drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


36. chapter 36

**ayo guys before reading yall should know that this chapter has some 14+ part so get ready to get horny**


 I woke up and this room was dark. Were am I?

"hello?" I yelled. "you're awake" A boy said, wait its Niall. "niall?" "babe" he whispered and came close to me. "Are you feeling better?" Niall asked me. "actually yeah, I feel good" I said. "it feels like i'm not pregnant, wait am I still pregnant?" I yelled. what the fuck.

"No you still are but the doctors forced u to go to sleep" I nodded. "hey what were you talking about Josh?" niall asked. "what?" I asked, "you said Josh kicked you"

"oh I did?" I asked, I have no clue I did. "yes you did." Niall said. "he kicked my stomach at the awards'' I said. "he did? did you the judge?" He yelled. 'yes yes'

"I love you so much Niall" I said. Niall touched my stomach then kissed me. "I love you way to much" Niall said, kissed me again. "We're leaving like right now" Niall said. I got up and went home. But first we signed out of the hospital.

I want Niall to be with me. Only him. No one else.

I love him. I want him.

"lets go to a hotel, I don't wanna go home" niall smirked. I smiled. We went to our hotel room. Niall bought us to a romantic hotel. aw. this place is so cute.

We went to our room and I sat on my bed. Niall jumped on the bed and smirked. he kissed me then we layed down. I sat on his legs. We didn't stop kissing. Niall is so damn good. "I cant wait for this baby" He moaned. I smiled and I touched his leg. He took off his shirt then told me to take off my clothes. I don't know why, but I always listen to him. I took off my clothes. We knew what was coming up. we fell on the matress and rubbed his body against mine. I start kissing his chest, i put my hands under his pants, and found his boner. i took it in my mouth while Niall kept on moaning. He moves his hips.

I sat on his waist and took his dick with me. I start riding him. which made me smile. Niall looked at me and smiled. I start screaming from pleasure. then he started moaning. He put his finger in me. This feels amazing. "I love you so much" i moaned.

We went to bed. And niall fell asleep. I love Niall so much.


hey yall. This story was dirty lol. Im sorry but im really happy right now. So i put some sex parts lmao. Butr comment, like and fave? plz ily all


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