drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


33. chapter 33


-next morning-

I woke up and went to the kitchen to cook some food for my family. Brothers actually.  Niall isn't home, he's probably drunk some were, But Zayn and Liam are with him, so he's okay.

I hope.

I made homemade pancakes, I put it on the table.

Then Louis came in the kitchen "damn it smells good" he smiled. "Thanks Lou, its pancakes, can you check on Daniel and tell him to come for breakfast" I asked Louis. "i thought he was going to be in that room for one month" Louis said. "we can't let our little brother be stuck in a small room, he can come to the kitchen, balcony". "what about school?" Louis asked. "shit its monday today, he has school" i said. "yeah"

"Then he's getting homeschool" i smiled. "seriously?" Louis asked. "Yeah, i mean school is were shit happens" i laughed. "fine, i'll ask management to help me with this"

''I'll go wakeup Dan" i went to his room and he was up. He was on his phone.

"good morning" i smiled and hugged him. "don't touch me" he groaned. "wow, are you on pms?" i laughed. "Fuck off Sam, i'm a boy" he pushed me.

"dude i made pancakes get your ass off your bed and eat" i commanded.

"pancakes?" he asked. "mhm"  i laughed. "then okay" he got up and went straight to the kitchen.


Louis, Daniel and me were eating pancakes Oh my god this is so cute, all three of us, together eating food.
"i love you guys" i smiled. "I love you moreeee" Louis laughed.

We then looked at Daniel. He smiled. "fine i love you both" Daniel laughed.  "so are you actually pregnant?" Daniel asked. "Yeah" i smiled. "How, you told me that the baby got killed" Daniel said. "yeah, the doctors thought that the baby died, but he didn't" i smiled. "so i'm going to be an uncle?" he asked. "yeah" Daniel smiled.

"so it's a boy?" Louis asked. "Yeah Lou" Daniel and Louis smiled.

"Samantha!" Daniel yelled, "what?" i asked. "why the fuck is my friends saying that your hot naked" Daniel said looking at his phone. "you have a sex tape?" he asked. "YOU HAVE A SEX TAPE?" Louis yelled.


"its your fault Louis, you put a camera in the room and the video got leaked" i said. "when?" Louis asked. "when?" he asked. "when you got mad at Niall and you put a camera" i yelled. "oh yaaa" Louis said. "NIGGA THIS IS SERIOUS" i yelled. "This is freaking emberassing, your sex tape is #1" Daniel yelled and threw his phone to me, i checked the screen and Niall's and my sex video is actually #1.

"What the fuck" i whispered. "tell your fucking management to delete that video" i yelled at Louis.

"they just delete it, management just texted me" Louis said.

"Thank god" i smiled. i then wrote "niall horan and samantha tomlinson sex tape" on google. and there was nothing.

"its gone" i smiled. Then Niall opened the door. "niall!" i yelled and smiled. I hugged him, and he hugged me back, he smelt like alcohol. damnnnn.

"you smell like alcohol" i whispered. "mhmm" He's still drunk.

"go take a shower, Louis and Daniel is here" i whispered. Louis and Daniel knows that Niall is here, but they don't know that Niall is here, but they don't know that he's drunk.

"i want to shower with you" Niall whined. "i can't" i laughed. "pleaseee, then come at my appartment" He said. "no my brothers are here" i said. "Louis can take care of that little brother" he said. "my little brother you mean?" i asked. "Yes" he laughed

"stay here" i told him. I went to see Louis and Daniel and they were doing the dishes. "i'll be back, i'm going to Niall's appartment, he needs help" i told them. "Sure"

I went with Niall to his apartment and i helped him, he looked drunk.  "go to the shower" he said. He smiled and held me, he bought me to the shower.

The water went on me, and i was still wearing my pyjamas.

His hair was so cute. I washed his hair and it was actually really fun. He giggled. He took off his shirt and pants.

i put soap all over him and he was so hot. Oh my god.

He bent down and took off my shirt. "Hey little boy" he said pointing at my stumach. "you are my little baby you know, Niall junior" he smirked.

I laughed. "we will be an adorable family" He smiled. "i

love you little kid" he said. Niall kissed me.

We got out of the shower and then i got a text from louis. "court in 2 hours, get ready" Oh yaa court because of last night, when i almost got raped.

"Niall we have to go to court" i told him, "why?"he asked. "because yesterday, i almost got raped" I said. "oh yam i'm gonna beat that dick head" Niall yelled. "no babe its okay, we'll see" i smiled.

"okay so wear a suit" i said, "here" i handed him a suit and a tie. He looked so cute. I went to my appartment and I wore nice clothes. a Purple skirt that ended at my knees, and a black top. And a coat with it. Black heels.

''you look fine as hell" Niall smirked. "wow Sam, you look nice" Daniel smiled.  "thanks Daniel but you have to come with us" I said. "Why?" "because your my brother, if you ever go to court you need your siblings" i said. "fine" "wear a suit" i smiled. "why are you telling everyone to wear a suit?" Niall asked. "because we are going to court, and they ae going to take a video and you are Niall Horan, the famous singer so the media are going to leak the video of us in court" i said. "damn smart" he laughed. "LOUIS" i yelled and he came out of his room, aw he's wearing a suit!

"What" he yelled. "nothing" i laughed. "you look mature" Louis said.

I smiled and Liam, Zayn and Harry didn't have to come because it aint there problem.

Its only mine, Louis, Daniel and my boyfriend; Niall.

We went in a limo and they bought us to court.


ayeee! so next chapter is on court.

this chapter sucks.

But please like and fave and fan. By the way, if you ever go to court, you have to go there with the closest people. if your less then 18, you need your mom, dad, siblings, but since Samantha is 19 she wants her brothers to be there.

do you have any questions? ask meee! questions abt myself? sure i'll answer. Questions about the book? i'll answer

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