drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


12. chapter 12

Louis' POV

"SAMANTHA!" i yelled getting out of the car, the boys were screaming too. "sam!" i cried. And then i heard some fans screaming our name. Why cant they fuck off when my sister just got into a fucking accident!

I heard some police and her car was ruined. Her body was out of the car, and she had her phone in her hand. Was she on the phone while driving? or was she texting?

"Oh my god! the baby!" Niall yelled. Harry, Liam and Zayn looked at Niall. "what baby?" i yelled, "i'll tell you at the hospital" Niall said. Niall went near Sam and bought her to the side. "is she breathing!" i yelled. Liam touched her chest (Were the heart was) and he said t was beating really slow. We saw an ambulance. The man in the truck finally came out of the truck and he looked like a freaking idiot.

"YOU SHIT"  i yelled at him. "fuck you, its that pretty that couldnt drive" he said. "fuck off" i said and went toward Sam. "sam, please talk to me" i said. No reply. The ambulance came and we put her in. "I'll go with her" Niall said. "why you? why can't  i go?" i asked. "because youre her brother, and your in shock, so let's go mate, i'll drive" Harry said. I followed Harry and went in the car.


"sam"  i said holding her hand. "sir, how are you related to her?" the doctor in the ambulance asked. "she is my um" and then i realized that i didnt even ask her to be my girlfriend! "she's my girlfriend,  i think" i told the dr. "she's pregnant"  i told them. "oh my god! you shouldve said that before! I have to give her a medicine!" the doctor yelled. "What kind of medicine?"  i asked. "to keep the baby safe, your girlfriend hit that truck really hard, and she landed on her front, which her baby was in the stumach!" the dr yelled. His name was doctor Summist.

"what happens if the medicine dosnt work" i asked. "the baby is going to die in the stumach" the dr said. " i started crying, this couldnt be happening! My baby might die! in the stumach of my girlfriend! Yes, i was mad because she's pregnant, but she was carrying my baby for almost one month and that was MY baby.

"oh my god" i whispered. We arrived at the hospital. "THE WOMEN IS PREGNANT, GO FAST TO THE ROOM" the doctor yelled. The boys were staring at me. And so was Louis. "samantha is pregnant!" Louis yelled. "what the fuck!" He yelled. "SHE IS PREGNANT!" He yelled again. "WHO THE FUCK IS THE FATHER? IM GOING TO FUCKING SHOOT THAT BITCH" He yelled. oh no. "mate, calm down, she was happy when she was pregnant, so dont do anything" Harry said. "YOU KNEW THAT SHE WS PREGNANT?" Louis yelled. "um i" Harry said.. Louis pushed Harry. "dude!" Zayn yelled. "fuck you! you all knew! and didnt tell me!"

"come on man, dont scream, we are at the hospital" Liam said. "I DONT FUCKING CARE THAT WE ARE IN A MODAFUCKIN HOSPITAL" He yelled. "NIALL  WHY THE HECK ARE YOU QUIET?" he yelled coming towards me. "um, because, sam is in the hospital and im upset" i said.

 He pushed me on the chest. "Louis" i said. "WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT HER?" Louis yelled. "because, she's my friend" i said. "fuck you" he said. "Louis please listen to me" i said. "you have 10 seconds. "that's it?" i said. "8 seconds left" Louis said, "she's my friend, i trust her, and ive met her before you" i said. "I really dont care if you met her before" Louis said. "SHE IS FREAKING PREGNANT, WHO IS THE FREAKING FATHER" Louis yelled. "is it one of you, cuz if it is im freaking leaving the band" Louis said. We saw some paparazzis outside and Louis showed the middle finger. "Mr Horan, you can see your baby in the womb " A doctor said. Louis looked at me with his mouth open.

I went behind the doctor, and Liam and Harry followed me.

--after showing the womb

"how is she?" he asked Liam. "she's doing okay, she is injured but the doctor has no information about the baby, cuz the baby is only 3-4 weeks, and the baby is like a shrip" Harry said. "first, you got her pregnant, and second the baby in injured" Louis said pointing at me. "all of you guys, meaning Liam, Harry and Zayn, you guys knew that she was pregnant, and didnt fucking tell me" Louis said. "and you Niall, i will NEVER forgive you" Louis said to me. It felt like a stab in my heart.

"i'm quitting" Louis said going out of the hospital, we were now outside. "what do you mean your quiting?" Zayn said. "im leaving the fucking band" Louis yelled, And then he realised that the paparazzis were taking a video of us. "louis!" Liam whispered. "i dont give a shit" Louis yelled and went in the car. And drove away.


whats up guys! I have a question for you!

should the baby live, or die? comment if u want the baby to live or die, comment fast, because I want to update asap.. :) btw i read every single comment and reply so please comment so that i can read it with a smile:)

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