drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


16. chapter 16

***this chapter will be for people that are mature and wants to read some sex part, so if you want to read it, then read it :) if not then skip the chapter***

Sams POV

"were did they go?" i asked. "they all left" Harry popped out. "were did you come from?" Niall said. "here" Harry laughed. "look Harry, your so nice and sweet, and i really appreciate that you help us so thank you" I told Harry. "its okay, i want you 2 to be happy" Harry smiled and hugged Niall and then me.

"So were's the rest of the boys?" Niall asked. "they went to a club again" Harry said. "well then" Niall laughed. "and you 2 are so fucking loud when you have sex" Harry laughed. I blushed. oh my god he heard me scream.

"oh shit" i whispered. Harry and Niall laughed. "so guys, do you want a baby boy or girl?" Harry asked. "um, i want a boy" Niall said. "i want a girl!" i screamed. "what if you guys get twins?" Harry asked. "i dont want twins" I said and niall agreed. "what about triplets?" Harry asked again. "dude! we only one want one child right now" Niall laughed. I wanted to kiss him so bad.

"We'll be back" Niall said and pushed me into a bed room.

"we should talk about the baby, we don't even know if its alive or not!" Niall said. "i know, that's why im healthy right now" I said. I heard a "ew" sound from the other room. "why did Harry said ew?" i said. We went to the living room and we saw Harry covering his eyes. And then saw the tv. oh my god. its our sex video.

"oh my god!"  i yelled and  took out the cd from the dvd player. "Harry! why were you looking at that?" Niall said. "it was a cd, and i didnt know which kind so i put it in!" Harry laughed. "this is so emberassng!" i said. "i'm going to bring food from a restaurant, anyone want to come?" Harry asked. "nah" i said. "im to lazy" Niall  said. Harry left, and i sat beside Niall and we put on titanic!

 piut my hand on Niall and i had chills all over my body. "your hand is cold" Niall whispered. "its because im cold" i laughed slowly. "Come here, let's share a blanket" Niall said, and i moved and sat closer to him. "this blanket is warm, were did you get it from?" i asked. "toys r us" he laughed. "seriously?" i laughed. "yeah" i smiled.

He touched my leg and i touched his leg. He paused the movie and kissed me! We kept kissing and didnt stop, we fell on the floor and kept making out. He held my cheek and his hand were so fucking soft. "Niall" i said, "yeah" he said. "i want you on me" i moaned. "he took off his clothes and took off my robe. "go on your knees" Niall said, i went on m knees, He put his dick in my mouth and went forward in. "oh my god sam im going to cum" he moaned.

this was the best thing, ive never had this much pleasure in my entire life.   Ive had sex alot of times but this one is the best one yet! His cum went in my mouth, i hate the taste of cum, but his tasted different. I swallowed it and then gave him a handjob. Niall got a text and it was from harry. "harry says he wont come back" niall smirked. "i love you Nialler"  i smiled. "i love you more" he said and he put his penis into my vagina and he moved alot. "oh my god!" I screamed.

"this is the best!" i yelled. He took me in his arms and bought me to our bed. He opened my thigh and fingered. He then massaged my boobs. I loved boob massage. Niall smirked and i smiled at him. We continued having sex, and we fell asleep later on.


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