drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


27. chapter 27

sams POV

"i'm sorry, but this baby is dead"  or "Congrats, the baby is alive" one of those were the answer.

Should the baby die? i know i'm not ready for this, and ive been a really bad person

Should the baby live? Maybe i'll change, maybe Niall and me will get mature, but what about the fans, the directioners are going to get hurt.

"so doctor is our baby okay?" i asked.

The doctors closed there eyes.


"i am sorry" One doctor said. I closed my eyes and a tear came. "your baby is dead"

The doctors left and i looked at Niall, and his face was red. Really red.

"babe" i whispered. He got up from his chair and hugged me. "i'm sorry" he said. "I don't know what to do" i said.

"let's go home" he held my hand and dragged me outside. Paparazzis are here. Oh and if Niall is angry, he get's really mad, and since the paparazzi are here.

Niall is going to be really pissed.

The sad part is that our baby is not alive, and our car is really far so the paparazzi will annoy us.

"Niall is your baby okay!" one yelled. ''Hey Samantha is it true that you cheated on Niall"

how do they know that?

"I'M SO HAPPY THAT THE BABY IS DEAD" a man yelled, Niall glared at the man, and pushed him. "niall" i yelled. "leave it!" i screamed.

"Niall your such a man whore!" A guy yelled. "FUCK YOURSELF" Niall yelled and punched the man, "stop pissing me off, i'm already upset for fuck sake!" Niall yelled. "if the baby was alive, the whole family would be an embarrassment, because of their swearing!" A paparazzo yelled.


I pushed the paparazzo, and punched him with my knee on his crotch.

I took his camera and threw it on the ground, which broke the camera.

"Sami!" Niall yelled and carried me. "DONT YOU EVER CALL US AN EMBERASSMENT" i screamed.

"Sam sam"Niall whispered, we arrived at the car and sat down.

"they are going to sue us"  Niall said.  "fuck no, if they do, then i'll sue them for fucking saying this to us" i yelled.

"let's go home and go to sleep, i'm fucking tired" Niall said.

We went home and Niall got a call from management. "what the hell do you guys want?" he said.

Nialls POV

"what the hell do you guys want?" i asked management. "Wow Mr Horan, calm, you have a tour, and it start's next week" The man said. "and you are?" i asked. "Thomas" he said. "well Thomas, i don't want to do a tour" i said.

"you have to" he said. "you can't force me" i said. "what the hell has got into you?" he yelled.

"my baby is dead" i whispered.

"i'm sorry" Thomas said. I was quiet. "i'll talk about this with the group, but you should remember that tomorrow is an award show, i don't know the name, but you'll be there with the boys, you can bring a guest" Thomas said. "fine whatever, i'm bringing my girlfriend" i said.

And then Sam looked at me.

"we're going to an award show" i said. "oh okay" she said.

"Niall, i want to be happy" She said. "i do too babe" i said.
someone knocked at the door and i opened. management and the boys.

"What" i said. everyone came in and sat in the living room.

"Samantha" Louis said and Sam started crying. "I know that i'm  a bad person, and I know i wasnt ready for this baby, but still, this baby is dead. It's a baby for god's sake!" She yelled. I looked at Sam and she then moved to Harry for a hug.

"shh, its okay Sami" Harry said stroking her hair, and if you're asking. I'm not jealous, Harry is my brother. so I don't care.

"Harry, Niall and my baby is dead!" She yelled. "i know love, it's okay" he whispered. I sat down and didn't feel like doing anything, but stare at Sam's stumach. And to be honest, i have a feeling that this IS my baby, if it wasn't i think i wouldn't be this much upset.

Sam then hugged Liam and then Zayn.

Sam sat beside me and i hugged her.

"look we are all here for you'' A women said, management. her name was katherina, I nodded.

"and i want to ask a little questions" this katherina is mexican.

"Is it true that you Samantha tomlinson cheated on Niall?"

"that's a personnel question for fuck sake!" harry yelled. "HARRY!" Paul, my manager said.

"fine, are you actually Louis' sister" she asked. "Yeah" Sam said. And then the door opened. Oh my god its Daniel.

He looks drunk.

"hey hey hey! is there a party going on here!" He yelled. "oh hey Sam, how's your baby" he screamed, come on daniel.
Louis told daniel to leave and go to his room, Daniel went to bed. And he didnt talk.

"Look tomorrow, please one performance tomorrow, and you have to sing story of my life" Thomas said.

"Fine" i said. "Thank you, and we will cancel the tour and do it next month, happy?" Thomas said.

"i'm still not happy" i said. "Why" he asked. "well i lost my child" i said.


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