drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


23. chapter 23


"what!" I yelled. "aren't you the girl that got into an accident and is dating Niall Horan?" a girl asked. "yea" I said. "we saw you cheat on him you slut!" a girl yelled. "I have never cheated on him!" I yelled. "we have proof!" a girl said. Shit what proof? A girl then showed me a picture of me kissing a girl. "this was a long time ago! fuck off!" I yelled, people were screaming at me but I felt like running away. A song came on and everyone stopped yelling at me, I went on twitter and saw that I gain 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS! OH MY GOD!


I checked Niall' s profile and he tweeted me,

"my girlfriend @samanthatommo was pregnant when she had an accident, and next week, I will find out if the baby is okay or not. Please pray for us two "


Why did Niall tweet that!?

I had like 40 followers, but now I have 1 million oh my god!

"excuse me'' a girl came to me. "yes?" I asked. "may I please take a picture of you" this girl said. "sure, but why?" I asked. ''because your famous" the girl said and I laughed. We took a picture and she smiled. She looked 3 years younger then me. I looked around the crowd and I saw Daniel, my little brother. "Daniel!" I yelled. He looked at me and came towards me.

"are you drinking?"  I asked. "no'" he laughed. "Daniel your drunk!" I yelled, "im not okay!" and then his friends came, "Daniel,  I thought you wanted to be a doctor when you grow up" I said."so?can't doctors have fun too?" his friend said. A girl then came beside him and kissed him. "whose that?" the girl asked pointing at me. "im Dani's sister" I smiled. "are you two um dating?" I asked. "Yeah" the girl said.

"Daniel, you have an exam next week and your in a party!" I yelled. "fuck you Samantha, Im allowed partying!" he said. "DANIEL!" I yelled. "come on Daniel, stop wasting your time with your slutty sister that fucks everyone and cheats on her loyal boyfriend" his girlfriend said. "FUCK YOU, DANIEL COME HERE RIGHT NOW" I yelled. "Fuck off" he said.

I took my phone and called Louis.

"hello?" he said. "LOUIS, DANIEL IS FUCKING DRUNK, HE'S EMBERASSING ME, HE HAS A TEST NEXT WEEK, AND HE'S PARTYING WITH HIS BITCHY GIRLFRIEND!" I yelled. "wowow, its Niall" wait what. "why do you have Louis' phone" I asked. "Because i'm playing a game on it'' oh my god. "please give the phone to Lou" I said. "fine"

"hii Sam!" Louis said. I told Louis what happened, "what the fuck is wrong with this dickhead" Louis yelled. "I don't know but come here!" I yelled. He hung up the phone and I texted him the address.

10 minutes later--

Louis came in the party and no one noticed him because everyone were drunk! "Look DANIEL IS THERE!" I pointed at him, and he was kissing his girlfriend.

We went to see Daniel.

"what do you guys want!" Daniel said. "your grounded" I said. "Sam, let me handle this" Louis said. "STOP! leave me alone!" Daniel said. "no, fuck off" Louis said. Holding Daniel's hand. "fuck you! I'm not gay!" Daniel said. "oh my god" I whispered. "ugh your sister and brother suck" Daniel's girlfriend said. She pushed Dani away, and walked away.

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" Dani yelled. "DANIEL!" I yelled. We went in the backyard and it was freezing. no one was outside, except for Daniel, Louis and me. ''what do you guys want" Daniel yelled. "I want you to study, and stop being a dick" I said. "I can do anything I want, and I don't want to be a doctor, I want to work at a club" he said. "oh shit" Louis whispered. "STOP IT!" I yelled and slapped him. These 2 boys came outside and started laughing.

"Fuck you all" I yelled. "Hey Daniel, here are the drugs that you wanted" The boys said handing two bottles.

I stole the bottles from the boys.

"this is HEROIN AND METH!" I yelled. I never took those drugs, because this can kill you really easily, and you get ugly really really fast. "WHAT THE FUCK DANIEL!" I yelled. "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE" Louis yelled. "YOU DID IT SAM!" He yelled. "I USED TO AND I NEVER TOOK THE METH AND HEROIN!" I yelled. "I WOULD SLAP YOU SO HARD RIGHT NOW" I yelled. "then slap me" he laughed. I turned around to see those boys and they were drinking. "YOU BOYS ARE 15!" I yelled. "so? you started taking drugs at 12 or 13" they yelled. how does everyone know about this?

"Daniel told us" the boys said, I looked at Daniel, and he smiled. "how can you tell them about my secret?" I whispered.I started crying. "Louis, I'm such a bad sister" I cried harder. "stop crying you slut"  Daniel said. "DANIEL GET IN THE CAR!" Louis yelled. "no" Daniel said. "NOW" Louis pushed him into the car and I followed.

We went home. "come here" I yelled at Daniel. "why are you taking drugs?" I asked. "He's drunk, let's ask him tomorrow" Louis said. I put Daniel in bed and slept beside him. Daniel fell asleep and I started crying. I held his hand and put it on my cheek. "I love you so much" I cried. And kissed his cheek.


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