drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


45. chapter 45


"you ready" Niall said. I nodded. "okay" the doctor said. "when we say push, you have to push really hard okay" The doctor smiled. I shook my head. Im so nervous!

"push" I pushed and it was really easy. I felt the baby come out. "wow Samantha you're fast'' a doctor said. "I see the head" Niall said, he started crying. "Push again" I pushed harder and the doctor said half of the body was out. "ONE LAST TIME BABE" Niall said. He was still taking a video. I pushed and the baby came out. He is so beautiful. I took conor and I put him on my chest. He is so beautiful. "now everyone can come in" the doctor smiled. Liam, Harry,Louis, Zayn,Daniel and Jessica came. "OH MY GOD" Jessica whispered. "he Is so small" Daniel whispered. "no shit Dan" Louis whispered. "guys! no swearing" I whispered. we couldn't scream. "Niall hold the baby" I said. Niall held conor and he cried. "mini one directon" Jessica cried.

"we have to take the baby, we have to check on him" A doctor took conor from Niall. "what why" I yelled.

"he came early, and you were involved in a accident a few months ago" The doc said. "argh" I yelled.

-2 hours later-
My baby came back and Jessica held him. "I'm the god mother" Jessica cried. "he's so precious" Then his eyes opened. "Oh my god his eyes!" Liam yelled. "what color is it? I didn't even see his eyes yet!" I wined. He was sleeping for a long time! I want to see my baby's eyes.

"Its ocean blue" Harry said. I held Conor in my arms and his eyes were so beautiful. Ocean blue. "can I hold him now" Daniel yelled. Every one of the boys held Conor and Niall was just in love. "NIALL" I whispered loudly. "what" he shook his head. "You okay" I asked. "Yeah im just really happy" Niall smiled and kissed my hand.

"you guys can leave tomorrow" The doctor said. "we have to see how the first night goes for the baby" The doctor said. I smiled. "by the way visiting hours are finished '' the doctor added,  "aw" Everyone left except for Niall because he's the father.

I kissed Niall and we couldn't stop smiling at Conor. I took my phone and took videos of Niall trying to make Conor laugh. "babe he's only 3 hours old he can't laugh or talk" I laughed. "aw" Niall wined. "don't worry, you'll be the first person to make him laugh"

"i have to ask you some questions" a nurse said coming in the hospital room. "yes" i asked.

"name of the baby" She asked. "Conor James Horan" Niall said. "and you sir, are you the father?" The nurse asked. "Yes" Niall smiled. "your name please"

"Niall James Horan"

"why did you name your baby James?" The nurse asked. "cuz we like it" i said. "good answer" She laughed.

"here's a paper can u sign it please" The nurse gave Niall and me a paper. I red the paper and i signed it.



We all left the hospital and we saw hundreds of paparazzis outside. "Louis how is the baby? what's his name"  A bunch of paparazzi asked me. "he's doing really well, he's precious" I smiled. I was alone with Daniel and Zayn. "zayn when is your baby coming" Some asked. "ahaha mate i don't know" Zayn laughed. "What's the baby name!" A bunch asked. "ask NIall" I said. We went in the car and left.

i'm an uncle now. I took my phone and tweeted.

"wow im an uncle now"

"my nephew was born at 7:08 pm he is way to precious, i love him so much"

I got over 50000 retweets and a lot of congrats. A lot of celebrities tweeted me too.

Justin Bieber, Katy perry, Micheal buble, celine dion, and a bunch of more celebs!

I thanked them all..

When i got out of the car,to go to mcdonalds but the paparazzis were really rude.

"how is the baby alive"

"the baby is probably ugly"

"your sister is a slut"

"Role a blunt"


i tried ignoring them but i couldn't.

"look man, what if someone called your baby ugly, or to die or whatever, you'll be broken, its really rude so go fuck yourself with your lame ass mother fucking camera" I yelled. i went back in the car and i went to my apartment.


hi guys! The story is not ending yeeeeeeeeeeeeet. There will be more drama don't worry!


conor is born aw.


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