Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


14. Soy Milk?!

After visiting Lea at the cemetery, Jamie and I decided to give the boys a visit. They invited us over to the same house they were in before, just to hang out.

As we drive there I start to get a little nervous. Jamie is in the backseat playing with the present Niall gave him. A train whistle that makes all this damn noise. Anyways, I’m sort of nervous about seeing Liam again. I barely slept last night because I kept thinking about that kiss. I didn’t kiss him back but I sure wish I had. It just all happened before I realized it and by the time I did it was too late. The aftershock sensation was amazing though. Ugh, this is too much to think about while I’m driving.

“Noah!” I snapped. The noise immediately stopped. “That is so annoying. Wait ‘til we get to the boys’ house to play with it.” “Sorry mommy” he whimpered. I sighed, “Mommy just needs to concentrate and I can’t when you’re blowing the whistle. Understand?” I look through the rearview mirror and see him nod. His head is hung low and he is now sad. Oh, Jamie.

I press a few buttons on the stereo and play an old CD of mine. ‘Look after you’ starts to play. This always puts him in a better mood. We both sing along and I notice his mood lighten.

We get to the boys’ house around three and get out of the car. Jamie runs to the door and repeatedly rings the bell. I laugh at his anxiousness. Zayn answers and picks up Jamie, greeting him with a smile. “Hey Eden” he says to me, stepping aside so I could come in as well. “Sup Zayn.” He laughs, “Niall and I are in the screening room, Louis and Liam are in the kitchen and Harry is upstairs.” “I wanna go with you!” Jamie chirps. “Alright bud, come on.” I watch them walk away to what looks like an oversized living room with a huge TV. “Nothing scary!” I scold. “We know” I hear all three of them answer.  

I pass the kitchen on my walk through the house, setting my bag on one of the many side tables. “Hey Eden” Louis waves. I give a small one back. Liam turns his gaze to me and gives a shy smile. “Hi Louis, Liam.” I give them both a shy smile before taking the stairs up to Harry’s room. “Sup Curly.” I open the door to his room to find him sitting on his bed, searching through his computer. “Hey Eden.” “Wutcha doin’?” I crawl onto his bed and sit next to him so I could see his computer screen. “Watching funny internet videos.” “You are so childish.” “Mind you, I’m nineteen.” “Mind you, I’m nineteen” I mock, “I mean you’re very childish. Immature in a way.”

He laughed, “Look who’s talking, miss ‘Superman is way better than Batman. You’re almost as obsessed as Liam.” My mood shifts at the mention of his name. Harry visibly notices. “What’s wrong?” I hesitated. Should I tell him? He and I agreed to be friends but I know we still have some feelings for one another. “Yesterday at…um…the restaurant…Liam kissed me.” I rushed through the last part, hoping he wouldn’t hear.

I watched in surprise as a smile slowly spread across his lips. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. He laughed, “You guys are like my OTP…seriously.” “OTP?” “One true pairing.” “You…you aren’t upset?” “No. I mean I do wish we could’ve worked out but I think you guys belong together” he smiled. “You only say that because I have his kid” I mumbled. “That too, but seriously you guys would be perfect.”

“Not sure about that, but thanks for being a friend. I need one these days.” “Anytime, Curly.” I groaned, “Not my name.” He laughed and pulled me into a hug and I gratefully wrapped my arms around him.

“Ed!” Liam came slamming into the room out of breath. Harry and I released from out embrace. “What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked, immediately expecting the worse. “It’s Jamie.” I jumped out of bed, muttering a “shit” and rushed past Liam downstairs. “Where is he? What happened?” “I-I don’t know. I gave him ‘cookie milk’ and then he started acting funny like he couldn’t breathe. I panicked so I went to get you.”

Cookie milk? What’s that again? Some name for a milk we always drank together.

I abruptly stopped, spinning around to face him. “You gave. My son. Soy milk?!” His eyes widened. I had no time for his stupidity. I went to the kitchen and found Jamie on the floor, wheezing and scratching at his throat. A spilled glass of soy milk at his side. His fetal position broke my heart. I knew his stomach cramps hurt him the most. “You dumbass! He’s allergic! I’ve told you that and you gave him it anyway! Do you ever listen?!” I rushed to my bag to find his epipen. “Well don’t just stand there, call someone!” I yelled to the boys as they just stood there in total shock. “I’ll do it” I heard Harry’s voice say.

My eyes blurred from the tears and made it harder for me to find his epipen. I groaned and dumped my bag upside down, bending down to find the damn thing. “Mommy” his voice was barely audible over the wheezing. “I’m coming baby” I cried. I found the pen and removed the cap. I ran towards him. He shook his head with wide eyes as he saw what I was holding. “Sh” I soothed. I sat on my knees on the tiled floor, brought his leg up and inserted the epipen before he could protest. “Argh!” he cried. I know it hurts him so much. The force of it is the worst. I removed it and let it go, letting it clatter to the floor. He began to breathe normal and he just cried. Full out sobbed. I cradled him to my chest and cried with him. “They’re on their way” Harry quietly spoke.

“Eddy…I.” “Sh” I silenced him. I can’t talk to him right now. “I didn’t-…” “SH!” I just want to rock my baby and make him feel better after all the pain. “Please…” “Shut up, Li! Just shut up! Stop talking! I don’t wanna hear anything that comes out of your mouth right now. Shut up!”

I heard the sirens. I got up, with Jamie still in my arms, and went out the front door. The ambulance people came to me and took him out of my arms, placing him in the ambulance. “Wait! Don’t I come with him?” “Yes. You are the mother?” I nodded and stepped into the back of the car with them. “We’ll meet you at the hospital” I hear Niall call from the other side of the road. All I can manage is a nod.

The hospital scared me so much. I hate every part of it. It even smells horrifying…like needles. But I have to be here for Jamie. They make sure he is OK and want to keep him over night. He is such a small boy and sometimes the epipen can interfere with his blood flow (Just made that up).

I hear a knock on his room door and see Harry come in. I stand from my seat by his bed and walk to him. “What did the doctors say?” he asks as he examines his chart. “They want to keep him tonight” I sniffle. He sets the chart down and takes me in his arms. “It was a mistake, he’ll be alright.”

Another knock on the door had me worried. Noah is trying to sleep. “Can I talk to you…please?”

I instantly knew it was Liam. I sighed and let go of Harry. “I’ll give you two a minute” he said and walked out of the room.


“Look, Ed, I’m sorry. Really I am. I wasn’t thinking at the moment. He came to me and said he wanted a drink and I-I just gave him some of mine. I didn’t know, I was being dumb.”

“That’s an understatement.”

“I’m trying to apologize and you’re being snappy.”

“Snappy? No! You-you gave my son something I told you more than once NOT to give him. You should’ve thought before giving it to him. He could’ve died Li! How could you be so careless?”

“Me? Careless? You are the last person to say ANYTHING about being careless.”

That was a low blow.

I bit my lip to stop my tears from falling. My emotions betrayed me, making tears fall faster than I could catch them.

“Get out” I told him, trying to sound as stern as I could.

He said nothing, obviously knowing that what he said did more than anger me. It hurt me.

“Leave! Just leave!” I pointed at the door. “That’s all your good at anyway.”

I saw his eyes glaze. Back at you Liam.

I watched as he left the room with his head hung low.

Jamie’s POV: (yes you read that right)

“Hi.” I was shy around her, she was new.

I was in a white oasis.

“I won’t hurt you Noah.” She reached her hand for me.

“How do you know me?” I asked, placing my hand in hers. She helped me up from the bed. “I am Lea. Your sister.” My eyes widened. What?

I looked around the room and it was sterile white with a bed and mommy was crying. I saw myself and I was sleeping. “Mom!” I yelled but she couldn’t hear me. “This is a dream, Noah, she can’t hear you.” I turned to her. “Why are you here?” “My wish was to meet you” she smiled. Wish? “My birthday wish” she added. It’s like she read my mind. “M-mine was to m-meet you” I told her.

She nodded, “I know.”

She pointed to the door opening, “You see him?” “Yes, that’s Harry.” “He likes mommy but he knows that daddy likes her too.” “Daddy?” She nodded again with a smile. I saw Liam come in and Harry leave. “There’s daddy” she said in a whisper. “W-what?” “That’s our dad Noah.” “N-no that’s not true. Mommy said that our dad left a long time ago.” “But can’t you see he came back?”

She was right.

“Leave!” our mother’s voice echoed throughout the room. I was drifting back to my body. Lea quickly kissed my cheek and hugged me. “You’re all what I expected” she whispered. "Lea, don't go. Mommy misses you. She cries over you being gone." I started to lie in my body. “Tell mommy that I’m fine. I’m getting better. I love her so much. She tried.” I nodded. “Bye Lea.” “Bye bye Noah.I will be in your dreams. Promise.”

I see the room again, but Lea is gone.

Eden’s POV:

“Mommy…” I rushed to my baby’s side as he whimpered.

“Oh, Noah James, you scared me! Don’t ever do that to me again” I sobbed.

“I saw her mommy.” “Saw who?” He tried to smile. “I saw Lea. She’s pretty.”

That made me sob harder. “She must be amazing” I told him as I stroked the locks from his face.

“She said she’s getting better and she loves you for trying.”

I cried…and cried. My baby.

“I got my wish mom. She got hers too.”


"I can't go through this again. Dad please." "Eden, love, they said he was fine. I think you're overreacting a bit." "Overreacting? But with what happened with Lea..." "Lea's situation was completely different." "Oh, daddy please come."

I was talking on the phone with my dad, pacing around Jamie's hospital room. He sighed, "Your mother misses you." "She sure doesn't show it." "She loves you Eden." "Like I said."

"I already know she doesn't want to see me so why act like she does?" "That was never said."

"She hasn't called once since I left. Never answers my calls. Doesn't even want to see her own grandchild. I'm done trying with her." "You don't mean that." "I do!"

There was a rustle of noise, then I heard her voice. "Estás loca si crees que voy a venir a visitar después que deshonro a nuestra familia. (You're crazy if you think I'm going to visit you after you disgraced our family)."

"I got pregnant. So what?! You act like I haven't heard those words before. You don't phase me mom! You are pathetic! You're holding a grudge over something that has happened three years ago! It's done, you can't reverse time."

"I wonder what Liam would think."

I groaned. Ever since I told my parents that Liam was the father they never stopped nagging me about it. Yes Liam and I had sex...ok? What's next? Like, leave me alone.

"He's here okay? Are you happy? Liam came back mom!"

"But does he know?!"

"No" I sniffled.

"You are so naive Eden!"

I hung up on her. I can't hear her anymore. She is so judgmental. I rather only have my dad in my life than my mom. He's much less confusing. He actually comes down to visit, he called on his birthday, he answers my calls.

"Grandad is coming?" Jamie asks from his spot on his bed. I shrugged, "I'm not sure bud."

"I'm tired but I can't fall asleep." "And why not?" I asked. "Clark isn't here." I smiled and brought the stuffed bear out of my bag. He smiled when I gave it to him. I cuddled up with him on the stiff hospital bed, in hopes of falling asleep. "Sing the bedtime song." "Alright baby." I kissed his forehead and began singing the bedtime song.

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