drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


40. chapter 40

*Christmas morning*

Sams POV

Everyone was at Niall's house. The boys wanted to go and celebrate Christmas with there family, but they couldn't because they have to record a new album next week. Management told them that they cant.

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Daniel was sleeping and I woke up. its 4 am. I went to the kitchen to cook for a Christmas breakfast.


a few hours later: 8 am.

I was done cooking, I cut fruits, made waffles, pancakes shaped as a snowman and a Christmas tree, Donuts, scrambled eggs, salmon, bagels and French toast. I want Christmas this year to be perfect for the boys, since they can't go home.

I put the breakfast in the living room with the Christmas tree. I smiled and I changed my clothes into Christmas clothes! Black jeans with a red santa shirt. A few minutes later everyone were awake and Daniel and Niall were screaming, I ran downstairs and all the boys were screaming,

"WHAT" I yelled.

"THE FOOD" Niall yelled. "Did you make this?" Liam asked. "Yeah why?" I asked. "its beautiful!" Louis smile. aw!

I gave everyone plates and we sat in front of the Christmas tree.

"okay so who wants to open the first present" Louis asked. Everyone looked at me, "me?" I asked. "yeah!" they all said. I took the first present.

*From Louis to Samantha*

I opened it and oh my god its a picture album, my family. I thanked Lou and hugged him, this is a beautiful gift.

"OPEN MINE NOW" Niall said. I opened his gift that he gifted me, Its a necklace. oh my god. A real diamond necklace. "wow Niall thank you" I smiled and thanked him.

I then opened Daniel's and he gave me a scarf.

Liam's gift now: A pillow with me and Miley Cyrus. I laughed and hugged the pillow.

Harry's gift: A white jacket.

Zayn: bracelets.

I thanked the boys and then everyone just jumped and open there gifts, the boys really liked my gifts, it made me smile. I'm happy.
We finished eating breakfast and we cleaned up.

"let's go to the hospital'' I smiled. "Why?" Daniel asked. "some kids are sick in the hospital and spending Christmas in a hospital, and I checked online last night, and all of the kids are fans of one direction, so we should surprise them and give them gifts" I smiled.

"that's a good idea babe" Niall said coming beside me. The boys agreed and we went to the hospital, the fans were happy, the fans smiled and actually really liked me. Which made me happy.

at 3 pm we got out of the hospital. we came home and we started baking cookies, an hour later we ate the cookies and decided to go to New York. We walked around together, we didn't get noticed because there wasn't a lot of people outside. We sat on a bench and we just looked at the stars. It was beautiful.

"guys let's go home'' Liam said. "Let Niall and Samantha have there Christmas" Louis yelled. I smiled.  They all left and went back to there apartment and Niall and me went home.
"Merry Christmas baby" I kissed Niall, "Merry Christmas beautiful" He smiled. "let's go to Ireland" Niall said. "what?" I asked. "Ireland, let's live there babe" He said. "niall I cant, I live here, my friends are here, the hospital is here and our son has to be born here" I said.

"why cant he be born there?" Niall asked. "niall my documents are here, my hospital papers, everything is here" I smiled.

"we can send it to the hospital in ireland?" Niall asked. "its going to take alot to put the folders in there" I said. "fuck" he whispered. "sorry Niall" I said.

We went home and i asked my aunt and uncle to come over.

Theyre coming tomorrow!


hey yall, this chapter sucks but read the next chapter, its going to be good. I swear. A lot of drama and fighting. ;)

comment and like please. ily


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