drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


13. chapter 13

Nialls POV

I saw Louis screaming and going away from us. "is he actually leaving?" I asked. ""you got that bitch pregnant, and now Louis is mad at us, and we don't know if he actually is leaving the fucking band" Zayn said. "she's not a bitch, and Louis isn't going to leave the band" I said. I dont know what is happening. I am really really guilty. I went to see Sam and she was awake. "Hi sam" i said. "hey babe" And i think she noticed me crying. "why are you crying?" She asked.

"everyone hates me, and Louis might quit the band" i said. "i love you, your fans love you, and why is louis leaving the band?" She asked. "because of me! i got you pregnant and you got into an accident and the baby is in danger!" I said. "you were drunk, and so was i, and i was driving my car not you" she said. "oh my god! Jessica!" She said. "Sam, Jessica didnt actually die" I said. "What the fuck?" she said. "someone prank called you, and i called the rehab center, and they said that Jessica is healthy and safe" I said.

"thank god!" she laughed. "but i got into an accident" she said. "i'm sorry" i said. "for what?" she asked. "for getting you pregnant" I said.
"dont be okay" she said and held my hand. "i love you okay" she said. "i love you" i said back. "sam, i know i didnt ask you this, but i know that we have called each other babe, and told each other we love each other" i said. "so um will you be my" And i got stopped by Harry screaming. "are you going to propose?" He asked. "no! Harry please!" i said. "fine fine" he said. "so sam will you be my girlfriend?" i asked. "duhh" she said. i laughed and hugged her. "when will i leave this place?" she asked. "i dont know, let me ask the doctor" I said and left.


Sams pov

now, in the room, Harry and me were alone. "hi Harry" i said. "hey Sam" he smiled. "um, can you call Louis please?" i asked. "he left" he said. "left? what do u mean left?" i asked. "i dont know" he said. I took the hospital phone and dialed his number. "WHO IS THIS?" Louis yelled. "calm down, its Samantha" i said. "Oh my god! Sam im coming!" He said. "louis, your a fucking idiot" i said. "why" he said. "why are you mad? im happy of being pregnant, and we dont even know if the baby is okay! And i love Niall, he makes me happy, ive never been this happy in my entire life" i said. "i'll talk to you in the hospital" he said and i hung up. Niall came in. "your going to be out tonight at 9 because they have to do an x-ray and then save a picture of our baby" he smiled. "thank god! and im only injured on my shoulder." i laughed. "but you can't drive" Niall said.

"fuck that" i said. And i saw Louis coming in the room with Zayn and Liam. Louis hugged me and all the boys sat on the chairs. "look i want to talk" I told Louis. "i do too" he said glaring at Niall."Stop looking at him!" i yelled. "look Louis, this child was an accident,  we were both drunk and i love Niall, he make's me really happy" i said, "i know he does, and im mad because, you didnt tell me, and Niall is the father" Louis said. And a young man came in with a older man.

"hello" the young boy said. "louis look at his family name" i whispered at Louis. It said " Tomlinson"

Is that my little brother? theres only one way to find out, i remember that my little brother had a birth mark on his wrist. "why is there two of you" Liam asked. "well, this young man wants to be a doctor so i am just teaching him stuff" The old man said. "oh how old are you?"  Louis said. "im 15" He smiled. "our family name is Tomlinson too you know" i said smiling.

"that is cool!" he laughed. i was still on the hospital bed. "can i see your wrist?" I asked. "oh my god Samantha, you can't just ask people to show there wrist" Zayn laughed. Daniel gave my his hand and he did have a birth mark! Oh my god! he is my baby brother! "Daniel!" i cried. "how do you know my name" he said. "louis this is our baby brother!" i screamed. Louis jumped off his seat and touched Daniel's cheek.

"who are you guys" he said. "we are your brother and sister" i said. "my parents told me that i was adopted and that i dont have real siblings" he said. "well we are!" Louis yelled. "oh my god they all look alike" The old doctor said. "i have a test to see that your siblings" the man said. "what test?" Daniel said. "i just need all of your bloods and i'll see" he smiled. "i'll give you my blood!" I said. "me too" Louis said. We all looked at Daniel. "you guys arent my siblings!" He yelled. "we are daniel! just give your blood and we will see" I said. i looked at Niall and he was smiling.

"fine and if im not your brother, then you owe me a notebook"  he said. what the fuck why a note book. "why a  notebook?" Harry said. "because i need it for school" he laughed. "daniel, do you even know Louis?" i asked. "nope" he said. "have you ever heard of One Direction?" i asked. "some girls in my school says that they will marry one of the members, but i dont listen to there music, or anything" he said. "well Louis is in one direction you know?" i said. He was a fucking idiot.

"well sorry, i didnt know, i don't want to be into celebrities, i want to be a doctor and not get distracted by people" he said. I felt kinda proud of him when he said that. "I dont know if i should be mad at you for not knowing us or proud because you want to be a doctor" Louis said. "you can be both" he laughed. "can i have your blood now?" The old man said. I gave him my arm and he took out a little of my blood, then Louis, then Daniel.

"you guys are siblings!" He said smiling. "oh my god!" i screamed. I jumped. "aouch shit, that hurts" I said looking at my arm. "babe, let me put a pillow" Niall said. "oh my god, your my brother" Daniel said to Louis. "and your famous" he said. "i will now get bitches really easily" he laughed. "daniel! language! and no girls!" i screamed. "sorry but will you guys please tell me why  i got separated?" He said.

The old man left. Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Daniel and me were now in the hospital room.

"sit down Dan, im going to tell you" Louis said with a straight face.

"When we were young, we all loved each other, Samantha had staight A's in her spelling tests, i was nothing and you were  a baby. One day it was our parent's anniversary so they decided to go on a walk outside of our house alone. And all of us were getting babysat by our neighbour

We heard a huge crash outside of our house and our neighbor went outside to see what it was and it was our parents on the ground with blood everywere. I remember seeing Sam and she started crying. I was in shock. I ran to our parents and saw a car driver running away.

Sam started screaming and helf our dad's hand while i was trying to wake mom up.

I heard you cry from the house and you had no idea what was happening because you were only a baby. We saw a lot of police cars, and ambulances.

We went to the hospital and we heard that our parents died. So the police gave each one of us to different families. Sam didnt want to leave. I went to a family, and they loved me but then they kicked me out at 18"  Louis said.

I was crying.

"and i was with a stupid family, that hated me, they didnt stop me with anything, my fake mom was an alcoholic and my fake dad left the family" i said.

"And now we are all together" Daniel said. i looked at Liam Niall Harry and Zayn . They were all red. "why are you red" i said to them. "because i feel sorry for you guys" Harry said. and the boys nodded.

"i went to a really nice family" Daniel said. "but now you can leave them and live with us!" Louis said.  Daniel smiled.

"we will leave" The boys said. And now the Tommos were alone. Finally. my siblings together. All we needed is our parents, but they are probably with us right now. "i'm so happy" i said. "wait, so your pregnant" Daniel said. "yeah i am" i smiled. "And you got into an accident?" He said. "yeah" i said. He looked at my stumach.

"is the baby okay?" he asked. "we don't know, we will find out in a few months" i said. "oh my god" he said.

The doctors called me for an xray and shit.

I went home and i went to sleep. cuz i need sleep


hey guys! oh my god thank u so much for the comments! u guys r the best,  i lve u :) and m having a really bad day, so i just wrote it for u, i did a huge mistake last year, and i stopped doing tht mistake for like 8 months, but i started again . Its the worst thing ever.

pelease continue commenting :)

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