drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


2. chapter 2

--next morning--

i had a huge headache, i looked beside me and there was a note.

"take this, when you wake up -a friend that helped u last night"

There was pills beside the note, it was medicine. I took it and it was getting better. Who was that guy that helped? i dont even remember!  I looked at the time and it was 1:30 PM! Shit! i have to go to the club at 7:00 pm! I got up from my bed and wore my shirt which was see threw. I had to wear shirts that were see threw. With a bra tho. I took my twerking leggings and took some drugs. I went outside and i went to the liquor store again ! I parked my car and saw cops everywere! And it was 5 oclock.

I was going inside but a cop stopped me. "um, i have to go in, i need vodka, my friends are coming over" i  said. "you cant, someone broke in and stole alcohol" the cop said. Shit! i remember i stole the alcohol! "oh, but were um were will i buy my shits now, this is the only store i buy my shit at." i said. "you can buy your stuff at 8 pm tonight" he said. "But i wont be here! and i have nothing to eat" i yelled. "then go live with your parents little girl" he yelled. I felt like punching him. "they are DEAD, and you fucking cops haven't found the guy that killed my innocent parents!" i yelled. Everyone were staring. "are you samatha Tomlinson?" they asked. "i am samantha Tomlinson and it have been 13 years since my parents died and you guys arent doing anything!" i yelled.

"we are maam, you just gotta be patient" a women yelled. "Be patient for how long? ive been waiting for fucking 13 years and i keep on crying for them!" i yelled and went to my car. I drove to the club and i started crying again. I took my drugs and i took them again. I hate my life. I went to the club and it was like 6:45. im early. Thank god! I went in and saw my boss. I strip for men and i dance for them. I went in and saw a bunch of men here. "you bitch! i told you to wear a dress today!" my boss said. "no you didnt" i said. "yes i did, and since you didnt wear, you know whats gonna happen" oh no. If i dont listen to my boss, i get fired OR i gotta let people that are vip have sex with me.

I went on stage and mens were there, they all looked like my age, i looked at the VIP sections and saw 5 boys sitting. Do i know them? ive seen them somewere! Oh my god, thats one direction. oH my god LOUIS!

the music came on and i started dancing. I can them talk. "this girl is hot!" Harry said. "i dont wanna look at her dance! ive seen her somewere, im leaving" Louis said. Louis looks soo fimiliar to me. "I saw her yesterday, she was drunk so i helped her go to sleep" Niall said. So Niall is the one that helped me!

My boss came and took a microphone. "hello mens! you men are lucky today,  because Samantha will be allowing those VIP men to have sex with her" I looked down at my legs and they were waggly. The boys went backstage and sat. and now its like 10 pm. I went backstage to see them and i sat infront of them. And they got up. "you know, we wont have sex with you" they said. "you wont? thank you so much!" i said. Louis came in the club and he was staring at me, and i was staring at him. "do i know you" he asked me. "yeah" i cried. "are you samantha?" he asked. "yeah, and your my brother" i said. "Oh my god! " he said. he started crying. "dude, why are you crying?" Liam asked. "she is my little sister!" I stared at Louis and i got flashbacks of us 2! "Louis!" i yelled and hugged him.

I kept on crying on his chest. "we will leave u two alone, we will be in our apartment" They all said. Louis nodded. I kissed his cheek and still cried. "Sam! why are you doing this?" he asked. "doing what?" i said. "this, working at a club?" he asked. "i need money so im working here" i said. "quit the job" he said. "why?" i asked. "i dont like this job for you" he said. I cried and agreed. We drove home in my car.

"why does it smell like weed" he said. "um because i have friends that some weed" i said. "sam! you smoke weed!" he yelled. "yes i do, so what?" i yelled. "its bad!" he yelled. "whatever but why did you ask me to show you my hand?" i asked. "because, you, Avan and me have the same hand. Our hand is red by the end of the middle finger. "oh, but now we have to find avan" he said. "i know" i said. We went home and he told me that he lived here in this appartment! Well  the band just moved here! Like 2 days ago. We went to my room and we invited the boys.



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