His smell was so good, he thrusted in me and I started to bleed. "CHAD" I yelled.


"continue baby" he said. I wanted to move, but he tied me with a rope. "chad please" I started to cry. "FUCK" he yelled and squeezed my boob. "FUCK YOU" I yelled.

When he was done fucking me he untied me. I can't walk anymore.

I checked the time and it was 2 am. "I have to call my boyfriend" I said. "Don't tell him abous us" Chad said.

I called Niall and he was mad at me.

"YOU SCARED ME SO FUCKING MUCH. I ALMOST CALLED THE POLICE WERE ARE YOU" NIall yelled into the phone. "At a friend's" I said. "when are you going to be back?" he asked calming down. "at 9" I said. "seriously?" he yelled. "yeah, I can do it, why can't you" I asked. "its your job! your the mother'" Niall yelled. "and your the father fuckhead" I yelled and hung up.

"whats wrong babe?" he asked. "I hate my boyfriend" I said. "Aw baby" he smiled.

Now I really want to fuck Chad. "I want to fuck you again" I whispered. He smirked and I jumped on him. We kissed and I still couldn't walk. "you can come over whenever you want" chad whispered. I nodded. We fell on the bed and fell asleep.


8 am.

"hey Im supposed to give u the cocaine" Chad said waking me up. "oh ya" I laughed. He gave me the cocaine and I sniffed some. "oh my god I was so horny for them" I yelled. "you love that" he laughed. "thank you for the un usual amazin night" I smiled. "no prob,if you ever need me im here" he smiled. "thank you" I smirked. I wore my clothes and left. I drove home and went to see Conor first. "hey baby"  I smiled and kissed him.


hey guys! just a little message here.

its 2014 now. and happy new year.

heres the real message:

if u ever get raped call the police right away. Rape is a serious thing and don't make it as a joke. Its a pretty sad thing how a lot of people get raped these days.

now lets talk about sex; sex is something that you chose.

Have sex with someone that you actually love and adore. here's a little fact: yOU CAN GET PREGNANT by it. So before having sex, remind yourself that you can get pregnant, and if u do then will your boyfriend/girlfriend be supportive? will you be happy?

please be safe and happy new year babys!

hope 2014 goes well! :) ilysm


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