drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


3. chapter 3

When the came over Zayn went to the bathroom. FIRST.  He peed and came out with a bottle. I was in the kitchen and he came to see me first.  "Sam, why do do you have a beer bottle and drugs in your bath tub" he whispere. "You dont need to look in my bathtub!" i yelled. "i know, but do you take drugs?" he asked. "yes i do, but please dont tell anyone!" i begged. "you have to tell your brother!" he said. "no please!" i begged again. "he wont get mad" he left the kitchen and i sat down on the floor.

I heard talking from the room and i heard Louis saying "what the fuck!" He then ran to me. "SAMANTHA!" he yelled. "what" i said.

"YOU SMOKE WEED, YOU DANCE INFRONT OF MEN, YOU STRIP FOR PEOPLE, YOU DRINK AND YOU TAKE DRUGS" he yelled. "i know" i said. "Why the fuck are you doing this?" he yelled. The boys came and were staring at us. "I AM AN ADDICT! and since we all got separated and i had to do something, so i started doing shit!" i yelled crying. "I took my drugs from my cabnet and i was putting one in my mouth. "SAM!" he yelled. He took my pills and threw it somewere. "YOU TOOK MY PILLS" i cried. I couldnt do this! I need my pills! i only took twice today! "YOU TOOK MY FUCKING PILLS" i yelled. Louis looked at me like if i was a maniac that kills people.

Louis pov

Samatha was going crazy, her face was red, her hair was going to messed up, he hands were shaking and she was kicking the floor. "samatha!" i yelled. I grabbed her hands and she was screaming.  "boys help me bring her to her bed" i said. They all came and Liam held her left leg, Niall held her left arm, Zayn held her right arm and Harry held her right arm. and i was making sure she didnt shake her head.  We put her on her bed and she was screaming so hard! She is an addict. I feel so bad for my sister, i wasnt there for her. The boys were scared. "its gonna be okay" Harry said "ITS NOT! I NEED MY PILLS" she got up and pushed me on the side and took the pills from the floor. She went to the kitchen and took some beer, She drank half of the bottle and took like 11 pills.

"i cant see her like that!" i yelled to the boys. "its gonna be okay, im telling you, we are with her now so shes gonna stop" Liam said. Then samantha passed out. "is she okay?" Niall said. We all ran towards her and her heart was beating really fast.  "should we call the  ambulance?" Zayn asked.

"no, because she has been also takin marijuana so she might go to jail" i said. "true" they said. "Im gonna help her" I said.

"im gonna help her too" Niall said smiling, I smiled back. "me too" Zayn said. "yeah me too" Harry said. "me too" Liam said.  So all of them will help me. I smiled at them and carried Sam to her room. I put her on her bed and she was wearing her "party" clothes. "i have to change her clothes" i said. "but i dont want to see her naked" i said. "your her sister, do whatever you want" Liam said. I nodded and put her in her pyjamas.

---Next morning---

Sam woke up and smiled. "sam" i said. She got up and sat on the sofa. She opened the TV and put on a celebrity show. "why are you watching that" Liam said. "i watch this every day because they talk about you guys every day" she said.

We sat beside her.

We have seen Louis tomlinson in a car with a beautiful stripper and they were having a real talk, we saw Louis in the girls room and she was crying and screaming. We dont know what happened but Louis is dating a stripper!

"ew" she said. "i know" I laughed. The boys sat around sam and we started talking to her. "Sam, you have to stop with your drugs and alcohol" Zayn said. "I cant do it!" she said.

"yes you can!" Niall said. "just eat food when you wanna take your drugs or alcohol" Niall said. She got up from her seat and took her beer again. "NO" i yelled. "fuck off Louis" she said. "SAMANTHA!" I yelled taking all of her stuff drugs and alcohol. Guys lets go to our room. And leave her alone in this room. i closed the door and We went outside of the room "lets sit here" i said, they were beside me.

I heard screaming from the room, crying, glass braking.

"MOM DAD LOOK AT ME, IM THE WORST CHILD EVER RIGHT NOW, I HAVE THE WORST LIFE EVER, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME, IM SO SICK OF LIFE,  I WANT TO KILL MYSELF" She cried. I looked at the boys and saw Niall and Harry crying. "why are you 2 crying" Liam asked. "i feel bad for her" they both said.   I heard a huge crash and i opened the door to see what it was. I saw blood and a broken window!

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