drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


31. chapter 31



The start was funny, Katy perry started singing. It was cute. She is so beautiful.

After the finished, Pitbull came on stage.

I smiled and Louis kissed me on the cheek. "I'm going to be an uncle" he whispered. "YOUR PREGNANT?" Zayn yelled."yeah" i laughed. "OH MY GOD IM GOING TO BE UNCLE ZAYN" He yelled and then he kissed me on the hand. "What a gentlemen" i smiled. "Thank you" he blushed. "WHAT YOU'RE PREGO" Liam yelled. "CONGRATS BABE" He yelled and kissed me on the cheek. Harry smiled and touched my stumach. "congrats love" he said and kissed me on the head. Whats up with everyone kissing.

"the nominees for favourite band is

One Direction, macklemore and ryan lewis,'' and blabalbla, i dont care about the rest except for One Direction. I crossed my fingers for them.

"please be one direction" i whispered. "one direction!" I screamed and fangirled. "Niall hugged me and i kissed him on the lips.

He went on stage, then Louis hugged me, then Zayn, then Liam, then Harry. "Congrats Harold" I smiled "thanks " he smiled, and went on stage.

"Well i'd like to thank our fans, a massive thank you" They always say massive.

"thank you guys so much" Liam said. "We have an announcement to make" Louis said. "samantha come here" Liam said. I shook my head for no, but the celebs beside me pushed me to go on stage

"what the hell" i whispered. "i'm gonna kill you guys" i said. "Samantha is my sister" Louis said. "and Samantha is my girlfriend" Niall said, and everyone cheered. "And zayn, Liam and me are going to be uncles" Harry said. "We are having a baby in the house!" Zayn yelled. Everyone cheered. "This women here, has my baby" Niall laughed.

Everyone screamed. And cried, why are they crying?

"I love you all!" they yelled, we went backstage and everyone came to me and said congrats.

I got a text and it was from Daniel,

"UR PREGNANT?" he texted me. "yeah, what are you doing right now?" i texted back. "Wow and watching the awards with a girl, you?" he  texted. "fuck you"

I put my phone in my purse.

"We have to interview you guys, Niall and you" The interviewer said. I followed Niall.

"congrats on the baby" The interviewer said. "Thank you" i smiled. "Theres a rumor going on that the band is braking up, is it true?" She asked. Niall was going to say something but i shushed him.

"I am a one direction fan, if they try to break up or anything i will try my best to not brake them up, and fix them" i said. "that's the best" she said. "So is the baby a he or a she" She asked. "this part is a suprise" Niall winked. "Thank you so much!" The interviewer said and left. "Wow, that's it?" i asked. "Yeah its stupid, some people invite us over and they kick us out after like 10 minutes." Niall said. "wow" i laughed. "let's go back" he said and gave me his hand, the boys were already back at their seat, "i'll be back" i said. "you'll get lost" Niall said. "i won't!" i yelled. "Fine" Niall left and sat on his seat, i wanted to explore. I went back backstage and saw Lady gaga. "OH MY GOD GAGA!" i yelled. Lady gaga looked at me and came to me, "give me a kiss" she said, and i kissed her cheek. "congrats on the baby" she said smiling, "i'll be mother gaga" She smirked.  "of course!" i yelled. "i have to go, i'll see you next time?" She said. yeah!" i smiled. I thought she was going to give me her number, but she didn't. whatever.

I went to the celebrity room and i sat on a seat because i had a headache.

I was the only one there.

Someone opened the door and wait it's not a celebrity. This person does not even have a wrist bracelet to be in the stadium. Who the hell is this?

"who are you" i said. "Samantha" he whispered and bit his lip. "i wont tell you my name" He said.

"can we please fuck?" He asked.

"No" i said. He came near me.

"FUCKK OFF" i yelled. "Come on baby, i know you want me, i'll give you 1 million dollars" The boy said. "fuck no" i said. "i dont need you or your money" i said. He touched me.

"DONT TOUCH ME!" i yelled.

"I'LL CALL THE POLICE" i yelled.  I then took out my phone and dialled Louis number and the boy didnt even notice. "hello?" i heard from the phone. "DONT TOUCH ME!" i yelled. "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN THE CELEB QUIET ROOM" i yelled so that Lou can hear me and help me and save me. "SECURITY IS GOING TO COME SOON" i yelled.

"Come on sam, no one is here" he said. "i don't care" i said.

"STOP TOUCHING ME" i yelled. He slapped me and told me to fuck him.

what the hell! i started to cry and my face just hurts a lot

Then the door opened. its Security, Louis and Niall.

. "FUCK YOU MAN" Niall yelled at that boy. "THIS IS RAPE'' Louis yelled.  Security hand cuffed the boy.

"I WILL FIND YOU SAMANTHA" He yelled. I hugged Niall and kept on crying. "babe how is your makeup not ruin?" he laughed. I started laughing. "We are so sorry samantha" A man said. I hugged Louis. "Please go back to your seat, we will talk to you tomorrow" the man said and i nodded, I held niall's and Louis's hand and we went to our seat, everyone were staring at us.

"what happened?" Zayn asked. "well i almost got raped" i said. ''what the heck?" Harry said. "Are you okay?" Liam asked. "Yeah" i smiled. "shh guys watch the awards" i said.  Rihanna started singing. "i like Rihanna" Louis said. "yeah me too, she's a nice lady" Harry said.

Then they all turned to me. "what?" i asked. "do you like riri?"Liam said. I laughed. "of course" i laughed.
Then people were awards until, Taylor Swift came on.

"Ugh bitch" i told Louis. And Harry heard me. "don't say that" Harry said. "i don't like her" i said. "i only like her music but her fucking brain is messed up" i said.

"Still, don't call anyone a bitch Sam" Harry said. "wow" i said. "don't you hate her? she said shit about you  a lot of times" i said. "Yeah she did, but it doesn't mean that i can do that to her, if one person is eating shit, should i eat shit?" Harry said. I rolled my eyes. "I'd like to thank my fans for this" Taylor said.

WOW. she has fans?

"i know what your thinking" Niall whispered in my ear.

"what?" i smirked. "your saying shit about her in your head" He smirked. I smiled and shook m head for yes.

Then One Direction had to perform. "boys please come backstage" Paul said out of no were. "were the hell did you come from?" i said. "from the back" he laughed.

The boys sand so well. When it was finished i got up of my seat and cheered. "I LOVE YOU" i yelled. Niall looked at me and smiled. I gave him a pervy look and he started laughing. Then Louis looked at me. I then showed him the middle finger just for fun. Louis laughed and wiggled his eyebrows. Oh god!


hi guys! So I don't know if i'm doing well in writing.. I need some of your help. Give me ideas for next few chapters.. Comment and like aand fave, fan.

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