drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


15. chapter 15


i went to the mens bathroom to hide and Samantha went to the ladies bathroom.

I saw Louis coming in.

"hi Lou" i smiled. "what the fuck are you doing here?" he said. "um, i like food so im here" i said. "so if you like food, then marry food, oh wait, make food pregnant" He said. Okay to be honest, that was fucking rude!


"WHY DIDNT YOU USE A CONDOM?" he yelled. "BECAUSE I WAS DRUNK DUMB ASS" i yelled. I went outside and saw Harry with Liam and Zayn. Oh shit. "what!" i yelled. "nothing" Liam nodded. I followed them out to the car and forgot THAT MY GIRLFRIEND WAS in the bathroom! "i'll be back" i told them. They nodded and Louis was in the car too.

I opened the girls bathroom and she was there, fixing her makeup. "i have to go babe, do you want a ride home?" i asked. "no,im ok " She said. "oh okay" i smiled and kissed her nose. "do you have to go? i want to be with you and talk and do stuff" she smirked.

"i'll be back at 9 pm so don't worry, and we'll watch a movie" i smiled. "oh my god! what if we watch Titanic!" she screamed. "whatever you wanna watch baby" i smiled. "its a date" she winked. "at my apartment?" she said. "Sure" i smiled. I kissed her and she didnt stop kissing me. she continued, i wanted to stop but it was perfect. She stopped. "sorry" she whispered and blushed. i laughed and went to the car.

"where are we going?" i asked. "The interview that we have to go in is in 1 hour niall" Liam said. i smiled.

We were at the interview.

"so who has a girlfriend" The interviewer said. Liam, Louis, Zayn and me put our hand up. "wow Niall, your new right?" The interviewer said. "yeah," i smiled. "do you love her?" she asked. "yes i am, i love her" i smiled. "aw your red! that's so cute!" she said, "so who is your girlfriend?" she asked. "um, i dont know if i can talk about it" i said. "Talk about it Niall" Louis told me with the evil look.

fuck it

"my girlfriend is beautiful amazing and i love her to death, but her brother is bullying me since we started dating, i'm his closest friend and now he hates me. he does not know how much i love her" i said.

"whose her brother?" she asked. "um, i cant tell sorry"  i said.

and then she kept on asking us shit shit shit


at the end of the interview i went to Sam's appartment. And the boys went to a club.

i knocked at the door and Sam opened it, she was wearing a robe. "hi babe" i smirked. "hey" she smiled and pulled me into the living room.

"i made popcorn and chicken for you" she smiled. "you did!" i laughed, "yes i did" she smirked. She opened the TV and i closed it. "hey why did you close it?" she said. "i dont wanna watch tv i wanna be with you" i winked.

"oh" she laughed.  "Babe i cant believe this! you used to be an alcoholic, an addict and shit but now look at you, your so mature and you look so different, just like snooki" i said. "snooki from jersey shore?" she asked. "Yeah" "shes beautiful" She said. "just like you" i said smiling. She kissed me.

I took off my shirt and she was sitting on me. Her robe opened and she was now naked. I kept on kissing her and she slowly jumped on me. After a few seconds, i was naked.

We kept on making out and doing dirty  stuff.

 I heard a huge slam and saw Harry coming in.

"Harry!" i screamed. "oh my god!" Sam yelled and covered her self with the robe. "Niall! Louis is coming!" Harry yelled. "oh shit" i said. I wore my clothes and so did Sam. We were sitting in the living room, all 3 of us. "Harry, why arent you telling Louis that Niall and me had sex?" Sam asked Harry.

"because i know you 2 are in love" harry said. "thank you so much mate" i said. "ah no problem" he smiled. Louis came in and saw us, "WHAT THE HELL, I TOLD YOU TWO NOT TO SEE EACH OTHER" He yelled. "LOUIS NOW YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF! I'M IN LOVE WITH NIALL! SO IF YOU KEEP ON BULLYING HIM I'LL GO BACK TO DRINKING AND I WANT TO SEE NIALL EVERY DAY, YOU ARENT MY DAD OR ANYTHING. YOUR JUST MY BROTHER THAT I DIDNT SEE FOR FUCKING 13 YEARS, AND NIALL IS THE FIRST PERSON I MET!" she yelled to Louis. wow.

 Louis didnt say anything. "you guys are literally so stupid, i have a fucking camera in this room, and i'm going to watch it right now!" Louis said getting up. "what do you mean?" i asked. "Theres a camera here, and it recorded you" Louis said. "what the hell" Sam said. "were is it?" i asked. "im not telling you" Louis said. "Louis tell me now, or else" Sam said. "fine its in the laptop in your room" Louis said. Sam got up and the video of me and Sam was recorded shit.

It was saved into a CD!

Sam took it and put it somewere in her room.

"what if someone finds it" i asked. "no one will find it" she said. "fine" No one was around us so i did a quick kiss to her and she touched my dick.


"sam" i whispered. "what" she said. "i didnt give you a handjob" she said. "oh my god" i laughed. "but i did give you a blowjob" she smirked. "did you like it?" she laughed. "yes i did" i laughed. We went out were everyone were and everyone left.


yo guys wassuppp?

okay I have a question for you?

do you guys like Larry Stylinson?

cuz if u do, should I have some of there moments in the story, or not?

and the story is going to be awesome.

So niall and sam had 69 and didn't know that they were getting recorded! sex tape ahahaha

so comment your thoughts and abt larry

and should the baby still live?

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