drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


29. chapter 29

 Sams POV

"you guys go to sleep " Thomas said. Niall looked at me and we got up and went to bed.

-next morning-

"Samantha" Louis whispered, i opened my eyes and smiled. "We have to talk to Daniel" he said. I got up and we went to Daniel's room.

Daniel was awake, texting.

"good morning" i smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"We have to talk to you" Louis said. "about"? he asked. "well first of all, you're a dick" Louis said. "lou!" i yelled.

"Daniel, what's wrong with you?" i asked. "nothing" he said, Is he trying to piss me off in a morning?

"don't mess with us, your nephew or niece just died, so fuck off" Louis said.

"what?" Dan asked. "Your nephew died" i said. "oh, i'm sorry" he said.  I faked a smile.

"So why are you taking drugs, why are you drinking, if someone wants to be a doctor, then those type of people don't drink or take drugs at a young age, they study" I said.

"then why did you take drugs?" he asked.

"Because i was a whore, and i regret everything, the baby died because i got into an accident and i took drugs, and drank alcohol, i was a joke, i didnt think of anything while doing it" i said. "well i take drugs because i love it" he said. "FUCK OFF" Louis yelled. "louis, niall is sleeping shut up" i whispered.

"drugs are going to make you ugly" i said. "then why aren't you ugly?" he asked. "it's luck" Niall said coming in the room. "Your awake" i smiled, he sat beside me.

"look Daniel, drugs aren't cool, it won't make you look cool, girls doesn't like it" Niall said.

"Some girls find it hot" he said. "Well it's not, to be honest, a boy saying that he wants to be a doctor, have a family, well that shit is hot" i said. And don't you agree?

A guy talking about his future, how he's going to love his wife, and talking about his job is hot, And if a guy talks about weed, drugs well its ugly.


"you're lying, a lot of girls like me" he said. "do you even have a girlfriend?" Louis asked. "no and i dont want one because i fuck them every night" He said.

My mouth just dropped.

I slapped Daniel.

"FUCK YOU DANIEL" i yelled. Daniel looked at me with red eyes. Daniel got up. "SIT DOWN'' i yelled, he obeyed and sat down. "girls aren't dolls, we're not toys, you can't use girls every time your horny" i said.

"why did you even start the drugs and shit" Niall asked. "because i was really happy that i found Sam and Louis, and i told my friend, and he asked me if i wanted to be more happy, so i said sure and he gave me cocaine, and it was the best thing ever" Daniel said.

I looked at Louis, and Louis was pretty pissed.

"Look man, your brother and sister want you to be good, so you should listen, you don't have your parents with you right now, so you should listen to them'' Niall  said.


"Please Daniel" i said. Daniel turned around and went to bed. i rolled my eyes, and we left his room. "we have to go to the awards in 2 hours" Louis said. "what? but it airs at 8" i said. "we have to rehearse" Niall said. I smiled, "am i coming?" i asked. "Yeah, but bring something confortable to wear cuz its only rehearsal but then we are all gonna change into swaggie clothes" Niall said, "swaggie clothes okay" i laughed. I went to my closet to look for clothes for tonight.

"NIALL WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TONIGHT" i yelled because Niall was in the kitchen, (as always) and i was in my room. "I'm wearing black" he yelled back. "okay!" i yelled.

i should wear something black..

I took out my 3 black dresses. "LOUIS AND NIALL COME HERE" i yelled, they ran in my room.

"WHATS WRONG?'' they yelled.

"what dress should i wear?" i asked. "i thought u called us for an emergency!" Louis yelled.

"fashion emergency" i laughed.

"wear this one" Niall said pointing at a dress that covered my legs. "yeah wear this one" Louis said. "but i like this one" i said showing a dress that was HOT. "if you wear it, your boobs, are gonna pop out" Niall said. "so?" i asked. "well i dont want guys  to get pervy over you, i'm the only one that can be with u" he said. I blushed. "i agree with Niall" Louis said. "fine" i smiled, they left and went to cook.

I went in the kitchen and ate breakfast. "why is my bacon burnt" i said. "because" Louis said. I still ate it.

-2 hours later-

"which awards are we going to?" louis asked. "AMA" i smiled. We came to the awards, security everywhere. oh my god.

"Hello one direction!" Pitbull said. (the host)

"PITBULLLLLL!" Harry yelled touching his head.

"i didnt see you for 1 year" harry yelled.

"harry shut up" Louis whispered.

"so after you guys sing, you have to stay on stage okay!" He said. "why?" Liam asked. "you'll see" he winked. "so who is this young girl" he said pointing at me "my girlfriend" Niall said. "also known as my baby sister" Louis smiled.

"ohhh" pitbull smiled.

"I'm pitbull" he said shaking hands with me"i'm samantha" i said, and she was shaking. "why are you shaking?" Pitbull asked. "well first of all your pitbull" I laughed. "your funny" he laughed and hugged me

"So i saw Niall's tweet, your pregnant" Pitbull said.

"the baby died" i whispered. "oh i'm so sorry" Pitbull said. "It's okay" i smiled, which looked fake.

"I'm sorry Niall" Pitbull said. Then it was quiet. "so um good luck on the hosting" Zayn smiled. "thank you!" Pitbull said. "i have to go and see lady gaga, byee!" he said and walked away.

"ONE DIRECTION ON STAGE PLEASE" someone yelled, we obeyed and went on stage. They handed each one of us a mike. I sat down on the seat and a girl sat beside me. Miley Cyrus.

"they are good" Miley said.

Miley fucking cyrus is my mother fucking idol.

"aren't you Samantha?" she asked.

"i am! i love you miley" i smiled. "Your so cute" she laughed. "your hot" i laughed. "oh congrats on your baby!" she said. "my baby died" i whispered. "i'm sorry" she said hugging me. "how do you know?" she asked.

"the doctor told me yesterday" i said. "Oh god" Miley said. "everything is gonna be okay" she smiled. "i was planning on calling the baby miley" I smirked. "oh really?" she asked. "hell yeah" i smiled. "There's alot of bad stuff on you online" Miley said. "there is? like what?" i asked.

"drugs, and all" she said. "i used to take drugs" i said. "how did you stop?" she asked. "my boyfriend made me stop" i smiled. "Niall is your boyfriend right?" She asked, "yeah" i smiled. "HEY NIALL YOUR AN AMAZING BOYFRIEND" Miley yelled, and the boys stopped singing.

"what?" Niall asked. "your an amazing boyfriend" Miley yelled. "thanks!" Niall yelled. "I LOVE YOU MILEY" Louis yelled.

"oh my god" I laughed. "SAMANTHA ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT YOU" Liam yelled.

"BOYS SING" Paul yelled.

"i have to go and rehearse, i'll see you later oh and here's my number" Miley said giving me her number. "thank you!" i yelled. She blew me a kiss and left.



hi guysss! the story didnt end yetttt... the next chapter is coming soon, it will be on the AMA


btw the actually awards will be on this SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER.


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