Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


31. Want More?

If you guys want more fan fiction. I got you covered.

I have a Harry one out called 'Cupids Bow'. Pretty mystical and damn sweet. 

I also just posted a Zayn one called 'Losing it'. A very determined girl wants her Vcard revoked and guess who's there to do her the favor...

The annual update will be discontinued but I do have a One Direction Series that will most likely be my last rally with fan fiction.  

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