drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


44. chapter 44


*few months later*

Im now almost 9 months pregnant. The baby is coming soon, maybe next week. We don't know when. My family has been so sweet lately, and my best friend is out of rehab! she was stuck in rehab for extra months. She's sleeping right now. on my bed. Niall is in the studio with the boys.

I went to the shower because I HAVE to shave. I'm going to give birth soon and its going to be emberassing if my body is hairy. I screamed Jessica's name and she woke up. "what" she yelled. "help me shave" I yelled. "ew no" She laughed. "please im pregnant! I have to shave!" I yelled. "fine" she laughed. She shaved my legs and my vagina.

I have to shave my vagina! "thank you" I kissed her cheek. She left the bathroom and I took my shower, after I got out Jessica asked me if I have a name for my son.

"Conor James Horan" I smiled. "that's cute" Jessica smiled. "I know enh" I smiled. I sat on the couch and my stomach was hurting me. This hurts more then last time! "JESSICA" I yelled. "i'll call the ambulance" She got up and called 911. then she called Louis Daniel and Niall. Within minutes the ambulance came.

I went in the ambulance and they drove me to the hospital. Jessica was on the phone with my brothers.

When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor told me I had pre-eclampsia.

Pre eclampsia is when a women has to give birth like now.

I have to give birth now.

The boys were in my hospital room now. "excuse me only1 person can be here" The doctor said. "the father" the doctor added, everyone left and Niall was with me.

"Conor is coming" Niall yelled. He jumped up and down. I laughed. He kissed my forehead then 8 doctors came in the room. Niall took out his iphone and started recording. "okay are u ready Samantha?" a doctor said. "yes I am" I smiled.



HI GUYS okay so next chapter will be on Sam giving birth. So yeah man.comment likeeee:)


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