drugs and one direction

a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered that her brother is a superstar, but she cant find him, so her brother finds HER. And her brother tried to fix her.


1. chapter 1

sam pov

Hi my name is Samantha Tomlinson and i am 18 years old, i live alone, and i dont have parents, they died 8 years ago and i used to live with strangers every month.

I am currently in my room, getting ready for a party that im going to. Its at a friend's house, his name is John. I am wearing a purple shirt with spearkles and black jeans. And black heels.

I hate myself more then anything. I am an addict to drugs. And i do sex for money.

You can call me a slut if you want. I call myself a slut too. I dont have money for anything so this is the easiest way to get money, and i work at a club. So my life sucks.

I used to be the perfect person, i used to have A+ in every exam, i never had detentions, the teachers loved me and everyone loved me. But since my parents died i got into a really bad position,  i couldnt stop thinking about them so i started drugs.

You might be asking how my parents died. Well they got hit by a car when they were both walking on there anniversary. It was there anniversary and they were outside walking and a drunk driver hit them and killed them.

I am NOT  an only child, i have a little brother and an older brother. my little brother is lost somewere and my older brother is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, i want to find him, but i cant, its hard! i have a really sad life. You can tell.

I took my phone and keys to get out for the party.

 I went in my car and drove to the party at John's house. I knocked and went it, a bunch of people were already there.

"Hey! the whore is here!" a girl yelled pointing at me. I looked down and went to see John. "hi john" i smiled. "hey gorgeous! how are you? are you having fun?" he asked. "yeah im having fun" i lied. I then saw my best friend coming towards me!

"sami!" My best friend Jessica yelled. "hey babe!" i smiled. "ive been waiting one hour for you!" she yelled. "well im here!" i laughed. We danced all night and boyfriend by Bieber came and we danced and after a few hours i left the party.

I had to go to the club tomorrow. I wasnt drunk because i promised my self not to drink at Johns house!

I drove home and i started crying, sometimes i cry for no reason, like i cry because i miss my parents and brothers and sometimes i cry because i hate my life. I parked my car at a liquor store parking and it was like 4 am. I took my drugs from my purse and took it. I couldnt help it! I also looked in my car trunk for beer, but it wasnt there anymore. I need BEER. now.

I took my black hat and covered my face with it. I went in the liquor store and broke in. I looked for beer and  i found it. I took 3 bottles and bought it to the car and drove home fast. I came home and drank a whole bottle and i couldnt stop drinking. I heard knocking on my door and i got up. I fell down and got up again. I opened the door and it was a blonde boy. Damn he is hot. "can you please be quiet, im trying to sleep" he said. "i didnt  make even a sound!" i yelled. He had a confused look.

"are you drunk?" he asked. "no" i smiled. He pushed me inside and put me in my bed. "Are we going to have sex now?" i asked. "no we are not, you are drunk and you have to go to sleep" he said. He looked familiar.  "hey are you Bieber Justin?"  i asked. "im not, but i am a fan of him" he laughed. "oh" and then i zoned out.


yo wattuppp people! please comment if you want me to continue, and its going to be longer and better :)


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