drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


48. chapter 48

sams pov

Its been 5 months since Conor was born, he's still really fragile.

The fans have been really supportive and they're amazing.  I thought i'd get hate but no, they've been helping me, alot of celebrity gossip websites have been saying alot of rumors about me but the fans have been fighting with those sites.

I've met Niall's family and they really like me! Thank god, we went to ireland last month.
We went to Ireland all together, Conor, Niall, Daniel and me. Louis didnt come because he already met Niall's parents, but I, Dan and Conor had to meet Niall's parents because we have never met them!

We came back from Ireland last week and Conor loves his grandparents. he kept on smiling with Bobby Horan. (the father of Niall).

Niall has NOT been helping me with Conor. Whenever conor cries at night for a diaper change or for food. I ALWAYS have to get up and change his diapers.  Niall is always out with his friends and i'm always home with the baby. We havent even went to a family trip yet!

Its freaking 9 pm and Niall is at the movies with his friends, AGAIN.

 I was feeding Conor but then i got a call from Niall.

"What the fuck you want" I yelled into the phone."Wow Sam are you okay?" He asked.

"i am not okay. You have been leaving me every day alone at night with Conor, bitch you havent even worked yet!" I yelled. "im sorry, i called to ask if we need any grocerys"

"why are you asking me? oh ya wait i know because i have to cook all the time" I yelled and hung up the phone.

I looked at Conor, and he was on my lap. He was staring at me. "what" i laughed at him and kissed his forehead.

"im sorry Conor" i smiled.

I wanted to invite Jessica over but she's at her grandparent's house. In Canada.  Daniel is having exams right now so i want him to study well, Louis is in England with his foster parents and i am here fucking ALONE.

Liam, Zayn and Harry are in England too.

I'll call Thomas.

By the way he's gay so he has NO feelings for me.

"Thomas lovely!" i yelled into the phone. "hey Sami! i miss you boo" He said into the phone.

"me too love, that's why i called you, can you come over?" i asked. "I'm sorry Sam but my parents are in town so i can't, next time maybe?" He asked. "okay sure" . Ugh im sad again. "listen sami, i have to go now, i'll text you" He then hung up .

"See Conor? i am such a loner" i laughed. Then the door opened. "Hi sam" its Niall. Conor started getting excited because whenever he see's his dad come in the house he just jumps around and screams. "Come to daddy" Niall said clapping his hand and taking Conor from me.  "you're so annoying" i wined. "why?" He asked. "you keep on going out, i'm sick of staying in a house for hours watching tv with the baby"

"sorry babe, if i don't go out the media is going to think that i have a problem" Niall said. "the media is your excuse now right?" I yelled and went to my room.

"Come on Samantha!" He yelled.  "Fuck off im going to sleep" i Yelled.

Niall is such an idiot. Okay, on our one year anniversary, we went to a restaurant then we came home and watched tv. Okay i don't care about our anniversary to be fucking honest.

But Niall is so annoying. Conor is much better.


Niall has still been a pain in the ass. He've never helped me yet. Faggot.

he's taking a nap and im here with Conor feeding him.  "hey Con lets go to the hospital we have an appointment" i said. His face was blank. "obviously you can't speak" i laughed. I took him and seated in him his car seat. While driving i got a call from someone. I looked for my phone in my purse while driving and found my phone.

Call from: Niall.

"hey" i said. "hi when you come back from the appointment can you buy a suit and tie for Conor" Niall asked. "sure but why?" i asked. "theres a father and son/daughter party and David Beckam is hosting the party with his son, and i want to go" He said. "is there any drinking?" i asked. "no! there's going to be kids there" he yelled. "okay good" i smiled. "fine i'll bring a suit and tie bye" i hung up the phone.

I parked my car and took Conor in my arms. "lets go big boy" i smiled.

I went in the hospital and told the secretary that i have an appointment and they told me to wait 5 minutes.

I was playing with Conor and a little girl came up to me. "hi are you Samantha?" she asked. "Yes i am, what's your name sweetie?" i asked. "i'm Ariel, i'm a big fan of One direction" she said. "really? how much do you love them" I asked. This girl is so cute, she looks 7 years old. "i love them alot!" she smiled. "you're a nice fan" i smiled. "can i play with Conor?" she asked. "Sure sweetpie" i said, a few minutes later a doctor called my name. "hey honey, i have to go, i'll see you next time i smiled" i said taking conor. She waved and i went in a hospital room.

Wow this doctor is handsome! "Hi im Chad" the doctor said. "Hello" i said nervously. "How's Conor doing?" he asked. "He's doing well, really well" i said. "does he get sick?" the doctor asked. "he was sick last month but he's fine now" I smiled. "are you single?" he asked. "um" i said. "no" i smiled.

"Are you happy?" he asked. "not really" i said. "why" he asked. "my boyfriend is not helping me with my baby" i said. "aw" he said. "do you remember me?" Chad asked, "um no?" i said. am i supposed to know him?

"we were in the same school in high school" He said. I'm still lost. "we had math class together every year" he said. "oh my god YES!" i remember! i used to have a crush on him!

"OH MY GOD!"  i yelled. "chad!" i squeeked. I hugged him. "heyy!" he laughed. "Oh my god!" i yelled. "how are you a doctor already? you're supposed to be 28 to be a doctor, you're 20 i said. "i'm a helper here" he said. "oh my god" i smiled and hugged him. "i missed you" i smiled.

"i missed you too babe" he smiled. "Are u allowed to talk like that?" i asked. He smirked. "nope" he winked. He came near me and kissed my nose. He put his hand in my underwear. "not here, not infront of my son" i smirked. "fine come over at my house tonight" he said. "k" he gave me his number and adress and i left, with a smile. I kissed him and bought the suit and tie for Conor.

i came home and gave Conor to Niall and went quickly to see Chad.


Samantha is a fucking whore. Lol shes a slut. LOL likes comment fave and FAN pleaseeeeeeeeeee ilyall

Shes a bitch though, I hate her, even thought im writing the story I have hates for characters too. I hate sam so much.

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