drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


37. chapter 37

sams POV

I woke up with a big smile. I looked beside me and Niall. under his blanket. I looked at me and I found out that I was naked too. I smiled to myself and took off my blanket. Its fucking hot in this room. Someone knocked at the door.

I got up took a robe and put it on. I opened the door and it was the service. "hello here's breakfast" The man said handing my a tray of food. "would you like some vodka?" He asked. "no i'm pregnant sorry" I smiled. "Oh how long?" he said. "5 months" I smiled. "That's exciting, if you need me here's my hotel number and i'll be here" he smiled. "thank you" He went out and I opened the tray.Holy shit.


amazing food.

"good morning love'' Niall said getting up. "Good morning babe" I smiled. He kissed me. "wow that's a lot of food" he said. "All for us" he smiled. "this baby just kicked oh my god" I smiled. "Lemme feel it!" Niall screamed like a baby. He put his hand on my stomach. "Oh my god I felt it" he said. "Our baby boy" he smiled. I hugged him and we went to a table. "lemme check my cell phone" I told Niall. I checked my phone and oh my god 21 missed calls,

from Louis, Daniel, some people from my highschool, and oh my god Jessica.

3 missed calls from Jessica, and 5 messages from her.

the calls were from 20 minutes ago.

I called her back and she didn't answer, I checked the text messages.

"hey Sam, heard you're actually pregnant. I miss you"

"I'm on my phone for only 5 minutes:'( "

"I'll be out of rehab next week"

"you're my best friend and u didn't come to visit me :( "

"just kidding, no one is even allowed to visit me"

oh come on! I wanted to talk to her. "babe you coming?" Niall asked. I sat beside him and we started eating. "I am starving" I said. "then eat stupid" He laughed. "Who did you call stupid?" I asked. "you" he laughed. "Well then, I think you deserve a punishment mr" I smiled. "and what is that?" he smirked. "can I chose my punishment?" he smirked again. "sure, i'm the one that's suppose to chose and give u punishments but fine okay you can chose it" I smiled.

"for my punishment I want u to kiss me" Niall smiled. I smiled and kissed him. "fuckyea" he laughed.

"We have to go" niall said looking worried and staring at his phone.

"Why?" I asked. what the hell. "The boys and me have to go to an interview" Niall said. "Why now? what?" Im so confused. "I don't know, but we have to go now." he said. "im not even dressed. He took me and carried me bridal style.

"NIALL" I yelled. We went outside and it was pretty warm. Papparazzis took pictures of us and Niall didn't seem to care.


I drove home and the boys started yelling at me. "YOU'RE SO LATE" they yelled. "Sorry sorry" I said, I wore some good clothes and so did Sam. "can sam come?" I asked. "no" Louis said. "Yes she can" Liam smiled. We went to the car which drove us to a news channel. We told them about ourselfes and Samantha sat backstage.

"HELLO ONE DIRECTION"  A man yelled. "Hello!" we all screamed. "how are you guys?" He asked. "We're good" Zayn said. "congrats Niall on the baby" The man smiled. "Thank you so much" I smiled big. "are you boys excited?" he asked us. "We are actually, we are going to have a mini horan in the house and I just can't wait to hold the baby and play with him" Liam said. "you boys will be uncles" he said. "Yeah" Harry smiled. "how is it? are u guys nervous tho?" The man asked. "I am" Louis said. "I'm not" I said. "Wow"

"Um Niall?" the man asked. "Yes sir?" I questioned. "there has been a lot of rumors on your girlfriend cheating on you" I looked at Louis and mouthed me telling not to tell him tht sam cheated on me. "no, she didn't, in fact a guy was trying to hit on her and she yelled for help" I said. "Ohh that's a good girlfriend" he smiled. "Yeah she is but she's all mine" I smirked.

"Ouh Niall tell them what you did last night" Zayn wiggled his eyebrows. Im gonna slap this guy. "tell us Niall" The interviewer said. "nothing"  I blushed. "tell them come on" Harry laughed.

"im going to kill you" I whispered. Liam started laughing.

"fine, i'll tell you 3 options and u tell me which one these u did last night" The interview said. "okay" I smiled. "option A, You ate a watermelon, option B you had sex with your girl or option C you put on a backpack" the interviewer smirked, "B" I smirked. "NIALLLL!" Harry laughed.

"You had sex with my sister" Louis said. "um" I said. shit.

"oh shit" Liam said. "Oh no" The interviewer said. "Um well the interview is over thank you boys" The interviewer said and left. Louis stared at me. not again. I saw Samantha running towards me. "LOUIS" she yelled. "I'm kidding!" Louis laughed. "you're allowed to date my sister so its okay" Louis laughed. "thank god" Zayn whispered. "Hey I have a question" I smiled at Sam, "yea?" she asked. "WIll you live with me?" I asked her. "what?" she asked.

"please live with me" I smiled, I want us to have a good house for the kid. My house. I live near Bieber's house.

"you have a house?" she asked. "Yeah but I only use it for partys but now its for us" I smiled. "Aw Niall of course" she smiled. "Let's go now" She said. I smiled and went to my house by a taxi. We arrived home and she started smiling. "Your house is beautiful" she smiled.

"I love it" she yelled and hugged me. She then kissed me and we wentback to her apartment to pack up her stuff.


hi guysss! so you see, Sam is now moving out to live with Niall. in his big ass mansion. So please comment,like and fave. And what should the baby name be?


no jk

lol tht name sounds evil.

but give me some cute names for sam and Niall

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