drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


20. chapter 20

Nialls POV

"oh man im sorry" Justin said. "Please do not tell anyone" i whispered. "i swear" he said. "i just can't believe that she's taking drugs again, especially when she's pregnant" i said. "she's pregnant? so the rumors are true?" he said. "what rumor?" i asked. "There was a rumor that your girlfriend got pregnant and the media is saying that Harry is the father, not you" he said. "why always him?" i screamed.

"because your all innocent and Harry is like a bunny" he laughed. "a bunny? really man?"  i laughed. "look you finally smiled" he said. "i guess i did" i laughed. "guess what i bought" he said. "What?" i asked. "i bought the new xbox game, gta 6" he said. "GTA 6 DIDNT EVEN COME OUT!" i screamed. holy shit, wait im not a girl, why am i fangirling? "i have a friend, and he gave it to me" he said. "HOLY SHIT!" i screamed, taking the game from his hand. "HOLY SHIT ITS REAL" i screamed. "wait, im fangirling" i laughed. "its okay, we are friends we can do anything" He said.

I literally can't believe that i'm friend with Justin Bieber and HE HAS THE NEW GAME!

"can we play it?" i said. "yeah" he smiled, "wait im going to bring food" he said. "i'll help" we went to the kitchen, and let me tell you something, this nigga is the best. "pizza?" he asked. "sure!" i said, playing like i dont care, but actually i do care, i love pizza. "oreos?" he asked. "fuck yea" i laughed. At the end, he bought a huge tray of food, and i boughts drinks.  "is this vodka?" i asked. "the nice pretty vodka?" i asked. "yeah" he smiled. I smiled harder. We went to the tv room and played the game.

-3 hours later-


"DUDE SHUT DOWN YOUR PHONE, WE ARE STILL PLAYING" Justin yelled. We have been playing for 3 hours strait. We didnt stop. I checked who was calling and it was management. "i gotta pick this up, can you pause it?"  i ask. "who is it?" he asked. "management" i said. "fine" he paused the game.

"hello?" i asked. "hi Niall, its me Mario" he said. "hi Mario, whats up" i asked. "Niall i have good news for you" he said, "what is it?" i asked. "you have 4 months off work. no concert, no recording, nothing" he said. "holy shit really" i said. "yes sir!" he said. "thank u so much!" i hung up. "what's wrong?" Justin asked.

"I HAVE 4 MONTHS OFF!" i said. "Really? i have a vacation too! that's awesome man!" he said.

And then Sam called. "niall, i need you right now" she said crying, "what's wrong?" i asked panicking. "Someone is in the room" she whispered.  "are you lying? please tell me your lying" i said. "im not i swear help me please!" he whispered yelled. "WHY DID YOU CALL ME FIRST, YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE POLICE!" i yelled. "i forgot there number!" she said. "sam its only  3 digits!" i yelled. "niall please bring something, call the police please" she said. "im coming baby stay there" i said getting up fast. "i have to go right now Justin" i said. "i dont know were your going, but um okay bye" he smiled. "bye" i said and rushed out. I drove to the appartment, and saw Sam on the ground laughing with Louis. "what the fuck" i said. "sorry Niall, i thought it was someone, but it was Lou" she said.

what the hell? i left Justin and drove fast here!

"what the hell sam? couldnt u just call me and say that it was Louis!" i yelled. "it's okay Niall, jeez" louis said. "No! i drove here as fast as i can, i ditched my friend, we were having so fun and i left just for u!" i yelled. "which friend?" Louis asked. "someone!" i yelled, "Niall, i hate your attitude" Sam said. "you keep on hurting me Samantha!" i yelled. "how?" Louis said.

"she's taking drugs again, and now she said that someone bad was at home!" i yelled. "she was kidding about the drugs" Louis said. "i was, i just want to tell you something" she said. "SO ARE YOU TAKING DRUGS YES OR NO" i screamed.

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